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Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream

Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream

Sustainable Waste Disposal Practices With The Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream

When taking out the trash, you want to use refuse sacks that are up to the task. Products that will meet the needs of your domestic or commercial premises and make the process a breeze. The Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream is a high-performance unit, developed with resins that meet the UK and UE industry standards, providing the strength needed for holding the waste put in them without the material tearing. When stored properly, the degradable sacks can last for years- that means you can purchase a huge batch and keep it in the premises, waiting to be used- switching out each sack after it gets full. You just need to store the Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream units in a cool and dry place, that is away from direct sunlight and heat- and there shouldn’t be any mechanical stresses, since they could make it start degrading. This will ensure that your purchased units remain usable all through, and that you will have a new one ready to place into the bin as needed.  

Troubles brought about by plastics

Most of the plastic that is produced ends up in landfills, gets to waterbodies around the world. The light and flimsy bags are lifted by the wind and carried to different areas of the landscape, winding up on trees, strewn all over infrastructure, and even clogging up drains. Grazing animals and those scrounging around for meals near landfills and garbage collection areas can consume the plastics which wreak havoc since they get into the digestive tract.  In the waterways, the presence of plastics disrupts the marine ecosystems, affecting the fishing industry, shipping, tourism, and the very food security of people relying on seafood. The growing rate of plastic usage- which has increased 20 times within the last 50 years, and may double within the next 2 decades, is a cause for alarm. Emphasis is being made on the need to put in place measures to reduce the amount of plastic pollution that is affecting the environment. Adoption of products like the Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream aids in this. 

The degradation process

When the Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream is taken to the landfill, exposure to UV light, mechanical stresses and heat- or a combination of the three, triggers a series of reactions. This causes a breakdown of the covalent bonds holding the material together, resulting in the molecular weight decreasing. The interaction of the molecules with oxygen also leads to the material being converted into water wettable molecules. Throughout this entire process, there won’t be acidic or alkaline agents being released into the environment. There are also no toxins or contaminants formed. The molecules keep breaking down, and microorganisms get involved in the process, beginning to feed on the Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream pieces. As the biodegradation occurs, carbon dioxide, biomass and water are formed. The entire process takes place in a couple of months, as opposed to the centuries taken by conventional plastic products. This makes using the Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream to be a sustainable means of waste management.  

Increasing awareness

From individuals incorporating sustainable practices in their day to day lives at home, to businesses that are keen on portraying themselves as an enterprise that care about the environment, using units like the Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ Cream for the waste disposal enables you to achieve this. The design of the sacks, plus the logo that’s on them, works to your advantage. There is also the actual benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, joining concerted efforts around the world that are geared to preserving the environment. 

For business owners, having an eco-friendly waste management program also enables you to appeal to the increasing range of consumers who are being keen on the social and environmental impact that corporates have. A study on corporate social responsibility reported on Forbes showed  88% of customers being loyal to businesses supporting social and environmental issues, and 92% of respondents were likely to trust such companies more.  From baby boomers and Generation X, to the millennials, more and more consumers are being included by the environmental sustainability of a company’s operations. They appreciate businesses that are incorporating this into their practices, and are even willing to pay more for their services. The Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x43″ blend into the green initiatives of your establishment, positively impacting on your brand.

Sustainable Waste Disposal Practices With The Earth2Earth Degradable Sack 38″x 43″ C ream

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