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Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder is a high quality professional carpet cleaning product for use by carpet cleaning specialists. It is a high performing product with excellent stain removal power, definitely a product to have in your van. It has a low PH so is pretty much a universal carpet cleaning product suitable for use on most types of carpets and upholsteries. It is in powder form and has a very high dilution ratio of 1-500, one 5kg bucket of Craftex Premium Clean would be enough to clean up to 100 standard sized houses, it is an excellent choice just for its cost efficiency. You can make a decent profit with this 5kg bucket.

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder – Where to Use

This carpet cleaning product can be used on most types of carpets and fabrics. Apart from carpets, Craftex Premium Clean Powder can be used for deep cleaning mattresses, rugs, curtains, sofas and upholstery. It will effectively remove dirt and stains. If the area is badly stained a pre spray should be done about 20 minutes before cleaning.

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder – How to Use

Craftex Premium Clean was designed for use with hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems. The hot water extraction carpet cleaning system is the most widely used due to its excellent cleaning and stain removal power. It is also the carpet cleaning system which is recommended by most carpet manufacturers. Provided this carpet cleaning system is used by a carpet cleaning expert with high quality products carpet manufacturers advise that it is the best method to keep carpets clean, fresh and bacteria free and to help extend the life of  carpets. Maintenance is the key to longevity.

Craftex Premium Clean should be mixed with warm water in a bucket and added to the solution tank of the carpet cleaning machine. Doing so will ensure that the product is fully dissolved. If you add it directly to the solution tank it may not fully dissolve and could cause a blockage in the tank or may not be as effective as it should be. Use the correct dilution ratio for best results. More product will not increase the power of the product but may leave the carpets sticky so stick to the guidelines. If a pre-spray is required for very dirty areas Craftex Powdered Enzyme Pre-spray is the best product for you to use in conjunction with Premium Clean. Great stain removal power = happy customers.

Craftex Premium Clean is for use by professional carpet cleaners. It was not designed for use by homeowners, it needs to be used with professional carpet cleaning machines. If you have always used liquids for carpet cleaning you may be unsure about how effective a powder cleaner could be but we guarantee that once you try Craftex Premium Clean you will be converted. It is an excellent product. It provides great results, it will cost you very little and increase your profit margins. Spend less, work less, achieve more with Craftex Premium Clean. At we stock the full range of Craftex products. If you are a well established business looking for something better or if you are a startup looking for the best products to help you make your mark on the carpet cleaning market then Craftex are for you. We are here to help and advise, we know what these products can do, we have tried and tested them all. We can advise which products work where and what you should have in your van to offer the best possible service to your customers.

If you need Craftex carpet cleaning products come to, quality products, sound advice.

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder

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