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Ettore Master Brass Handle

Ettore Master Brass Handle

Ettore Master Brass Handle 

After working on the glass panes with the window washers and scrapers, next in line is the squeegeeing process. Here, one strokes the rubber blade over the glass surface, clearing the moisture from the windows. With a good quality squeegee, you will be able to get those streak-free results that you desire. As is with the other window cleaning operations, for you to effectively get the task done, you want tools that have been optimally designed for the process. The efficiency of the squeegee is tied to its component parts- the rubber, channel and handle, their compatibility with each other, and their ease of use for you, the window cleaner. Certainly, you want to work with products that will make the squeegeeing process a breeze. Tools that you can rely on to achieve your goals. Ettore is a world-renowned brand when it comes to window care, and its squeegees are used across the board, in residential and commercial establishments. Having been manufacturing squeegees for close to a century now, made heavy investments in research and design, and the worldwide market of satisfied customers who keep coming back to it for more window cleaning products and solutions, it comes as no surprise that its Ettore Master Brass Handle is widely popular. 

Benefits Of The Ettore Master Brass Handle


  • Track record of performance


This is the “Original” handle, part of the Master™ Brass Squeegee that grew in popularity all around the world since its conception in the last century. The debut of Ettore in the window cleaning industry involved the squeegee innovated by the founder Ettore Steccone back in 1936, dubbed the “New Deal” as an alternative to the bulky and cumbersome Chicago squeegee. This new unit had a lightweight brass construction, and featured a sharp and flexible rubber blade. The squeegee’s demand quickly rose, and Ettore- the company, became a household name. The company has built a solid reputation for itself, and its products are shipped out to countries all over the world. Having the competitive edge and surviving in the industry for close to a century, it is testament to the level of quality that you can expect from the window cleaning tools from the brand, of which the Ettore Master Brass Handle is a part of. 

The ergonomic design makes it an ideal tool to work with, giving you more control over the squeegee. The optional rubber grips of the unit add to the gripping power, which comes in handy during slippery situations- which are bound to occur as the cleaning process involves lots of water and soapy solutions being used. With the Ettore Master Brass Handle, you will have a firm hold on the squeegee, as you work on the window in smooth strokes to achieve that streak-free result. 

Here are a couple of tips to follow when squeegeeing your windows:

  • Be keen on your base distance or angle. 

This is the position of the squeegee in relation to the glass surface. It is measured between the end of the Ettore Master Brass Handle and the surface. The correct distance is close to 7cm. Here, when holding the squeegee and extending your little finger, it should come close to touching the surface. Why is this important? When the base distance is short, like 5m or under, it will slow you down, and may cause streaking. On the other hand, when the distance is too large, there will be increased chances of the squeegee jumping or shuddering, resulting in moisture behind left behind on the glass. 

  • Cut the edge

For optimal results, place the dry squeegee onto a dry portion of the glass, and then glide it across the wet surface. To get you set up, use the squeegee or a clean cloth to create a dry zone on the top side and the left or right side of the frame. This separates the frame from the rest of the wet area of the window. This zone will be the point from which you will begin the squeegee strokes. 

  • Work across the window

This is not a rule set in stone. However, working with horizontal squeegee strokes does have its benefits. For instance, it makes it easier for you to keep the base distance consistent, and you will have more control over the squeegee. It also allows the liquids being cleared to evenly fall down the glass surface, and you can catch it before it reaches the bottom frame- which is particularly handy for those cases where you’re working on the interior side of the window and you don’t want drips messing up the floor. 

When holding the squeegee, you don’t have to use all your elbow grease. Relax your harm, letting the Ettore Master Brass Handle sit in your hand. Rest the rubber blade of the squeegee on the glass surface and glide it across the window. It’s actually an easy – and fun, task, one of the most enjoyable bits of the window cleaning process. 


  • Tough body


With the tempered solid brass construction of the handle, it can meet the demand that comes with frequently window cleaning. Since the squeegee is used after each time that the windows are washed, you want to have a product that you can rely on to deliver its mandate without structural failure every other week. The Ettore Master Brass Handle is used by professionals and DIY-enthusiasts alike for the durability that it brings on board, allowing you to proceed with the window cleaning teak without worry. 


  • Budget-friendly 


Adding the Ettore Master Brass Handle to your window cleaning kit is financially beneficial in different ways. Firstly, with the extended usage that is enabled by the durability of the handle, you get to save on costs that would have gone in making multiple repairs and replacements when dealing with conventional products. Secondly, the price tag on the handle is pocket-friendly, and you can get it in cases of 12 or 24 units each, depending on your particular needs. 

Ettore Master Brass Handle

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