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Everfresh Washroom Cleaner

Everfresh Washroom Cleaner

Everfresh Washroom Cleaner


-strong bathroom cleaning product with added perfume

-antibacterial bathroom cleaner that can kill legionella, mrsa & e-coli

-highly recommended for cleaning public bathrooms & washrooms

-super concentrated cleaning product that requires dilution


Everfresh Washroom Cleaner – Where to use

Everfresh is a multi task bathroom cleaning product that can be used on any type of surface within the washroom/bathroom area. Superb results on all types of porcelain floors or fittings guaranteed. Everfresh Washroom Cleaner can be used for cleaning and descaling toilets, tiles, floors, sinks, grout, taps, etc. This super strong washroom cleaner will dissolve lime and body fats on impact and it will refresh the whole place in one go. Everfresh can also be used on urinals in public bathrooms to get rid of bad odours.


Everfresh Washroom Cleaner – How to use

Everfresh Washroom Cleaner comes in 5L containers or 1 litre duck neck bottle for easy application inside the toilet. Flush the toilet and then apply Everfresh Washroom Cleaner generously. Allow 10 minutes to work and scrub with a toilet brush. When cleaning washrooms or bathrooms you will need to dilute. Everfresh Washroom Cleaner can be used with all known cleaning methods but for some types of cleaning dilution is required. This efficient bathroom cleaner has a very thick composition and for spray and wipe systems a high dilution ratio is required. Everfresh Bathroom Cleaner can be used with pre sprays for pre treating areas that are very bad. This acidic washroom cleaner is also a brilliant tile & grout cleaner. It can be used in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine subject to pre soaking. Mopping the washroom floor with Everfresh Washroom Cleaner is another popular way of using this superb cleaning product.


Everfresh Washroom Cleaner – Dilution

For heavy duty bathroom cleaning jobs or lime removing operations you can use it undiluted. For mopping tiled floors or daily maintenance you will need to dilute 1 to 100. For machine cleaning systems you will need to dilute 1 to 150. When cleaning inside the toilets no dilution is required. Everfresh has a gel like composition to easily attach to vertical surfaces. The dilution ratio can be decided on the spot after assessing the job complexity. There is no point using a low dilution ratio for a maintenance daily job.


Everfresh Washroom Cleaner – Safety

Being an active bathroom cleaner and also a very acidic cleaning product, it can affect your skin if used regularly without gloves. Wear gloves at all times and work in well ventilated areas. Do not mix Everfresh Washroom Cleaner with other bathroom cleaning products to avoid reactions.


Everfresh Washroom Cleaner– Recommendation

One product for all your bathroom cleaning jobs. Much cheaper than other similar bathroom cleaning products but much better. A perfumed bathroom cleaning product that cleans and refreshes in one go. Everfresh  is a product in big demand within the professional cleaning industry. You can buy Everfresh Apple Washroom Cleaner and Everfresh Pot Pourri Washroom Cleaner – both as efficient but with different fragrances. Both products can be used for commercial and domestic bathroom cleaning jobs.



Everfresh Washroom Cleaner – fast acting & refreshing bathroom cleaner