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 Cobweb Duster

 Cobweb Duster

 Cobweb Duster


-made from materials designed to attach to cobwebs for easy removal

-very flexible head that can bend and shape to fit into tight spaces

-it works with an extension handle for easy reach in narrow areas

-built from long lasting high quality materials for long durability

-it will increase work speed and will reduce the need for ladders

-this product is very reasonable priced and very long lasting


Cobweb Duster – Where to use

This tool was designed for dusting hard to reach areas and to avoid using ladders. You can use a cobweb duster to remove dust from pipes, architrave, high walls, lights, etc. It will allow you to work faster and much more time and cost efficiently. Highly recommended for daily office cleaning and once off house cleaning companies. The cobweb duster is also suitable to use on warehouse walls & fittings, factories, etc.


Cobweb Duster – How to use

The standard cobweb duster is fitted with a special handle which can be attached to a telescopic extension pole that will enable you to reach up to 20 feet high. The head of the cobweb duster can be bent and shaped to easily fit between pipes, on top of pipes, tops of the picture frames, high walls, lights, etc. The cobweb duster can be used to collect dust from heaters, window frames, door frames, etc. A very handy tool.


Cobweb Duster – Safety

Care should be taken around electricity wiring and loose cables when using the aluminum handle and extension pole


Cobweb Duster – Recommendation

Many companies still use high ladders to dust or clean high and hard to reach places. Besides the fact that the old system is very slow and inefficient, it can also expose your staff to fall risks. Avoid all this and increase your work productivity by using a professional cobweb duster. Jobs that used to take hours can be completed in minutes. Order your cobweb duster today and make your life easier, remove dust and cobwebs with ease and without the hassle of using a ladder. If you are a domestic customer looking for a tool to reach high and clean all those hard to reach areas, please try a cobweb duster now.


Cobweb Duster – the easiest way of removing dust from hard to reach areas!