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Sofa Cleaning Dublin


Sofa Cleaning Dublin

We specialize in domestic sofa cleaning and commercial sofa cleaning.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Services For You

1 seat sofa 20€ 2 seat sofa 40€ 3 seat sofa 60€ L shape sofa 75€

The sofa is the focal point of the home. It's where you enjoy your morning coffee, or sit back to relax after a long day at the office. You cuddle up with your date on it, or gather around with your family to spend some quality time together, tell stories, or watch a movie. Your favourite sofa is where you have those late night snacks as you binge watch the latest TV show that everyone’s been talking about, or curl up to read a novel. You spend plenty of time on the sofa, and there's lots of grime and germs dwelling in it. Is it feeling stale? Perhaps you're hesitant to rest your head on its cushions because of the dirt spots, or odour that's emanating from it. You want to be able to enjoy using your sofa. You don't want your guests coming over and asking if it's safe to sit on. Calling in the sofa cleaning professionals to restore the health and cleanliness of your furniture.

A similar scenario is witnessed in commercial settings. Sofas in offices provide extra sitting space for customers, and give you a comfortable place to relax during your coffee or lunch break. They are used all over, from waiting rooms and executive suites, to employee lounges. You want an inviting ambience that will draw your clients and help them feel relaxed and refreshed. Get the experts to handle your sofa cleaning needs.

The Importance Of Professional Sofa Cleaning
A single piece of dust can harbour pet dander, dead skin and even pieces of dead cockroaches. Do your eyes get red, itchy or watery each time you're on the sofa? The dust is probably the cause. It also causes sneezing, plus gives you a runny, itchy and stuffy nose. Cockroach saliva, waste and body fragments are all allergy triggers. They stick to the fibres of the furniture and will require thorough sofa cleaning processes to remove.

Your health and that of anyone else using the sofa is on the line. That soft and comfortable sofa can be harbouring billon of microbes. The bacteria and viruses grow and thrive in its warm and conducive environment. They come from the dirt settling on the sofa, decaying food and organic material like skin flakes. Even your remote is a cause. It’s handled by everyone, gets dropped onto the floor, coughed on, sneezed at, and then occasionally stuffed in between the sofa cushions. The pathogens end up being transferred to the sofa's fabric. Common organisms living in sofas include the Staphylococcus bacteria, which causes a wide range of health issues from impetigo and cellulitis, to stomach upsets, and pneumonia. Pseudomonas infections result in irritation, bacterial keratitis (eye infection), plus headache, fevers, and ear infections. It's vital that you get sofa cleaning services regularly to protect the persons in the premises, especially if a family member was sick, or you're in a high risk area like a health centre.

The microbes survive on the sofa for long. The influenza virus can persist for several hours, while the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) can stick on for as long as 3 months. In the course of this time, your family members at home, or visitors and employees in your business premises, will no doubt use the sofa, hence get infected. Pseudomonas bacteria can survive under harsh conditions, which necessitates the need for tough sofa cleaning products. The microbes will lay dormant until they are picked up by a suitable host. Eliminate them using sofa cleaning services.

What's In Your Sofa?

1. Food residue
People enjoy snacking on sofas, from the chocolate, spaghetti and pizza as you hang out with friends, to those midnight snacks as you're glued to a thrilling blockbuster. Your lunch break at the office is a perfect time to order a tasty dish to be brought up to our office, for you to enjoy on the sofa. Parents give their kids tasty snack bars to relax them in waiting areas as they wait for services to be rendered. In all the cases, food residue drops onto the sofa. It ranges from crumbs, to spills and smudges. They cause stains and mess up the look of the sofa. As they decay, odours start to develop, that can spread through the entire establishment.

2. Dust mites
Where there is dust, dust mites will gather. There are plenty on your sofa, and they are growing in numbers. These tiny creatures feed on the flakes of skin that people and pets on the sofa shed daily, and they thrive in warm and humid environments. You probably shed enough skin flakes a day to feed a million dust mites. Some of the mites will die after a while, and the living ones will continue leaving behind faeces and body fragments. The dead mites plus the organic residue left on the sofa can be inhaled, and cause irritation in your airway. It also causes skin irritation. They may be the reason why you can't watch the prime time news in peace, because you keep scratching yourself.

3. Mould
Humidity and warmth encourages mould to grow. The soft and absorbent fabric used to make sofas easily collects moisture that accelerates the growth. They can even be growing on the old food scraps and crumbs that got trapped in the sofa. The mould causes a couple of problems. First, it’s unsightly. You don't want your precious sofa covered in mould discolourations. Secondly, the mould spores released can get inhaled, triggering an asthma attack and immunologic reactions. Aspergillus versicolor is one of the common moulds found in furniture, and it irritates the eyes, nose and throat, and emits a musty odour. Once its gets into your body system, it continues to breed. Deep sofa cleaning will remove it and protect your household members at home, plus employees and customers at the workplace.

