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CRAFTEX – High quality, professional carpet cleaning products

CRAFTEX – High quality, professional carpet cleaning products

CRAFTEX – High quality, professional carpet cleaning products

Craftex are a UK manufacturer of floor and surface cleaning products. They have been producing high quality, highly efficient products for almost 4 decades.  They are well renowned for their innovative and highly effective products and machinery. Craftex products have been developed by professionals for professionals. Their carpet cleaning products in particular are without doubt some of the best on the market and a must have for any carpet cleaning contractor. Craftex products offer outstanding stain removal power and superb value for money, two very important things for professional carpet cleaners. By using Craftex products you will keep your customers happy by providing an excellent service and affordable prices. Craftex have a wide range of products from spot removers, shampoos to stain guards, all stocked by and delivered to carpet cleaning contractors all over Ireland.


Some of the most popular Craftex products for professionals are:-

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder 5kg

This is a top class product and very popular on the market with good reason. It is a highly concentrated super efficient carpet cleaning product, one bucket of powder should clean 100 standard sized houses. It has a high dilution ratio of 1 to 500. A low foam carpet cleaner with great stain and spot removing power. It is a gentle, low ph cleaner so is suitable for use on most carpet fabrics, can also be used effectively on rugs, mattresses and sofas. For badly stained areas a pre-spray will be required to ensure maximum stain removal. This product is for use with a carpet cleaning machine, it is a professional product for professionals.

Craftex Carpet Protector 5L

This is a highly effective stain guard which acts as a repellent and offers protection against spillages, stains and general dirt build ups. This product is for professional carpet cleaners. It can be used on most types of carpet and upholstery surfaces which are suitable for wet-washing, compatibility test should be done before use.  It is suitable for carpeted areas in commercial and domestic properties and once applied can provide stain protection for up to 1 year, depending on traffic. It is a very effective product which requires no dilution, it is ready to use and once applied will prevent dirt from building up on your carpet.

Craftex Ecotex Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 1L

A 100% natural carpet cleaning product suitable for commercial and domestic carpet cleaning. Can be used diluted or undiluted depending on the level of staining. Will effectively remove dirt and stains from carpets, rugs, sofas and upholstery without leaving any residue or fragrance, patch testing recommended. Suitable for use with all water extraction carpet cleaning systems.

Craftex E-Line Carpet Cleaning Shampoo 5L

A highly effective carpet cleaning shampoo suitable for use with hot or cold water extraction systems. A high performing product which has excellent stain removal power. It is fast acting and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Use diluted at a ratio of 1 to 50 for best results. Can be used on commercial or domestic carpets. If carpet powders are not your thing then this is the product for you.  It is low foam and will dissolve dirt instantly. Eliminates dirt and stains and deodorises in one easy step.

We stock a wide range of Craftex products, all available to order online for fast delivery to your business anywhere in Ireland. Visit for more information on our range of Craftex products. You can call or email us with any queries.

CRAFTEX – High quality, professional carpet cleaning products

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