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Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser Review

Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser Review

Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser Review

Paper towels come in different shapes and forms. These range from the standard rolls, to the centrefeed towels and multifold units. Their sizes also vary, and one goes with the unit that will be able to handle the demand of their particular establishment. These units enable one to institute hygiene practices in their establishment, where the users get the sheets they need for drying their hands and dispose them after use, preventing contamination. Adopting a system of paper towels is also advantageous than hand dryers, especially when looking at it from a power-consumption point of view. It’s also quieter, making them ideal for office and workspaces where you don’t want to be constantly interrupted by noises from the washroom dispensers.  The Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser under review here is part of the Dolphin Excel range of products, that are renowned for their quality and functionality. Her is a look at what this product provides:

Benefits Of The Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser


  • Lockable design


With cases of theft being common, you don’t want to lose janitorial resources and drive up your operating expenses. The design of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser has been developed with this in mind. It’s a lockable installation, limiting access to its internal mechanism to the janitorial staff who have the required key, such as when topping up the paper towels. 

This functionality gives the dispenser the edge over the conventional countertop units, where the user has freedom to pick up multiple paper towels, even going away with the whole pile if they wish.  As such, you get to make more savings when using the surface mounted Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser, where there is more control over the discharging of the paper towels. 


  • Durable build


The material that a dispenser body is made up is a key determinant on how much usage you can expect from it. With the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser, you have a durable installation that can handle the demand of high traffic installations. This dispenser comes with a high impact cover, providing you with extended service. It’s stylish too, bringing a neat and clean look to the area in which it has been installed. You get all this without straining your building’s janitorial budget, given that the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser comes at a pocket-friendly price. 


  • Reduces wastage


Leaving a pile of paper towels on the worktop or close to the sink exposes them to effects of their immediate environment that will ruin the towels and prevent them from being used. Just a couple of drops from other users will be readily absorbed by the paper towels, and no one will want to use the affected sheets. Splashes of water from the taps will also lead to a similar result.  Even dust is problematic, coating the paper towels, reducing their ability to provide users with a hygienic way of drying their hands. The result is that more towels get disposed of without being actually used, driving up the costs that you incur with your establishment’s janitorial expenses. 

On the other hand, by keeping the paper towels in this dispenser, you get to protect them from these environmental effects. As such, there is reduced wastage, and you get more value from the stock of paper towels that you have purchased for the staff and clients in your establishment. 


  • Large capacity


When you turn to the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser, you get more range with regards to the kinds of hand towels that can be used with it. It is particularly popular for commercial establishments, given that it has an average capacity of 400 towels (C-fold), and 600 towels (multi-fold/Z-fold). First, a little more on this:

  • With C-fold paper towels, they are arranged in tiers. First, they are folded centrically, then the two sides of the towels get folded in leaves, forming a “C”. Here, the paper towels will be lying on each other. It’s popular when dealing with large paper sizes. Note that the towel will need to be unfolded by the user after they pull it out of the dispenser. On the plus side, it encourages optimal use of each individual towel. 
  • For the Z-fold, the towels are arranged together in a zigzag “interfold” nature. Basically, each towel is folded twice to form a Z, then interlocked with the next towel, and so on until the capacity of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser is reached.  This approach enables more towels to be held within the unit. The “non-stop” nature of this approach does lead to more towels being consumed. 
  • You can also use the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser with V-Fold and W-fold types, depending on your presence. With the V-fold, there is will be lower acquisition costs, while the W-fold reduces consumption and features larger towel sizes. With the latter, the towel is also completely unfolded when the user pulls it out of the dispenser.

You can use different approaches when setting up the towels in the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser, based on your particular preference. This operation of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser enables you to make more economical purchases when sourcing for your janitorial supplies, and also reduces the number of times that the janitorial staff have to keep refilling the unit. 

The paper towels that are held in the unit are large as well, clocking a maximum of 255mm x 120mm. As such, fewer towels are required when each user is drying their hands, further leading to cost savings. 


  • Easy to work with


This is particularly beneficial for the janitorial staff. The Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser comes with features that make it a breeze to set up. For instance, its clear viewing windows allow you to check the amount of towels remaining at just a glance, without having to open up the entire unit. This reduces wastage of time that would have occurred, as is seen with the conventional installations.

Dolphin Excel Plastic Paper Towel Dispenser Review

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