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Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle 

Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle 

Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle 

Each component part of the squeegee has a critical role to play in the overall functionality of the unit. The rubber blade is the centre of the action, where the cleaning actually takes place. The channel holds the rubber, and it is in turn held by the handle, through which you manoeuvre the whole apparatus. With each of these, you want to ensure that you’re working with quality tools that will enable you to get the results you desire. This review looks at the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle, and the features that it brings on board to aid with the window cleaning process. 

Benefits Of The Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle


  • Rust-proof construction


Sure, metals provide sturdy construction for cleaning tools. However, not just any metal can make the cut. The cleaning process involves lots of water being used, making rusting a major concern. You don’t want your tools being corroded, which would result in you being required to replace them much sooner. With the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle, that won’t be a concern. Its material will not rust, and it has the welcome benefit of being aesthetically pleasing throughout its usage. That way, you get to clean with style, and have a professional look as you go about the task.

Being rust roof has the additional benefit of longevity. This, coupled with the durable nature of the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle, enables it to bear the brunt of frequent window cleaning, attending to multiple tasks even for the professional window cleaners. This gives you more bang for your buck, by preventing you from being forced to dig deeper into your wallet to make numerous repairs or replacements.


  • Easy functionality


The Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle has been designed to expedite the squeegeeing process. From its lightweight nature- which reduces the amount of energy required for the task, to the operational rubber grips which give you a firm hold on the squeegee, you get to easily glide the tool across the window, clearing the contents from the glass panes to wind up with streak-free results. 

Here’s a quick look at the window cleaning process, and tips that you can use to enhance the quality of the results:

  1. First, prepare the cleaning solution. Add a small amount of the window washing detergent to the bucket- just enough for the resultant solution to feel a bit slippery to your touch. Follow the dilution instructions on the product label strictly. 
  2. Work on the glass panes with the window washer. Dip it into the cleaning solution, wring it out to prevent drips from forming all over the surrounding area. 

If needed, use a scraper for those sections with caked-on debris. Always ensure that the surface that you’re scraping is wet, and that you scrape with a forward motion, never pulling the scraper backwards. 

  1. Now it’s time to squeegee the window. Relax your grip on the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle. You don’t have to hold it so tightly. The simple action of resting the squeegee on the widow will provide the pressure needed for the task to be accomplished. A tight grip will just tire you out faster. 

Create a dry zone around the window – what’s usually referred to as “cutting the edge”. Squeegeeing works best when you place the rubber blade on dry glass and glide it across over the wet area of the window. This is to prevent the issue of water travelling down from the frames onto the areas you’ve squeegeed. You just need to dry an area that’s about 2 cm wide along on the top and left side of the window (or right if you’re working from right to left).


When using the squeegee, you should be keen on the base distance. This refers to how the squeegee has been positioned in relation to the glass surface. It is the distance between the ends of the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle and the surface. As you hold the squeegee, and the little finger is extended it should come close to touching the surface. Keeping this base distance prevents you from being slowed down, or the squeegee “jumping” as you use it, which would lead to moisture being left behind. Professionals use advanced techniques such as the fanning method- and this may take some time to get used to. 


It is recommended that you squeegee across the window. This is preferred as it holds several advantages over squeegeeing from top to bottom. Firstly, it allows you to maintain a consistent base distance, and position the squeegee correctly. It gives you more control of over the squeegee as you perform the strokes. It also helps in ensuring that the moisture falls evenly down the window. 



  • Quickly attached to poles


You can also attach the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle to extension poles, for those cases where additional reach is required. This is as opposed to working with ladders, which would be cumbersome and come with risks. You don’t want to keep balancing precariously on the ladders as you reach out to work on the windows, as all it takes is a light extra tip for you to go toppling down, together with all the equipment that you had carried up with you. Fall accidents are common in the window cleaning industry, especially amongst those who rely on the traditional ladder method for accessing those high-rise windows. This doesn’t have to be the case for you. With extension poles, you get to reach those high windows without having to leave the safety of the ground. Not only is it the safer approach, but it also speeds up the actual task, by cutting down the amount of time and energy spent setting up the ladder under each and every window. Your building’s exterior- such as the stucco and paintwork, are also safe from damage, making it a highly popular mode of approach for tackling these situations. With the Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle, you can fix it to the wide range of Ettore poles.

Ettore Master Stainless Steel Handle

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