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End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Eco Cleaners

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Eco Cleaners

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Eco Cleaners

Moving Out? Here’s What You Should Know About The End of Tenancy Cleaning

The moving out process comes with its share of logistics. These are included in the tenancy agreement, with responsibilities falling on both the tenant and the landlord. Specifically for the tenant, a notice is normally required. This is typically a month before the intended move. Any damages caused by the tenant, their guests and pets should also be repaired, and the last month’s rent paid in full. The same case applies to the utility bills accrued up to the end of the tenancy. The premises should be thoroughly cleaned as well. One is also required to be physically present on the property when the check-out report is being prepared. It is at this point when the inspection is carried out.

The Cleaning Aspect

This forms a majority of the deposit disputes. It’s all about the quality of the cleaning. Areas that are overlooked, sections that will need to be redone, stains left strewn all over the surfaces– if the tenant does not rectify this, the landlord will have the right of sourcing for their own means to get it done, the costs of which will be paid out from the security deposit. Carrying out a DIY job is thus ill-advised, seeing that there are high chances of obtaining results that are below par, which means you sacrifice on your deposit. Don’t fret- our professional end of tenancy cleaning crew are here for you.

Services You Can Trust

We have been in the cleaning industry for years, catering to clients in both residential and commercial establishments. Our crew are well-trained and come with loads of experience, enabling them to identify the appropriate methods of working on the various installations on the premises. From the walls, countertops, floors, furnishings and upholstery, bathtubs and the shower area, appliances like the oven and dishwasher– they each have the optimal process required to get rid of the gunk on them without causing any structural damage. Using the wrong chemicals, such as harsh acids that corrode the natural stone worktops, too much water that warps the hardwood floors, or harsh agents that discolour the carpets and fabric upholstery– these end up costing you more to make repairs. With us, you can rest assured that the property is in safe hands. Highly effective systems and cleaning products, sourced from renowned brands with a track record of delivering on their mandate, ensure that the heavy build-ups of grime and the stubborn stains will be dealt with appropriately. Our team will be punctual, enabling you to accurately plan your activities, which is particularly vital during the hectic days towards the end of your tenancy.

We are also licenced and insured. Speaking of which, the coverage caters to the property itself, our crew, and the equipment that they use for the end of tenancy cleaning. This means that you will be protected from liabilities in case of any unfortunate incident. Our personnel also put in place the required safety measures to ensure that these don’t occur in the first place. This is further proof of the level of professionalism with which we offer our services.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning – Eco Cleaners

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