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Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee

Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee

Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee

Squeegees are powerful cleaning tools, yet so simple that anyone can use them. They are used to remove liquids from surfaces, preventing mineral deposits from building up, and avoiding cases of cleanser streaks on the surface. The ease of use allows them to clean the surfaces quickly, and they are particularly suited for removing excess moisture from the target areas. Take windows for instance. After washing the glass panes with the washer sleeve- and even using the scraper for that stubborn debris, the squeegee comes in to clear the contents from the window. With quick strokes of the tool, pressing its rubber blade against the surface, one is able to get rid of the contents, leaving behind clear glass. Even showers get to benefit from this cleaning power. Water marks and soap scum are some of the most common issues facing showers and baths. Sure, you can ignore them for a while, but over time, they become unsightly and make your skin crawl each time you want to take a shower. It’s even more embarrassing when you have guests coming over. However, having a squeegee in your bathroom means that you will no longer have to worry about this. Simply squeegee the shower walls and glass doors immediately after you shower, swiping away the lingering water that would have led to those soap scum spots developing. This only takes a minute or two, saving you lots of headache and work later on. The quick cleaning that you get with squeegees enables you to prevent water marks from developing, and to maintain the clean state of the various surfaces. The Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee comes on board as a tool that you can rely on for multiple day-to-day cleaning tasks in the household. 

What makes a squeegee really tick?

When purchasing a squeegee, there are various factors that are to be considered. This is especially with the component parts- the blade, handle and channel. What material are they composed of? The construction of the channel and handle in particular will enable you to gauge the longevity of the tool that you will obtain. The blades are made of rubber, and in this case, you want to ensure that you get quality rubber that will last for multiple cleaning sessions. The rubber will be the part coming into contact with the surface being worked on, hence is exposed to loads of wear- getting durable units will enable you to reduce the frequency with which blade changes are required. Then there is the size. Here, the focus is on getting a squeegee that is suitable for your particular situation. Application areas also come into play. Where will the squeegee be used? How firm is the grip when handling it? Given that cleaning tasks are typically wet environments, you want a product that allows you to remain in control, not the squeegee slipping out of your grip with every other stroke. What about compatibility with other products? This is especially the case for situations where you will need to use the unit with extension poles. What range of products can it fit? Here is a breakdown of what the Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee will bring on board:

Benefits Of The Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee


  • Versatility


The Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee is true to its name. It can be used for a wide range of tasks, whether you’re cleaning windows, removing liquids from smooth surfaces, and even for those cases where you want to spread grout and mastic. Are you looking for squeegee of your shower doors and mirrors? That’s right up the alley of the Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee. With a few quick strokes, you will be able to remove the liquids and residue from the areas that are being worked on. 

When it comes to extension poles, fix the Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee onto any model of the REA-C-H line of products, and you’re good to go. The squeegee can be used with all these poles, from the 1-section model to the 3-section units. Here you get to extend and retract the poles in a snap, and the ergonomic grip of the units makes working with them a breeze. This makes it easy to use the Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee for hard-to-reach areas, such as the upper floor windows, without having to leave the safety of the ground. As such, you get to avoid the hassle and lengthy setup times that come with using traditional method such as ladders. Risks of fall accidents and physical, emotional and financial turmoil that they bring about are also avoided, while still allowing you to carry on with the task unabated. 


  • Available in a wide range of sizes


Different situations will call for different squeegee sizes. For instance, while a small squeegee will be easy to use on your bathroom mirror, for the large shower doors you will want a bigger tool. From windows to worktops, you can get the appropriate size Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee for your needs, with units from 6, 8 and 10 inches, all through to the larger 16 and 18- inch options. 



With the diverse cleaning tasks that are being carried out, you want to work with a product that you can rely on to take you for the long haul. That’s what you get with the Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee. Its handle has a high-impact plastic construction, enabling it to withstand the different applications that it will be used for. That way, you get to avoid cases of frequent replacements, while having a reliable tool that you can use for the day-to-day cleaning tasks in the household. 


  • Budget friendly


The Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee also reduces the strain on your building’s cleaning and maintenance budget. Firstly, being an all-purpose unit, you get to the save on the costs that would have been incurred purchasing multiple tools for the different tasks. Secondly, the durability of the unit gives you extended usage, hence you avoid having to keep making replacements. Then there is the price of the product, which is affordable.

Ettore Basic Janitorial Squeegee

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