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Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper 

Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper 

Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper 

When resurfacing floors, it is important that any unwanted material is removed. These are the likes of carpet glue and paint that is on the surface. This is because they will interfere with the products that will be used, resulting in uneven results. Scraping ensures that you have a clear and smooth floor that is ready for the resurfacing. The scraping is also carried out during the routine cleaning tasks, especially when there is stubborn dirt or grease residue that has dried on the floor. This can be in homes, commercial or industrial environments. There are also those looking for floor scrapers to remove old underlay, and cases where the carpet had been directly glued to the concrete or wood subfloor. When it comes to carpet staples on plywood and hardwood floors, it can be exasperating to use a screwdriver or pair of pliers to remove each and every individual staple. The task would take ages, and become a strain. On the other hand, with a floor scraper, you get to shear the staples right off the floor, and pull others out- depending on the approach that you decide to use. The applications of the floor scraper are broad. Are you looking for a unit that you can use for your cleaning tasks? One that has been manufactured by a reputable brand, and that you can rely on to deliver its mandate? You can get that with the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper. 

Benefits Of The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper


  • Double-edged blades


As you scrape the gunk off the floor, there are situations that will call for a sharp razor- like when you’re removing the tape, gum or paint, and others for the dull side- such as when you’re dealing with cement and stucco residue. The dull and sharp sides of the blade used with the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper enable you to have it all in one tool, for quicker cleaning. The dull side is also particularly effective when you’re scraping the wood subfloors. You can get the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper in 4-inch and 6-inch head options, depending on your particular needs.

Working with the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper is a breeze. Simply hold it the same way you would a broom or rake. Run it along the floor surface, applying some force. The scraper will separate the material that you are trying to remove from the surface. It’s recommended that you hold the tool at an angle to the ground- such as 15-30° as you proceed to scrape the surface.

While floor scraping can be an intensive task, this unit has been designed to take on the load, while offering you optimal efficiency. It is a heavy-duty product, allowing you to quickly resolve cases of stuck-on grit for multiple cleaning sessions. The construction of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper thus allows you to make more savings down the road, especially since you won’t have to worry about having to keep planning repairs or replacements. 


  • Long handle


The 48-inch handle of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper enables you to work comfortably, reducing the strain on your back. After all, hunching over the floor for every single spot with stubborn grime would result in one getting fatigued quickly. With a long handle, this is avoided, giving you more reach. The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper also comes with a rubber grip, giving you more control over the squeegee, and enabling you to work comfortably. The length of this unit also comes in handy when you have lots of scraping to do. It gives you more leverage, as you are able to work with longer strokes, so you won’t have to wear out your back or knees.

The Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper gives you accuracy and control as you carry out the task, whether you are scraping away the old adhesive that is in the spaces in between boards of an area that is being repaired, cases of paint overspray and drywall mud that’s coating the subfloor and need to be removed to prepare it for the new flooring, or it’s for those routine cleaning tasks where you encounter caked-on grime on the surfaces being worked on.



This is particularly beneficial for those cases where you’re working on corners. The design allows you to effectively scrape the section, easily removing that stuck on grime. Whether you’re dealing with carpet glue, paint residue on your flooring, or want to yank those staples from the surface, it will be up to the task. 

Are you looking to lay new flooring? For instance, when this is being done with tile installations, the existing thinset mortar can be problematic. After you’ve knocked off the tile with the chipping hammer and also use it for most of the mortar, it doesn’t get you that nice and smooth surface that you desire. Here, you can use the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper to remove the remaining thinset mortar, and ensure that that the surface will be ready for the new installation.


  • Protective blade guard


Certainly, blades are dangerous, and you don’t want accidents occurring and landing people in the emergency room. The blade guard of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper prevents this from happening. Remember to be careful with the blades. They are sharp, and should be kept out of the reach of children.


  • Cost effective


Being a heavy-duty unit, this scraper can meet the demand of the intensive floor scraping tasks. That way, it provides you with extended service, which cuts down the replacement costs that would have been spent when working with conventional units. The pricing of the Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper itself is affordable, meaning you get to make savings right from the moment you make the purchase. This product comes with 6 units per case, so you can acquire sufficient supply for your cleaning needs. It’s a popular choice amongst the professional cleaning contractors, due to its economical nature and quality results that it enables one to obtain. You can also get replacement blades if needed, with 6 packs of 10 units each. 


Ettore Heavy Duty Floor Scraper Review

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