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Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo

Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Where to use

Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo is a carpet cleaning shampoo that can be used for deep cleaning carpets, sofas, chairs, mattresses, upholstery, curtains etc. Evans Extract Carpet Cleaner is safe to use even on the most sensitive fibre without any risks. For tougher jobs a pre spray will be necessary.



Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Extraction machines detergent

Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo was designed to be used with the hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems. It is a very low foam carpet cleaning shampoo sure to remove most types of stains and general dirt from carpets, sofas, mattresses, rugs etc. Breaks dirt on impact and it is odour free.


Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Dilution

When used in conjunction with hot water (50C) it should be diluted 1 to 100. For colder water should be diluted 1 to 50. For sofa cleaning jobs it should be diluted 1 to 50. If all the stains are not being removed in one go repeat the operation one more time.


 Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – Eco friendly rating

Evans Extract Carpet Cleaner is a green carpet cleaning shampoo. It represents no risks to pets, kids or pregnant women. Extract Carpet Cleaner is the only carpet cleaning shampoo used by many carpet cleaning companies in Ireland. Highly recommended for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning jobs.


If you are carpet cleaning company looking for a eco friendly highly efficient carpet cleaning shampoo you should consider Extract Carpet Cleaner. One of the most affordable carpet cleaning products available. Its high dilution ratio and fast acting stain removal qualities have made Extract Carpet Cleaner a very desirable carpet cleaning detergent.



Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo – quality at affordable costs


A Look At The Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo


Carpets are like clothes. If you want to keep them fresh and hygienic, you’ve got to clean them regularly. Your carpet handles lots of dirt and grime. Once this accumulates, it can damage the fabric and reduce the life of the carpet. From dust, dander, pet fur, human hair and pollen, to whatever people track in under their shoes, the carpet holds it all. Sometimes it gets so much dirt and grime that it actually changes colour. Take a look at your carpet and compare it to a picture of when you first bought it. Most homeowners would be shocked at the disparity. That’s why you need an effective cleaner that can bring back the beauty and appeal of your carpet. That’s a job for the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo. 


The health of your household members or the persons using your office will also be at risk. Dirty carpet are breeding grounds for all kinds of bacteria and microbes. These can bring about a wide range of problems- from causing your kids and pets to keep scratching (because of their skin getting irritated by the dust mites within the carpet’s fibres), to allergens like dust and pollen exacerbating respiratory difficulties, such as asthma. Use the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo to restore the hygiene of your carpet and upholstery around your home.

8 Reasons To Invest In The Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo


  1. Quick-acting cleaner

The Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo comes with enhanced cleaning power, getting rid of the dirt, grime and heavy soiling from your carpet. It eliminates the stains and embedded gunk in one clean, meaning you won’t have to repeat the process. You no longer have to worry about hiding those unsightly stains, marks and spillages that have dried into the fibres. It breaks down and loosens the dirt from the carpet, enabling them to be vacuumed away. It also gets rids of pollutants like fungus, cigarette smoke and chemicals that you could have brought into your home on your skin, clothes or shoes. The effective cleaning action saves both your time and your energy. In addition, the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo preserves the fibres of your carpet by providing anti-soiling protection. It also revitalises the fibres, enabling you enjoy your carpet for longer.


  1. Gets rid of the odours from your carpet

You want your carpet to look and smell good. Not because you’ll be getting down on your knees to sniff around, but because a smelly carpet affects the entire ambience of your home or office. All the dust, dirt, crumbs and grime held within the carpet fibres contribute to the nasty odours emanating from it. Sometimes it can even be due to urine from your pet, or there’s vomit on the carpet. These substances when left to stand, set into the fibers and cause anything from a stale odour to a downright awful stench to hang in the air. Using the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo on your carpet will have it smelling fresh and pleasant. 


  1. Multipurpose

You can use the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo for more than just your carpet. It works on chairs, sofas, upholstery and even curtains. It effectively eliminates the grime and restores that clean and fresh feel to your home or establishment. Clean and well-maintained carpets speak volumes about the overall cleanliness of your home or facility. Your family and guests will be comfortable, and clients to your business will take it as a testament to the standard of service delivery to expect from you. It even improves employee morale, since they feel better when their working environment is clean. In this way, the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo helps to bolster productivity if your enterprise.  


  1. Safe to use

The Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo has been designed to be used on even the most sensitive carpet fibres without any risk. It’s also safe for the personnel cleaning the carpet, and the persons using the establishment. You won’t have to worry about your kid playing on it and inhaling any chemical residue, or your pet sleeping on the carpet and its skin getting irritated. There are no toxic fumes or allergens to worry about. It also poses no risk to pregnant women.


  1. Machine-compatible

You can use the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo with hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems. Basically, the hot water cleaning solution under high pressure is forced into the carpet, given a couple of minutes of dwell time, and then extracted (sucked) back out of the carpet. The solution penetrates the fiber all the way down to the backing, loosening the embedded soiling, and removing the oil and grease deposits. To prepare the cleaning solution, dilute with a 1:100 ratio (such as 100ml of Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo with 10L of water). The water temperature should be around 50C. In case you’re using cold water, use a 1:50 dilution ratio. 


  1. Spruce up the ambience

The Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo enables you to enhance the appearance of the interior space. You’ll be certain to notice the huge difference between the cleaned carpet, and its former dirty, dingy look. Even old furniture and upholstery can be made to look new using the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo.


  1. Economical

The Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo has been formulated to bring you more savings. Its high dilution rate means that you only need a small amount of product to work on a wide carpet area. This also reduces wastage, as you’ll be able to control the exact amount of product you use. 


  1. Protect your investment

Carpets cost a lot. You don’t want to watch your investment going down the drain. Regularly cleaning it with the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo will keep it in good condition, thus ensuring you get a value return for the money you spent.


Don’t wait for long before cleaning your carpet. Dirt and grit are abrasive. Each time anyone steps onto the carpet, they’ll be grinding the dirt into the fibres. This will cause it to wear out quickly. The longer you postpone washing your carpet, the more damage that’s done. You’ll end up incurring heavy costs in replacement and repair. Clean it regularly using the Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo to maintain its functionality, and keep it looking new and fresh. Deep cleaning is recommended at least twice a year for typical homes. If you have a pet, give the carpet a thorough clean every 3-6 months. High traffic areas will require more frequent cleaning.

Evans Extract Carpet Cleaning Shampoo


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