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Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser 

Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser 

Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser 

Toilet roll dispensers are a key addition to washroom facilities. Take their hygienic value for instance. Here, they keep the rolls safe from getting contaminated by environmental factors, including dust and moisture, and stops users from placing the toilet rolls on other surfaces like the cistern, ledges, sanitary units or on the floor. Not only does this make it a cleaner approach, but it also prevents the toilet from looking unsightly with clutter all over, which would have presented the premises in negative light.  Moreover, no one wants to use a roll that has fallen onto the floor—you don’t know what it could have picked up. Given that the surfaces may also be wet, the moisture ruins the toilet paper for those intending to use it, causing them to discard it and call for new rolls to be brought in, which further drives up your costs. Here, we’ll focus on how you stand to benefit from the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser.

Getting a good dispenser is also important in reducing the amount of tissue that gets used up, by preventing wastage. The wall-mounted dispensers are also handy for washrooms where space is limited, since they are neatly installed off the ground. They are designed to be easily fitted onto the walls, and come in different styles and finishes. When selecting the right dispenser for your facility, there are different factors that are considered. For instance, if your washroom handles high levels of traffic, lots of tissue will be required. To save on costs, it is recommended that you go for products like jumbo rolls. In this case, you want a dispenser that can be able to hold those large rolls of tissue. The material of the dispenser also weighs in, given that it determines the level of durability that you can expect for it. The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser is a popular unit from the brand. Here’s why:

Impact Of The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser On Your Janitorial Program 


  • Security of the roll


You want your janitorial budget being prudently used, and to get value for your money. You don’t want to be unknowingly restocking peoples home toilets or freely supplying a retailer with Jumbo rolls. Cases of theft of toilet paper in restrooms are rampant.  In fact, it is one of the most stolen office supplies, ranking up there with tape, copier paper and notepads. In hotels, the theft cases outdo those of towels, cosmetics and other toiletries. It gets so bad that there are parts of the world where businesses are setting up facial recognition to thwart it. Others expect the persons accessing the facility to carry their own travel tissue packs. Things don’t have to get that far out of hand. In an effort to make their customers comfortable, businesses invest in quality toilet paper. However, when those using it notice the quality of the ply, some tend to want to carry home the roll. This doesn’t have to be the case for your establishment. With a vandal-resistant dispenser, you get prevent your business from falling victim to this.  

The design of the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser enables you to avoid losses from these theft cases. It comes with a lockable construction, so you won’t have to worry about sticky fingers gaining access to the roll held within the unit.  This makes it an ideal choice for the highly trafficked areas, from public restrooms to gas stations. Replacing the used up roll is a breeze. Simply have the janitorial staff retrieve the key from where it has been stored. Unlock the dispenser, remove the stub roll, and place the new roll in place. The dispenser is then closed and locked, and the key returned to its storage. Cases of vandalism and avoided, and you get to ensure that the rolls have appropriately been used, saving on the costs incurred in your establishment. 


  • Durable unit


Part of saving costs entails acquiring units that can last for the long haul. Given that jumbo roll dispensers are installed in washrooms that witness high levels of footfall, this is particularly important. You don’t want to be forced to replace the installation just a couple of months after you have had it mounted. This would drive up costs. You don’t have to worry about that with the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser. Its tough body allows it to provide you with extended usage, cutting down on the expenses that would have been incurred making repairs and replacements.

The rounded top of the Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser is not only stylish, but it also prevents the unit from been used as a shelf. This is particularly handy in minimising the abuse that it would receive from users, thus extending the life of the installation. Speaking of stylish, this white dispenser also blends with the décor. It enables you to have washrooms that provide a clean look and feel, for the comfort of the users accessing the facility. 

The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser enables you to reduce expenses in more ways than just the durability of the structure. The controlled nature with which the toilet paper is dispensed discourages wastage. What’s more, given that it works with jumbo rolls, their large nature is more cost effective than using the standard toilet paper for these high traffic establishments. Added to the savings that you make from the thwarted theft cases, the strain on your janitorial budget is reduced. The savings made here can then be redirected to other sectors of your business operations. 



The Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser is all about large toilet paper, which can be seen from its capacity of holding a maximum roll size of 310mm.  The unit has a core diameter of 2.25″ or 3″. This reduces the workload on your janitorial staff when it comes to restocking, especially for the high traffic washrooms. There will be fewer chances of toilet paper running out during the peak house due to the large size of the roles.  With this capacity, you get to ensure that your guests feel well taken care of without the need for frequent restocking. 

Dolphin Jumbo Excel White Dispenser 

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