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Craftex Rinse Aid

Craftex Rinse Aid

Craftex Rinse Aid


  • A non-ionic low foam product to be used in automatic dishwashers

  • Highly concentrated, highly effective and very reasonable price

  • Dilute 10 ML/ 1L for sparkling glassware, cutlery and crockery

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial, industrial and domestic use

  • Compatible with all automatic dishwashing machines from all brands

  • It will not leave any residue, it will not foam and it contains no perfume

  • Available in 5 L bottles, light blue colour, professional use


Craftex Rinse Aid – Where to use


Achieving a streak free spotless finish on glasses is not easy at all. Water contains a lot of salts and minerals that are likely to leave some kind of residue and streaks on glass. You can prevent that from happening by adding Craftex Rinse Aid to your glass washing machines. The product will neutralise all salts and minerals and will help dry the glass faster. Your cutlery & crockery will also benefit greatly from Craftex Rinse Aid . Bear in mind that this product is highly concentrated and it requires a dilution of 10 ML per 1L of water before use. The ideal product for bars, restaurants, pubs, canteens, public kitchen, commercial kitchens and all places where glasses are washed with automatic systems.


Craftex Rinse Aid – How to use


Most automatic glass washing machines are fitted with a special solution tank for rinse aid. Just add Craftex Rinse Aid in that particular tank and the machine will do the rest. You will notice superb results after only one wash. Glasses will look better, will dry faster and there will be no mineral or salt stains left behind. Craftex Rinse Aid is very well priced and very long lasting. To fully appreciate it, you need to use it. By using professional quality products you save in the long run.


Craftex Rinse Aid