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Ettore ProGrip T-Bar

Ettore ProGrip T-Bar

Ettore ProGrip T-Bar

When working on windows, two sets of equipment are needed: the cleaning, and the clearing tools. For the cleaning, you have gear like washers and scrapers that are needed to dislodge the contents that are on the glass panes, while tools like squeegees and microfibre cloths come in to clear the water and cleaning solutions from the window, to leave it sparkling. Each of these has its features and target purpose. Here, the main focus is on the washer. It’s the first tool that will be used, transferring the water and cleaning solution from the bucket onto the window. Design features such as the material of the sleeve and scrubber ends come in to get the gunk off the glass. The washer is composed of two main components: the sleeve and the T-bar. Each of these is integral to the success of the window washing process. You want to work with units that are compatible with each other, and whose construction makes the cleaning process a breeze. The T-bar holds the sleeve, and it will be the tool that you will be directly gripping- or attached to an extension pole for those situations where high-access will be required. This review focuses on one of the popular products in the market: the Ettore ProGrip T-Bar. 

Benefits Of The Ettore ProGrip T-Bar


  • Durable construction


Given that working on windows is one of the frequent cleaning tasks, certainly you want to work with equipment that can keep up with the workload. Tools that you can rely on to deliver optimally all through, without the need to keep searching for replacements- as this would drive up your operational costs. For the companies providing window cleaning services, there is an increasing need to reduce expenses, as they chomp away profits and reduce growth. One key area that these can be achieved is by relying on quality equipment from reputable brands. Tools that actually deliver on their mandate, as opposed to the cheap products that have flooded the market, which keep experiencing failure during usage, forcing one to allocate more money for acquiring new supplies much sooner than had been anticipated. Ettore, a global leader in window care, having been producing products targeting both DIY enthusiasts and professional cleaners for close to a century now, has cemented its name among industry heavyweights. Its products are used across the different continents, with the brand maintaining loyal customers through the years, and increasing its market share. The Ettore ProGrip T-Bar adheres to the quality standards of the brand, so you can rest assured that you’re getting value for your hard-earned money when you turn to this unit. The durability of the product gives you extended usage, thus reducing the strain on your cleaning budget.


  • Easy to work with


You also want to work with equipment that will actually reduce the physical strain experienced in the process. From homeowners washing their windows during the weekends, to professional cleaners who have a list of buildings that they need to cover each day, the ergonomic design of the Ettore ProGrip T-Bar makes working with it a breeze. What’s more, the T-Bar comes with a rubberised grip, that serves two main functions. Firstly, it ensures that you’re comfortable as you proceed to work on the windows. Secondly, it gives you a firm grip during those watery conditions that are witnessed in the window cleaning process. That way, you won’t have cases of the washer slipping off your hand, and it gives you more control as you scrub away the grime that is on your windows. 


  • Compatible with Ettore extension poles


Certainly, there will be situations where the windows that are to be worked on will be out of reach. It can be anything from those windows on the upper floors, to cases where you’re working on the skylights. Getting to them through traditional methods like using ladders is risky. As you climb up and down the rungs and reach out to the windows with the washer, occasionally stretching out to get to the corners- there is the inherent risk of falls. In fact, these cases are prevalent across the window cleaning industry, resulting in huge medical bills every year being incurred. Other means such as working with suspension systems have their own share of difficulties, a common one being the extended time that is required to set up the gear. When you have multiple windows to work on, they slow you down- which will be problematic for professional window cleaning crew who have lots of installations to work on in both residential and commercial establishments on a daily basis. Extension poles come in to cut down the amount of time that the task takes up, while taking away the risks that are associated with using ladders.

When it’s time to work on those windows that are out of your reach, simply fix the Ettore ProGrip T-Bar onto an extension pole. There are different poles that you can use with it. For instance, you can choose to with the RE-A-C-H® extension poles, which come with features such as a click-lock mechanism that will securely fit the Ettore ProGrip T-Bar onto the pole. They have a ribbed tubing, which gives you additional rigidity and grip, that way you retain control even during the wet conditions of the cleaning. The rust-proof aluminium tubing of the poles extends the durability of the structure, and nifty additions like the hang-hole enable you to store the pole conveniently. The length to which the poles can extend to depends on the particular unit purchased, from the 1-section to the 3-section pole options. 


  • Pocket-friendly price


When it comes to saving costs, you get to benefit from the affordable price of the Ettore ProGrip T-Bar. This, plus the durability of the construction, reduces the amounts of expenses that go into sourcing for your cleaning equipment. There are different sizes available, including 10, 14 and 18- inch T-bars. Ensure that you get the unit that is compatible with your washer sleeves, for optimal cleaning results.

Ettore ProGrip T-Bar

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