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Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle 

Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle 

Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle 

Squeegees are popular across the window cleaning industry for their ease of use. With these handy tools, you can quickly clear away the moisture from the windows, prevent mineral deposits from being formed, and avoid the troubles that come with working with paper towels and cloths. What’s more, they enable you to carry out the task much faster, and reduce the amount of cleaning liquids involved from the process. All this is tied to ensuring that you have the right tool for the task. When purchasing a squeegee or its component parts, there are key considerations to make. For instance, with the squeegee blade, you want to ensure that it will be durable, and have sizes compatible with the channels being used. Replacement blades should also be readily available, since these are the parts that come under most wear and tear during the window cleaning processes. The material of the channel and handle is also key. For instance, you want to work with tools that will be resistant to rusting, and the corrosion effects that could be caused by the cleaning chemicals being used. The durability of the tool- which will affect how much service you can expect from it, also weighs in. What of the brand that has manufactured the squeegee? Focus here is on getting tools from a brand that has been proven to provide quality products. For the handle to use for your squeegee, the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle features as one of the popular units. This review looks at what can be expected from it. 

Benefits Of The Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle 


  • Tough build


You want tools that you can rely on for the long haul. Equipment that comes with a high durability, giving you prolonged usage and cutting down on the costs that would have been incurred with numerous repairs and replacements. Cleaning gear that stands up the workload that comes when working on multiple windows, which is especially a priority for professionals who have received cleaning contracts for residential and commercial establishments. You can get that with the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle. This unit has been manufactured with tempered solid brass, whose contribution enables it to take on the demand of the frequent squeegeeing tasks. That way, you get to focus on the actual cleaning process, not constantly worry about the handle getting damaged. Being from Ettore, a world leader in the window cleaning niche- that’s renowned for the quality of its tools and formulations, and shipping products to the different continents, you can rest assured that you’re getting value for your money. 


  • Quick setup


How fast is your squeegeeing process? This is affected by the speed with which you can assemble the tools, from the blade and channel, to fixing them onto the handle. The design of the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle allows fast channel setup. This is all thanks to the quick release mechanism, that way can be ready to work on the windows in moments. This also reduces the duration taken when you want to switch between different channels as you work on the various sections of the window, further enhancing the efficiency of the processes.

The Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle itself is light, coming in at 0.326 lbs. Thus, its contribution to the overall weight of the squeegee is minimal, allowing you to focus your energy on actually getting the window clean, not manoeuvring heavy equipment as you move from one window to the other. This unit is part of the Original Squeegee design, and has been built to precision for you to achieve the ideal balance and weight when the squeegee setup is complete. Different channels can be used with the handle, ranging from 12″ to 18″. You can hold the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle directly, or fix it to an extension pole- which will be the case when you have high windows to work on.

Remember to inspect the condition of the squeegee before you use it. This is especially with the rubber blade. Running your finger down its edge, check that it feels straight. It should not be wavy or feel too tight. There should also not be any nicks on the rubber, as this will lead to streaks being formed. When assembling the squeegee, note that the rubber should be sticking out of the ends of the channel by around half a centimetre. This is to protect the surrounding window frames and painted surfaces from damage. 


  • Firm grip


It goes without saying that window cleaning is a wet process. When clearing the soaps and liquids from the glass panes using the squeegee, you don’t want the tool slipping out of your grasp. Firm control is needed, especially since you want to ensure that you make consistent strokes as you glide the squeegee from one side of the window to the other. Pausing midway, the tool shuddering or lifting mid-stroke- these will cause there to be residue on that particular path, forcing you to repeat the strokes- which can end up slowing you down. It all comes down to how much control you have over the cleaning tool. This aspect is enhanced with the design of the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle, where you can get optional rubber grips for it. They increase your comfort as you carry on with the process, and give you stronger grip- and thus more control, over the squeegee. 

Speaking of grip, just how do you hold your squeegee? Here, not much effort is required. Let the squeegee sit in your hand- not gripping it tightly, and relax your wrist. Place it on the glass surface, and simply glide it across. The very design and functionality of the squeegee reduces the amount of energy required for the task- which is one of the reasons why every professional window cleaner has one in their toolkit. In case you notice that you’re increasingly applying more pressure to work on the window than was previously, done, then take a close look at the rubber blade of the unit. It probably needs to be replaced. 

Master Stainless Steel Quick Release Handle 

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