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Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit

Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit

Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit

  • A top quality window cleaning kit for a starter or a domestic user

  • It contains all you need to achieve spectacular results on glass

  • You will find a pole, a handle, a channel, sleeve, t-bar and scraper

  • All the products are manufactured from rust-proof components

  • It should take you under 30 seconds to assemble it & start working

  • No need to buy a number of items individually, great savings

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, you can reach up to 8 feet


Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit – Where to use

A semi professional window cleaning kit that contains all the tools needed to help you start your own window cleaning business or to just wash your own windows like a professional. The kit box looks professional and is manufactured from heavy duty materials. Inside the kit you will be able to find : 1 x 8 feet pole, 3 stainless steel channels 8, 12 & 18 inch, scraper master with replacement blades, 14 inch golden glove washer & stainless steel quick release handle. All the tools & equipment contained within the kit is used by professionals on a daily basis.

Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit – How to use it

Connect the channel to the quick release stainless steel channel, stick the t-bar inside the sleeve and you are ready for business. In a bucket dilute your window cleaning detergent with warm water, soak the sleeve in it, scrub it well and then use the squeegee to remove the excess water. If you are working at heights, you can use the 8 feet extension pole to reach up to the second floor. If the glass contains heavy duty residue, stickers or paint, use the fine quality scraper to safely remove it. Job done. Clean all the tools, dry the sleeve, stick it back in the box and you are ready for the next project.

If you are a regular window cleaner and if you like to use proper window cleaning equipment and tools, you need to check out the new Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit. Easy to store, easy to carry and very professional looking. You can start making money straight away. Order the Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit online right now.

Ettore Starter Window Cleaning Kit