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Evans Dishwash Multi

Evans Dishwash Multi

Evans Dishwash Multi

  • A low foam formulation detergent compatible with all automatic dishwashers

  • Rinse Aid Multi can be used diluted in areas with soft and medium hard water

  • Suitable to use on all single or multi tank automatic dishwashing machines

  • Helps to remove and prevent scale from building up, it contains no perfume

  • Much more concentrated than similar products, much better value, High PH 13

  • The product is in big demand with the catering industry, restaurants, pubs, etc

  • Not suitable for manual dishwashing, not suitable for areas with very hard water


Evans Dishwash Multi Where to use

A professional dishwashing detergent suitable for heavy duty commercial dishwashing projects and also for domestic use if an automatic dishwashing machine is used. The product can be used in areas with low to medium hard water. It will generate very little foam and will break down grease deposits instantly. It can be safely used to wash all types of dishes, crockery, porcelain cups and stainless steel pots.

Evans Dishwash Multi – How to use

Just fill up your dishwashing machine tank with the solution and you are ready to go. Most single and multi tank dishwashers will have an automatic dilution setting that can be set depending on what product you use. Evans Dishwash Multi does not require any extra booster or added agents to deep clean your dishes. The product is on the market for years and is highly appreciated by thousands of users all over the world.

Place your order online and receive your products within 48 hours. We can guarantee pectacular results and great savings. All Evans cleaning products are designed for heavy duty commercial use. This is a high PH cleaning agent so you need to handle it with care. For more information about Evans Dishwash Multi please read the label carefully.

Evans Dishwash Multi