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Ettore SideKick Holster

Ettore SideKick Holster

Ettore SideKick Holster

It’s easy to associate holsters with firearms. After all, you see them all the time. They give the cops a convenient way to move around with the gun, while also protecting it from the elements, wear and tear. They are also key in protecting the person with the holstered firearm from cases of accidental discharge, or simply losing control of the gun. Proper care measures include always maintaining positive control over the weapon, and keeping it safely stored when not in use. This tool is prevalent with the law-enforcement and security forces. Its main attributes: concealing the weapon and avoiding legal ramifications, the convenience of access since it is readily available within one’s reach whenever needed, keeping the firearm safe, reducing the amount of time it takes to load the gun- since it can be kept loaded all through as it will be securely placed on the person, plus the comport it gives when carrying it, makes the holster design appealing. This similar logic extends to the window cleaning industry, as is seen with products like the Ettore SideKick Holster.

The core tools of the window cleaning- the likes of the washer T-bars, the scrapers for that caked-on debris, squeegees for clearing the cleaning solution from the glass panes, to the microfibre cloths for the final touches on the frames, each have their role. The quality of the tools worked with will have a huge bearing on the effectiveness of the cleaning process. However, there are tools like holsters that don’t actually come into contact with the glass panes, yet they still have a significant role to play. Here, you also want to get a product that can be trusted to deliver on its mandate. Just how does the Ettore SideKick Holster benefit you? Let’s get right to it.

A Bucket On The Hip

When washing windows, different tools are needed. For instance, the washer sleeve comes in to spread the cleaning solution on the windows and scrub the gunk that is on the glass panes, while the squeegee later follows to clear the contents from the window, to leave it sparkling. With multiple windows being worked on, you will keep interchanging the tools. Keeping travelling to and from the tool kit to get the gear you need will take time. Certainly, you cannot go around holding both in your hands, as it will be inconvenient for you. The Ettore SideKick Holster comes in to ensure that you have these critical tools with you all through the process. It is positioned at the hip, being used as a bucket to hold the washer and squeegee. That way, you will have your cleaning tools within reach whenever you need them, saving you the time and energy that it would have taken had you been forced to keep pausing your operations to fetch the tool needed for the particular task you’re carrying out. This also frees your hands, for you to only hold the actual equipment that you’re working with, giving you more control over the process for you to get the results you desire. 

While having the tools right at your hip is convenient, you want to ensure that they are firmly held. A holster that keeps dropping will be a nuisance, further exasperating you. You won’t have to worry about this with the Ettore SideKick Holster. The detachable clip holds the unit securely in place, bearing the weight of the cleaning tools that have been put in it.

Are you left or right-handed? The Ettore SideKick Holster works either way. Position it on the side that will work for you, and carry on with your tasks unabated. This makes it a convenient tool for all window cleaning professionals. What’s more, the Ettore SideKick Holster does not leak water. This is particularly important since the last thing you want as you work on the windows is liquids from the wet cleaning tools dripping down your legs and making you uncomfortable. 

What’s more, with the Ettore SideKick Holster, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reputable brand. Having been in operation since the first half of the 20th century, Ettore has grown in leaps and bounds to become an industry leader in window care. Its products are used by consumers and professional window cleaning companies, who seek them out for their track record in quality and performance. After all, the goal is to work with equipment that walks the talk, not conventional products that simply exasperate you. 

Long-lasting construction

The viability of a product for your cleaning needs also looks at its durability. For professional cleaners, costs are a weighty factor. When they spiral out of control, they claw away at your profit margins, hampering your growth. With durable tools, aspects such as repairs and replacements are reduced, bringing you the much-needed savings for your business, and the funds can then be directed to other aspects that will promote your growth. As such, you want to deal with window cleaning products which will provide you with extended usage. The design of the Ettore SideKick Holster takes this into account. It has been constructed with tough plastic, allowing it to stand up to the demand that comes with the frequent window cleaning sessions. As it holds the washers and squeegees, its strong body will bear the impact that comes with the everyday cleaning tasks. Speaking of which, by holding the different cleaning tools, the Ettore SideKick Holster also protects them from the elements and unnecessary wear and tear- therefore prolonging their lifespans. This is as opposed to leaving them lying on the ground as you go about the cleaning, or cases of the tool keeping on getting dropped and picked up based on the cleaning stage that one is in. As you move from one window to the next, you can rest assured that the cleaning tools at your hip are safe. By properly caring for your window cleaning tools, your operational costs are reduced, positively impacting your balance sheet.

Ettore SideKick Holster

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