4. Smoke particles
Whether there has been a fire, or there are persons smoking within the premises, the particles will get into the sofa. Smoke tends to attach itself to any surface that can hold it, including leather and fabric. It clings to the sofa cushions and covers, and ruins your peace of mind. The lingering smell is so overwhelming that it's nearly impossible to use the sofa, and it's also difficult to sell or even give it away. An air freshener will mask the smell, but won't fix the problem. In addition cigarette smoke comes with a cocktail of toxins that are potent for hours or even days after it lands on the sofa, putting those who use it at risk. From lead that's associated with causing diminished IQ, cyanide that affects your blood's haemoglobin, to arsenic plus the cancer causing agents, the cigarette smoke in your sofa is a health hazard. Professional sofa cleaning will reach into the fabric and extract the smoke particles, restoring its freshness and natural feel.

5. Grease and oil
Taking fast food on the sofa is a common cause of grease stains. Grease may not directly affect your health, but it will trap dirt and germs that will. It will also make your sofa look unsightly. Grease and oil stains are an eye sore. The oil comes from the spills made on the sofa, your hair treatment, or even direct from your skin. The skin naturally secretes oil to keep it supple, but it gets rubbed onto the sofa each time you sit back to relax.

6. Pet dander
Your furry friend enjoys hopping onto the sofa to play, give you a lick, get a pat, or simply curl up beside you. However, pets shed fur and dander, which gets trapped in the sofa's fabric. Your cats or dogs may have been playing around in the yard and came onto your sofa with muddy paws. They may have even picked up fleas that they brought into the house, and ended up depositing in the fabric, which can then get transferred to other household members. You also have to deal with the occasional urine stains that are unsightly and create a pungent odour. In addition, cat allergens pose a risk of bronchial problems, while dog allergens can trigger asthma attacks. Fix these problems by calling in the sofa cleaning professionals.

7. Pollutants and chemicals
All those airborne chemical compounds in the premises eventually land on the sofa and get trapped in its fabric. Home cleaners and aerosols will leave their residues in the sofa. They will cause irritation especially in persons with sensitive skin. Even chemicals like paint and loose plastic particles will embed themselves in the fabric.
15 Benefits Of Hiring Professional Sofa Cleaning Services

1. Quick cleaning
No one likes a dingy looking sofa. Lounging on a dirty and grimy sofa is not fun. We'll take care of the messes, stains, and germs lurking in the sofa, and restore its beauty and sheen. From food crumbs to wine and coffee stains, spilled milk or soda, ink blots, and even stubborn spots like oil, sauce spills, and urine stains, we'll get rid of them all. We use tough cleaning solutions that provide quality results in a timely manner. Our sofa cleaning personnel removes the visible soiling and stains, to the hidden dirt and pet hair in the crevices. They’ll even get rid of the drawings your kids doodled on the sofa with permanent markers, or ball point pens, to express their master artwork. The sofa cleaning services cover different types of materials, from leather to fabrics like vinyl. We handle all kinds of sofas, from sectional sofa sets in living rooms, the classic cabriole sofas, the arched camelback sofa, contemporary or contoured chaise sofas popular in psychiatrist offices, the sturdy cane sofa sets used for both indoor and outdoor settings, the buttoned Chesterfield in libraries, the boxy and soft Lawson sofa sets, and daybed sofas used as couches by day and beds by night, to the English Roll Arm sofa with its fixed cushions, Bridgewater sofas, Lawson sofas in media rooms, the Sette love seat, plus the timeless and modern tuxedo sofa, and even the Mid-century tufted-back sofa.

2. Bug removal
The sofa cleaning personnel will eliminate the microscopic bugs like dust mites to the pesky cockroaches hiding out in the sofa. You don't want to be relaxing on your sofa one afternoon and a cockroach or a spider runs across your sleeve. Some people will brush off the bugs, others will try to kill them immediately, and there are those who will run out of the house screaming. The organic matter in the sofa (food residue, skin flakes etc.) attract all sorts of insects and pests. Some will stain the carpet, while others like moth larvae will eat right through the fabric. Sofa cleaning services will remove the residue and food particles that draw them, and get rid of the bugs themselves.

