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Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners 

Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners 

Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners 

Waste can be grouped into 3 main categories:  recyclables, compostable and the landfill trash. Composting itself has a wide range of benefits. For starters, it nourishes the soil, with the nutrients from the organic matter enabling plant life to flourish, sustaining food chains and reducing the greenhouse effect. Speaking of which, when vegetable matter ends up in landfills, the pollution that results is a key cause for concern. Their increasing size, taking up huge land areas and damaging the ecosystem around them, has resulted in a push to reduce their growth. Segregating the waste into the different types using products such as the Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners, goes a long way in this. They can then be taken off to compositing facilities, where the temperature, heat and oxygen conditions are controlled to enable the matter to be aerobically decomposed, a process which results in products like water and carbon dioxide which are safe for the environment. The compost also helps in improving the soil structure, loosening the compact heavy soils, and enhancing the water retention in sandy soils. The microorganisms, insects, all through to the earthworms get to benefit, and it also encourages healthy growth of plant roots. It also cuts down on the reliance on chemical fertilisers and their associated risks.

Different things are designated for the compost bin. This ranges from print paper, carbon, vegetable food scraps- be they potato peels, avocado skins, lettuce, or even coffee grounds, grass clippings, tree leaves, newspapers, print paper, and even wood shavings. Eggshells, bread, magazines and catalogues- basically as long as it is organic, it can be tossed into the compost bin.  

Benefits Of The Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners


  • High strength 


When getting bin liners, you want products that will have the strength to hold the material that is placed in them. You won’t want a situation where the vegetable food scraps getting poured into the bin due to the liner getting torn- or, worse still, on the floor when the bin liner is lifted like during those days of taking out the trash. The ability of the bin liners to hold the waste from everyday activities is core to their functioning, that way you can avoid the messes that would result from the material tearing. The Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners can also handle high temperature levels, up to 75°C. This means that you can toss hot food into the bin without worrying about the liner getting ruined and spilling the contents. 


  • Large volume


At 140L, these bin liners can take on loads of waste, from that which is generated in commercial establishments that have large bins, to the council wheelie bins. They measure 865 mm x 1370 mm, thus providing the capacity needed to handle the waste. This reduces the frequency with which the bin liners need to be changed due to getting filled too quickly, thus bringing more savings to your establishment’s budgets.


  • Enhancing your brand image


Are you a business owner? Embracing green waste management programs enables you to boost your image. Today, more and more customers are opting for businesses that incorporate environmentally sustainable processes into their operations. This ranges from the products that are on offer, CSR projects that are geared towards spreading awareness, all through to the day-to-day operations of the business. In fact, an increasing number of baby boomers and millennials are actively seeking to engage with businesses that are committed to social care and which emphasise on environmental protection- and are even willing to pay more for their products. Sharing your company’s green initiatives provides you, as the business owner, a means of growing your revenues and positively impacting your bottom line.  The waste management comes in here, with the Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners enabling you to project a green image to the customers coming over to purchase your products and services.  


  • Reduce your carbon footprint


Plastics bags come with all sorts of problems with regards to waste management. For starters, they are produced from oil products, processes which crease tons of emissions. In addition, when used for holding trash, they lock in the contents for long, preventing the nutrients of the organic matter from being released back into the environment. The extremely slow rate of degradation of plastic causes the landfills to increase in size at a fast rate. Using compostable bags is one of the measures being put in place to mitigate this. Their production emits minimal carbon emission- such as 0.8 tonnes, a fraction compared to the 4 tonnes which are generated when plastics are being produced. What’s more, the composting process goes to further reduce the greenhouse effect, being converted into valuable biomass for the soil. 

Speaking of landfills, they are one of the main sources of methane. Here, the organic matter that is cut off from oxygen decomposes anaerobically. This results in the production of methane, which has a greenhouse effect that is magnitudes greater that of carbon dioxide. What’s more, the microorganisms that are trapped within the plastic bags end up producing toxic agents which, if they make their way to the environment, will be consumed by other organisms, making their way into the food chain. This opens a Pandora’s box, which high risks of disease all the way to the top of the food chain. Relying on bin liners that are truly compostable allows the contents of the trash to get biodegraded naturally, and the nutrients will be reintegrated back into the soil without any toxic substances being produced. 


  • Long shelf life


You can purchase the Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners in bulk for your establishment, and store them for long, since that have a shelf life of 2 years. All this while still retaining their strength and structural integrity, allowing them to effectively serve their purpose when eventually placed in the bin for the waste disposal.


  • Budget-friendly


The size of the Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners enables each unit to deliver optimal usage. Coupled with their affordable price tag, it enables you make savings right from the start, thus you get to meet the waste disposal needs of your establishment without putting a strain your budget. 


Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners

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