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Evans Hi-Phos Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Evans Hi-Phos Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Evans Hi-Phos Toilet Cleaner & Descaler


-heavy duty bathroom cleaner & toilet descaler

-available in 5L containers & 1L duck neck bottles

-recommended for porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome etc.

-suitable for areas with hard water

 Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner – Where to use

Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner can be used with all cleaning methods. Where used for deep bathroom cleaning it is highly recommended to dilute it to a lower concentration and pre spray all the areas that need to be cleaned. Daily mopping of washroom or bathroom floors can prevent lime scale and grout dirt build up. When used as a toilet cleaner and descaler you should flush the toilet first and then apply Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner generously with the special 1L bottle that can reach all hard to reach areas. Allow time to work and then scrub with a toilet brush. It is highly recommended to apply Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner inside the toilet and let it work overnight. Its superb descaling qualities have made Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner a very popular cleaning product within the cleaning industry. Highly aromatic and very efficient. Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner is safe to be used on stainless steel and chrome fittings.

Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner – How to use

The best ways of using Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner is with all the spray and wipe systems, mopping systems or in conjunction with a floor scrubber. For heavy duty cleaning jobs pre soaking is required and please mix it with hot water. For daily bathroom cleaning just spray and wipe with a dry cloth. For daily floor cleaning dilute the product to a lower consistency and wash the floors as usual.

Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner –Dilution

This strong bathroom cleaner is highly concentrated so dilution is required to be able to use it. For spray and wipe systems you should dilute 1 to 10 to get the best results. For daily mopping dilute 1 to 50. For machine use dilute 1 to 100. When cleaning toilets there is no need to dilute because its gel like consistency is specially formulated for cleaning vertical surfaces such as toilets. Respect the dilution ratio to obtain the best results from your cleaning products and to avoid waste and over-use.

Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner – Safety

This is a very low risk cleaning products that does not require special protection besides a pair of gloves to avoid continued contact with your skin. Always work in well ventilated areas and store it safely away from kids and pets.

Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner – Recommendation

Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner is a brilliant washroom and bathroom cleaner. One product that can tackle most types of bathroom cleaning jobs. Recommended for domestic and commercial cleaning jobs. Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner provides a great balance between good pricing and brilliant results. Highly popular within the cleaning industry.

 Evans Hi-Phos Bathroom Cleaner – a professional washroom cleaner for everybody

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