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Craftex Multisolv

Craftex Multisolv


Craftex Multisolv is a high quality professional spot treatment and stain remover designed for use by professional carpet cleaning companies. Craftex Multisolv is a solvent based cleaner which can also be used for pre-treating badly stained carpeted areas. It has a high dilution ratio so is a very cost efficient carpet cleaning product. Craftex Multisolv has excellent stain removal power and is a product which needs to be tried to be fully appreciated. If carpet cleaning powders do not appeal to you then Craftex Multisolv surely will. Once you try it you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Craftex Multisolv is suitable for use with hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems. A must for any carpet cleaning professional.

Craftex Multisolv – Where to Use

Craftex Multisolv is a very popular product within the carpet cleaning industry for very good reason. It can be used effectively on most types of carpets, upholsteries, sofas, rugs and mattresses as a stain and spot remover or as a pre-treatment on badly stained areas. It is very fast acting and has excellent stain removal power. If used as a pre-treatment it will boost the power of your carpet cleaning detergent.   Craftex Multisolv is an excellent product for deep cleaning vinyl floors also. Pre-testing on all surfaces recommended prior to use to ensure compatibility.

Craftex Multisolv – How to Use

Craftex Multisolv can be used for spot and stain removal on commercial and domestic carpets. No special training is required however this product IS recommended for use by professionals. Craftex Multisolv requires dilution.  The dilution ratio will vary depending on the level of soiling, 1-20 for heavy soiling or 1-50 for medium soiling or for an all over pre-spray. You should allow 10 minutes for the product to work and then scrub the whole area with a brush or buff with a low speed buffer and a soft brush. Proceed to clean the carpets as normal using a hot water extraction system and Craftex carpet cleaning products for best results.

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning system is the most widely used as it is recommended by carpet manufacturers as the best carpet cleaning method to keep carpets clean and fresh and to help extend their life. Craftex products have been developed for use with all water extraction carpet cleaning systems. Water extraction systems used in conjuction with Craftex amazing stain removal products will clean deep into the carpet fibres and remove all the dirt, dust and bacteria while also removing stubborn surface stains. A deep and thorough clean that you can be proud of guaranteed. If you offer professional carpet cleaning services then you should definitely be using Craftex products. The efficiency of Craftex products will make your life easier. The price of Craftex products will make you richer. Spend less, work less, achieve more with Craftex. Buy online from for fast delivery to your business. Start saving time and money now!

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