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Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream

Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream

Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream / Review

When searching for a bin bag for your home or commercial establishment, there are different issues to consider. First, there is the functionality. Here, you’re looking for a product that can actually meet the waste disposal needs of your establishment, factoring in issues such as the strength needed to hold the weight of the weight that will be disposed of in the bin bag, to the size itself, where the bag should have a volume that is compatible with the bin in which it will be set up. That way you won’t be faced with scenarios where the bin bags are tearing under the weight of their contents, or the refuse sack being too small or too large for the bin. Secondly, there are elements such as the waste segregation program that has been set up on the premises. This looks at the different way in which the various materials- organic and inorganic, will be disposed of. You want a product that blends into this, that way there will be order, with the contents of the waste being directed to the most suitable destination. The Earth2Earth brand has multiple units under it, which have been developed to meet the different end-user needs. This review looks at the popular Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream. 

Biodegradable film

You won’t have to worry about the Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream that has been disposed of sticking around for centuries. This unit has been developed to rapidly break down once exposed to the elements, plus the mechanical stresses in landfills and other waste disposal sites. Microbial action on the unit results in by-products like water and carbon dioxide that are safe for the environment. What’s more, since the process is fast, it allows the contents within the refuse sack to be exposed to the environmental biodegradation agents much sooner, which goes a long way in reducing the rate at which landfills are building up. 

Committed to environmental sustainability

The company behind the Earth2Earth brand- Thorn Environmental Ltd, is an industry leader in providing bin liners, refuse sacks and packaging material. This is in line with being part of the circular economy, which promotes the use of sustainable and renewable products. They have a wide range of units under their brand, from compostable films that are water-resistant and can handle high heat levels to enhance their functionality, to bio-based carbon products that have been made from sugarcane and are 100% recyclable. They offer the effectiveness of the conventional fuel-based plastic, without the environmental risks that come with the latter. Thorn Environmental Ltd adheres to Agenda 21 and Europe’s 6th Environmental action programme, and the production process is carried out under strict quality control, to ensure that the end-user gets value for the money spent. As such, when you turn to the Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream, you’ll be part of the journey of environmental preservation, for the benefit of our generation and those that are to follow. 

Are you a business owner? Adding the Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream to the waste disposal system will portray your enterprise as one which is keen on environmental sustainability, creating a positive impression on the customers coming to purchase your products and services. Complete with the Earth2Earth logo, your customers see the effort you’re putting into protecting the environment, and the eye-catching design helping to further spread awareness amongst the employees and general public. This is in addition to your efforts of reducing your carbon footprint getting a boost.

Easy on your budget

The Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream has been developed for both domestic and commercial use, and the price of each package is affordable. With the volume of each unit, the frequency of changing the bin bag is reduced, as each refuse sack gets to serve you for longer. The long shelf life also means that the bin bags won’t degrade while they are in the store or kitchen cupboard waiting to be used. Since the material itself is strong, the need for double-bagging is avoided, which prevents wastage of the sacks. This means that in the long run you get to make more savings out of your purchase. 

Earth2Earth 30″ x 39″ Standard Refuse Sack – Cream / Review

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