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Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear

Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear

Analysis Of The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear

These bags are made for organic waste, like leftover and wasted food. This makes them ideal for cafés, pubs, restaurants, bistros, those running mobile catering businesses, and other businesses within the food establishment industry. Here, your staff will be able to segregate the food waste from the general rubbish, for it to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. They can also be used for households, where one is keen on reducing their carbon footprint and making a positive impact onto the environment. Common types of waste that are tossed into the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear include fruit and vegetable peeling, plant scrapping, old bread, grains and pasta, crushed eggshells, tea leaves and coffee grounds. When the garbage is collected, it is taken to commercial composting facilities. Here, the material is shredded together with the food waste, then exposed to optimal conditions for composting- where the air circulation, moisture and temperature are controlled. The end results of nutrient-rich biomass that can be used for farming activities, circumventing the need for the synthetic fertiliser alternatives.

Meeting high waste disposal demand

These units can be used with large bins for those busy households, all through to restaurants, catering companies, and other businesses in the hospitality industry keen on segregating their waste and ensuring the organic matter gets to the composting facilities.  The affordable pricing of the boxes of the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear enables you to acquire a sufficient supply that will meet your establishment’s waste disposal needs without straining your budget

Easier sorting of the waste

The clear nature of the compostable sacks comes with a wide array of benefits. Firstly, it enables one to clearly see the contents of the waste, hence dispose the right type of content into it. With the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear, the goal is to ensure that only organic matter is put in. It also improves the safety of the garbage collection crew, since they will be able to quickly notice items in the trash that can cause injury- such as sharp objects. Clear bags are also ideal for the areas where there is high security, from airports to train stations, for the contents to be assessed at a glance. 

A safe approach to the disposal of organic waste

When the organic waste ends up in landfills, it becomes a major problem to the environment mainly because of the methane that is produced. In these sites, it is anaerobically decomposed due to the limited availability of oxygen. One of the by-products of this process is methane, which actually has a greater greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide- over 25 times more. This means that the action of mixing the organic matter together with the general waste that’s headed to the landfills contributes to global warming- which is not how you want things to go. In fact, landfills are some of the largest contributors of methane production, ranking up there with enteric fermentation and natural gas and petroleum systems. They even beat coal mining. You don’t want your garbage disposal process to increase your carbon footprint. Using the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear will prevent this from happening, ensuring that the organic waste is appropriately handled by being directed to the composting facilities. 

The composting results in the kitchen scraps, food waste and similar content big turned into valuable biomass that can then be incorporated into the ecosystem. The new cell biomass that is added to the soil improves its health, from aspects such as water retention, to adding more nutrients that will then promote healthy plant growth. It also aids in combating soil erosion. Organisms too get to benefit, such as earthworms, and the microscopic nitrogen-fixing bacteria that are an asset to agricultural activities. It is also key in neutralising the soils that are highly acidic or alkaline, optimising their state to enable plants to flourish.  In fact, for those carrying out gardening activities and are keen on organic farming with backyard compost heaps being set up, the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear will blend right into this.  

Analysis Of The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm – Clear

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