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Evans Enhance Floor Polish

Evans Enhance Floor Polish

Evans Enhance Floor Polish


-heavy duty commercial floor polish

-high gloss water based floor polish

-suitable to use on most hard floors

-to be applied in two coats system

-responds very well to burnishing

-no fumes, no long drying periods

-ideal for schools, pubs, sport, hotels

Evans Enhance Floor Polish – Where to use

Evans Enhance Floor Polish is a premium water based floor polish from Evans range. The product can be used for sealing marmoleum floors, amtico floors, lino floors, vinyl floors, concrete floors, natural stone floors, etc. This top quality floor polish is the ideal sealant for high traffic commercial and industrial floors. 

Evans Enhance Floor Polish – Water based

Evans Enhance Floor Polish is a water based high traffic floor polish. It dries in less than 1 hour and it can be recoated within 2 hours. Water based floor polishes are more cost effective than the old solvent based sealers, they keep the floor more natural looking and do not yellow over time. Bigger floor surfaces can now be completed in less time. 

Evans Enhance Floor Polish – How to use

Evans Enhance Floor Polish can be applied directly onto the floor or over a primer. If the floor was sealed before and the porosity is high, you should apply 1 coat of Evans Sealant B before applying the polish. Apply 1 thin coat of floor polish with a flat mop. Apply perfect even coats and allow time to dry. 1 primer and 2 coats of floor polish should be enough but in some cases more polish can be applied to achieve great results. Remove all previous floor polishes before polishing. Neutralise the surface with a heavy duty floor cleaner. Start polishing

Evans Enhance Floor Polish – Burnishing

To maintain the floor as it is and to enhance the gloss, you should buff the floor a few times per week. You will need to use a high speed burnisher (400 RPM +) and a red pad. By doing so, you will remove dull patches and small scratches created by the traffic. Deep clean the floor well before buffing. The red pad has to be spotless to avoid scratching the floor. Depending on traffic, you should be buffing your floors 1-3 times per week

Evans Enhance Floor Polish – Maintenance

After the floor is sealed and burnished, it will be ready for use. The floor polish will prevent any damage to the floor itself but the top surface will get dirty. You should be using a proper floor cleaning product to remove all the dirt at least once per day. Never ever apply more floor polish over the dirt. You will trap dirt between the coats of floor polish and the floor will look patchy and tired. Use a flat mopping system for smaller areas & a kentucky mop for larger floor areas.

Evans Enhance Floor Polish