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Craftex Top Grade Powder

Craftex Top Grade Powder

Craftex Top Grade Powder

This is a professional product for professionals. A high quality cleaning powder suitable for carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and curtain cleaning. It has fantastic stain removal powder. Effectively cleans all types of carpets and deodorises leaving a lemon fragrance. This powder needs to be diluted and with a dilution ratio of 1-500 you can be guaranteed that this product will go a long way.

Craftex Top Grade Powder – How to use it?

This product should be used in conjunction with a water extraction carpet cleaning system. Can be used with warm or cold water but for best results warm water should be used. You should mix the product with water in a bucket and then add to the solution tank on your machine, this will ensure that the product is fully dissolved before use. Follow dilution guidelines to avoid overuse of the product which will only result in wastage. Incorrect dilution will result in sticky carpets and will not increase the stain removal power of the product. For best results stick to the instructions.

Craftex Top Grade Powder – Dilution

This powder has a very high dilution ratio and that is one of the reasons that it is such a popular product. For 50L of carpet cleaning solution you will need only 2-3 scoops of Craftex Top Grade Powder. You will achieve great results but it will cost you less and increase your profit margins. The dilution ratio should be respected to avoid unnecessary waste and to avoid leaving a sticky residue on the carpets. Mix the product correctly for best results. Overuse will not increase the products performance, it will just waste your money.

The hot water extraction system is very effective for carpet cleaning and it is the method which is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. If you are a professional using the hot water extraction system you will know that you are helping your clients to keep their carpets clean, fresh and bacteria free and extending the life of their carpets. You should choose the most cost efficient products which offer excellent stain removal power while also being eco-friendly, non toxic and completely safe for use in domestic properties. Craftex Top Grade Powder is one of these products. Craftex have a great reputation for producing excellent products for professional use. Using Craftex products will help you gain a reputation for providing a high quality service at a reasonable price and you will make a decent profit for yourself in the process, that is what business is all about after all.

Work smarter, not harder. Buy efficient products, lessen your workload and increase your profits. Craftex Top Grade Powder, buy online at today.

Craftex Top Grade Powder

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