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Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer

Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer

Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer


  • Premium quality deodorisers with a pleasant apple perfume

  • Suitable for removing bad odours and deodorising surfaces

  • Safe to use on all wet washable surfaces, carpets, fabrics, etc

  • PH 6.75, ready to use, non allergic, safe, cost effective, reasonably priced

  • Removes vomit, urine, pet, food, damp, old & smoke odours

  • Removes the odour and neutralises the source of it

  • Highly recommended for domestic and commercial projects


Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer – Where to use


A very pleasant and very natural odour neutraliser and surface deodoriser. It can be used for day to day deodorising projects or for removing badly affected areas. The product can be used on carpets, fabrics, rugs, curtains & all wet washable surfaces. It will not stain and it will not react with other cleaning products. A professional deodoriser for the professional cleaning industry. It can be used to deodorise clothes as well. Unlike some other types of odour neutralisers, the new Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer is safe for use around your pets.


Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer – How to use


Clean the area well and then spray generously. Do not over soak fabrics and carpets. It can be used for daily deodorising and refreshing or it can be used for neutralising bad odours. The product will identify the source of the bad odour and it will eliminate it. It will provide outstanding results on pet urine odours.


Do not waste your money on cheap and inefficient odour neutralisers. Try the Craftex range of deodorisers and heavy duty odour neutralisers. Top of the range products for very reasonable prices. All Craftex air fresheners and surface deodorisers are labelled as eco and safe. It can be added to most cleaning solutions.


Craftex Apple Odour Kill Sprayer