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Evans Odour Neutraliser

Evans Odour Neutraliser

Evans Odour Neutraliser


-very effective and very fast acting

-kills most types of bad odours

-eliminates odours from carpets

-brilliant cigarette smoke neutraliser

-very long lasting & highly concentrated


Evans Odour Neutraliser is a cleaning product that should not be missing from any cleaning company’s van. A highly concentrated cleaning product that should last for months if used right. Evans Odour Neutraliser can be used in conjunction with all cleaning methods. It can be added to carpet cleaning solution tanks and used to get rid of bad odours from carpets, it can be used with a spray system, to spray all over the walls and furniture in areas affected by bad odours, it can be added to the mopping solution to refresh the whole floor, it can be used as a toilet odour killer, etc. Evans Odour Cleaner is an eco-friendly product.


Evans Odour Neutraliser – How to use

Spray on all affected areas and allow time to work. If you want to get rid of a smoke or tobacco  smells from one particular room you can deep clean the room initially, then spray Evans Odour Neutraliser all over the room, close all the windows and doors for at least 2 hours. Ventilate the room 2 hours later and your odour issue should be sorted. Add small amounts of Evans Odour Neutraliser to the mopping solution or to the carpet cleaning solution tank.


Evans Odour Neutraliser – Dilution

Evans Odour Neutraliser is a ready to use product but it can be diluted as well. The dilution ratio depends on what type of odours you need to get rid of. If you just want to refresh a floor or a carpet dilute it to a ratio of 1 to 50. If you plan to neutralise odours from furniture, walls, curtains etc. use undiluted.

Evans Odour Neutraliser – Safety

There are no big risks or dangers associated with this product. Some people who may have an allergic reaction to strongly perfume products may find this product irritating to their condition but no other safety risks. As with all cleaning products it should be stored safely away from children, out of direct sunlight and properly disposed of.


Evans Odour Neutraliser – Recommendation

If your home has a bad odour for whatever reason and if you need to get rid of it, there is no better product than Evans Odour Neutraliser. This product is not an air freshener, this product will identify the reason for the bad odour and it will neutralise it. It will react with the chemicals that have created the odour in the first place and it will get destroy it. This product is very popular within the carpet cleaning industry.



Evans Odour Neutraliser – bad odours stand no chance!


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