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Evans Rinse Aid Multi

Evans Rinse Aid Multi

Evans Rinse Aid Multi

  • A low foam rinse aid designed to quickly dry drinking glasses

  • Compatible with all single and multi tank automatic dishwashers

  • It will help dry glasses and it will remove spots and mineral marks

  • Will not affect beer head retention, PH 2.4, highly cost effective

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use, not suitable for hand washing

  • One of the most highly recommended and widely used rinse aids in Ireland & the UK

  • No perfume added, no harsh chemicals, listed as eco friendly


Evans Rinse Aid Multi – Where to use

A heavy duty commercial strength rinse aid suitable for all glass washing machines. The product is manufactured from a range of great surfactants to promote fast glass drying and streak free results all the time. It will not affect beer head retention and it will not leave a residue on the surface. Compatible with all automatic glass washing machines, with single and multi solution tanks. It can be used in commercial and domestic dishwashers. No need to use defoamers or any other types of rinse aid boosters to achieve amazing results. Its high dilution ratio and affordable price makes it a very popular choice.

Evans Rinse Aid Multi – How to use

To be added to the rinse aid tank in any commercial or domestic glass automatic washing machine. No need to dilute and no need to mix. The product will leave a spotless streak free finish on highly polished glasses and even the dishwashing machine will look like new. A new and better formulation. Low environmental impact. It can be used successfully in areas with soft and hard water.

Do not waste your money on cheap rinse aid from low cost unknown suppliers. Check out the new Evans Rinse Aid Multi and achieve superb results without spending a fortune.

Evans Rinse Aid Multi