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Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid

Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid

Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid


-concentrated washing up liquid with great degreasing power

-high dilution ratio for a very long lasting life

-recommended for manual washing of dishes & crockery

-brilliant floor & hard surface cleaner

-for professional & domestic use


Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid – Where to use

Evans Q`Sol Washing up liquid is a professional multi use washing up liquid. It was designed for manual washing of dishes, glasses & crockery but it can be used as a deep floor cleaner, hard surface cleaner and general degreaser. Breaks dirt on impact and it makes manual dishwashing much easier. Efficient on all types of kitchen dirt. Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid has a brilliant dilution ratio and, if not wasted, 1L bottle should last for months in a busy kitchen. This superb washing up liquid can be used for cleaning any type of surface without the risk of staining or causing any type of damage. Suitable for use on stainless steel, polished floors, vinyl, plastic, porcelain, painted surfaces, etc.


Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid – How to use

You can buy Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid in 1L bottle, 5L container, 20l container & 25L containers. For manual dishwashing just put a tiny drop of Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid on your kitchen sponge and use until the sponge does not make any more foam. For commercial dishwashing there is an extraction hose that will extract washing up liquid directly from the bottle. If you plan to wash floors just add a tiny bit of Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid to a bucket of hot water and wash the floor. Particularly efficient on porcelain or highly polished floors. For heavy duty washing up or heavy duty cleaning, pre soaking could be required.


Evans Washing Up Liquid – Dilution

The average dilution for Evans Washing Up Liquid is 1 to 500. Make sure you use the right dilution when cleaning floors or hard surfaces to avoid making the surface sticky. This product is designed to last so you should be careful not to waste it. Whatever type of cleaning you plan to do, you cannot use Evans Washing Up Liquid without dilution.


Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid – Safety

Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid is soft on skin but for prolonged use gloves should be worn to prevent skin irritation. Store safely away from children.


Evans Washing Up Liquid – Recommendation

One of the most versatile washing up liquids & general cleaning products from Evans. This super concentrated washing up liquid was designed to last for months and to be one of the most cost effective cleaning products ever. People use Evans Washing Up Liquid to wash their cars, windows, dishes, floors, etc. Multi task cleaning product with super degreasing qualities.


Evans Q`Sol Washing Up Liquid – a truly professional washing up liquid!