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Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″

Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″

Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″

Compacting waste is an approach taken by commercial establishments to reduce the volume and size of the material by compressing and crushing it, which cuts down the frequency of the hauls, and in turn saves money. This is done in trash compactors. For instance, if the compactor container is half full, the compactor will smash the trash down, enabling you to add more garage into the bag until it gets completely full. Here’s the catch: due to the extreme pressures involved, not just any bag can be used. The ordinary trash bags will most likely end up bursting, getting punctured or tearing as they have not been designed to handle the extreme forces of the weights involved when carrying a compacted load of trash. Making the mistake of using the ordinary trash bag in the compactor will almost always result in spills, which will require more time to be taken to clean them up. This is not how you want things to go. Quality compactor bags that have been developed for the task are required. These are the likes of the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″. 

The compacting itself comes with various benefits. Firstly, less labour is required, as there won’t be the need to keep breaking up boxes as the employees struggle to fragment the waste into smaller bits to save on space. Compacting also reduces the collection costs by translating into a smaller number of trips. Thus, you get to make savings in the costs that go into transporting refuse to the waste disposal site. Features like the sealed nature of the container prevent unauthorised access to the waste, keeping prying eyes from viewing confidential contents- while there are compactors that come with steel security chutes that prevent any merchandise from being removed from the back door. It also keeps pests and scavengers out of the container, and establishments with enclosed/chute-fed compactors take away the need for their staff to keep taking out the refuse. The very nature of the structure prevents trash from being blown by wind, while the sealed compaction reduces odours. For commercial establishments, you also get to save on the parking space available outside due to the reduced number of trash cans on the premises. This system of waste disposal is used across the board, by retail stores, industrial setups and warehouses, in supermarkets, hospitals, malls and restaurants, to nursing homes and grocery stores. They handle different types of waste, such as the dry waste like mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, plastics and the like that are usually disposed of in stationary compactors, and wet waste- including food material, and medical waste that are usually held in self-contained and liquid-tight compactors. Whichever the case, you want to deal with compactor bags that can handle this mode of waste disposal, which is why units like the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″ have been developed. 

Heavy-duty garbage bag

The Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″ has been designed to withstand the forces of the compaction process, ensuring that the waste has been securely held in them without the material tearing. Additionally, with its large volume, more waste gets to be held in the bag, and the 45-micron unit will withstand the weight of the components. That way you won’t have to worry about the bag ripping when the trash is being collected and pouring its contents all over the premises. This contributes to making it a sanitary mode of waste disposal. 

With the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″, you get to meet the waste management needs of your premises without putting Mother Nature at risk. This product is 100% degradable. When disposed of at the landfills and other waste sites, the exposure to the elements, heat and aspects such as UV radiation cause it to get degraded in totality. This, in turn, exposes the components that had been held within it to the same forces and elements, which accelerates their degradation. This is as opposed to the conventional plastic bags that lock in the waste for years due to their nature of persisting in the environment, where some bags can last even for centuries. In fact, one of the factors that contribute to the growth of landfills is the plastic bags that keep piling up in them. That will not be a concern with this unit. The degradation process also enables the organic matter that had been disposed of in the Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″ to be released into the environment, positively impacting on it. 

Cost benefits

The more trash pick-ups that a business requires, the greater that the cost will be. Thus, reducing the volume of the waste is a straightforward way of cutting down the expenditure that is incurred on waste disposal. Look at it this way: the compaction ratios usually rage at 3 to 1, while there are situations where it can go as high as 6 to 1, especially when dealing with the waste streams that are more easily consolidated. Basically, with a 3 to 1 compaction ratio, it means that if you were having the waste filling the bins and being disposed of thrice in a specific time period, this can be reduced to just once.  This also means that you won’t have to keep dealing with the garbage trucks on your property, and or have lots of trash bins being set up on the parking lot. This translates to less disturbance, plus reduced wear and tear on the premises that is associated with the on-site collection trucks. You also save on the labour costs that go into the waste management process. The Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″ adds to these savings with its budget-friendly price tag and economical packaging of 200 bags per box. This allows you to stock up the product in bulk, and the long shelf life of each unit ensures that you have sufficient supply to meet your waste disposal needs.

Degradable Clear Compactor Bag 26″ x 44″

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