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How to deal with Pet Scratches on Wood Floors

How to deal with Pet Scratches on Wood Floors

How to deal with Pet Scratches on Wood Floors

You love your pets, they are part of your family. They may share your home and move around freely and totally unrestricted. If you have wood floors this can pose a problem. It is important to ensure your pets nails are kept trimmed to avoid scratching the floor. If your wood floors have become scratched by your beloved pets then you can take action to remedy this. If the scratches are not deep then your wood floor can be restored by applying a fresh coat of wood floor polish or a wood floor refresher. We will walk you through it.

If you have varnished floors:

Hoover the floor and ensure all dirt and dust has been removed. Next you should clean the floor with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner using either a microfibre cleaning pad or the Bona Spray Mop. Ensure the floor is clean and dry. Apply Bona Floor Polish, carefully following the application instructions. The wood floor polish will repair small, superficial scratches, restore the shine and increase the protection. For deeper scratches you should consult a professional floor sanding company for advice, you will not be able to mask deep scratches with polish and may need to have the floor refinished.

If you have Oiled Floors:

Oiled floors should be treated with wood floor products which were specifically designed for oiled wood floors. Hoover the floors to remove any dirt, dust and debris. Clean the floor with Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors using a microfibre pad. Ensure floor is clean and dry. Apply Bona Oil Refresher using a microfibre pad, follow the instructions for best results. If the scratches are still visible you can lightly sand the floor with fine sandpaper however to avoid causing damage we would suggest that you contact a professional.

The great thing about wood floors is that however scratched they may become they can easily be repaired and restored to look like new again. To avoid unnecessary expense do make sure to keep your pets nails cut short and keep your wood floors looking great for longer.

Bona are the world leaders in premium wood care products. They have been designing wood floor care products for decades, their products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. When you use Bona you know you are using a trusted brand who love wood floors as much as you do.

At we stock only the highest quality cleaning and maintenance products. We selected Bona as we know they offer high quality, highly efficient products which will clean, care and protect your beautiful wood floors.

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How to deal with Pet Scratches on Wood Floors

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