3. High quality machines and cleaning solutions
You are our business. We have invested in state-of-the-art sofa cleaning equipment to ensure we deliver professional results. The systems we employ will ensure maximum soiling removal and spot treatment without over-wetting your leather or fabric sofa, and also without leaving any residue behind. The team will give your sofa a new look, and deal efficiently with yeast, mould and bacteria. The cleaning solutions will cut through the grime, strip away the grease, and eliminate tough stains from spilled coffee, to mustard and wine on the sofa. Our personnel have worked with the vast range of materials used on sofas and other furniture, and can handle your particular needs, whether it’s fragile natural fibre or robust fabric. We clean everything from the delicate material like silk to the durable leather sofas. Since our team won't leave behind any residue, it will prevent pre-mature resoiling.

4. Quick drying time
You don’t want to have to keep away from your sitting room, or cordon off your entertainment areas for a whole day because of a wet sofa. You'll turn away clients from your business premises if they need to sit and rest, but the sofa has been sealed off for long as they wait for it to dry. It's downright irritating. Excess water usage is a common problem witnessed during DIY sofa cleaning. Too much moisture soaks into the fabric and padding, and prolongs the drying time. This adds to the risk of the fabric shrinking, or colour bleeding. It also creates an ideal environment for mould and mildew growth, which will stain the carpet and pose health risks to anyone spending time on the sofa. Avoid the risks. You also want to be able to resume using your sofa as soon as possible. The sofa cleaning team employs powerful suction to remove the bulk of moisture content from your furniture, and the remainder dries in 1 hour. This has the additional benefit of preventing mould and mildew growth, and reducing the rate of resoiling.

5. Natural products
Most off-the-shelf cleaning chemicals contain toxic chemicals. They will put your household members, employees and customers at risk. Children playing on or around the sofa will end up inhaling the chemical residue, while your furry friend sleeping or grooming on the furniture may ingest the chemicals. Our personnel use safe and eco-friendly sofa cleaning solutions to provide professional results, and remove the harmful particles residing in your sofa. The products and process are safe to use around kids and pets.

6. Enhance the ambience of your interior space
The sofa affects the look and feel of your home or office space. When it's dirty and stained, the décor is dull and unappealing. You may be in a business that sees a lot of human traffic, thus increasing the speed at which the sofa gets dirtied and stained. Perhaps you just bought a sofa in a yard sale, and want to spruce it up to improve the interior décor. You may have the desire to restore your sofa to the original new look and feel that it had in the store, which made you fall in love with it and buy it in the first place. Maybe you're a young couple who did everything to decorate your new home and create a sanctuary for yourselves, but after kids came into the picture there's now more food on the sofa than in the kitchen pantry. Professional sofa cleaning services removes the dirt and stains, and revitalises your sofa. You can proceed to invite guests over without feeling self-conscious or awkward about the state of your furnishings. You also portray an image of professionalism to the clients using your establishment. You only get one chance at a first impression, and the sofa cleaning experts will ensure that you give your customers a positive perception of your enterprise. It will show them the high level of attention that you pay to all details of your enterprise, making them more ready to buy your products or services.

7. Fresh and clean air in your premises
The high-strength sofa cleaning machines remove the loose particles, dust, dry contaminants and pollutants that would have ended up contaminating the air. This creates a healthier environment and gets rid of allergens, thus protecting your household members or the persons in your workplace.

8. Save your time and energy
Sofa cleaning is an intensive process. From the vacuuming, pre-treatment, spot and deep cleaning, all through to the drying process, a DIY job will take up your energy. You want to spend your weekends and days-off catching up with the new TV releases, watching the game, hanging out with your buddies, spending quality time with your family, or relaxing with your favourite book. Sofa cleaning will chomp off a huge section of your time. Then there's the additional risk of using the wrong cleaning products. Sofas come in different fabrics and fibres, and mistakes could ruin your investment. You don’t want your sofa to shrink or colour bleed. Taking wrong steps like trying to dry your leather sofa with a heat gun or hair dryer will cause it to crack. Avoid all the risk and hassle, and let the sofa cleaning experts take the load off your back. Our personnel come with years of experience and knowledge in handling the different types of material, and know the most appropriate treatment methods for your particular sofa. They'll use products that are tough on the dirt and stains, but gentle on the fabric. In the office, you will also save valuable time by allowing your employees to focus on their work instead of cleaning the sofa.

9. Protect your sofa
You invested a lot in your sofa, and you want to enjoy it for long. Dirt and grime can wear down the fibres. Each time to site back to relax, you grind them against the sofa's material. In addition, the food crumbs trapped in the sofa are a magnet for pets and rodents. The mice will come out under the cover of the night to feast on the food residue, and may end up chewing off sections of your sofa. They’ll claw at the fabrics in a bid to get to the juicy salad stuck between the cushions, and you’ll be forced to incur hefty costs for replacement or repair. The waste matter left behind by the rodents and insects like pests corrode the material, reducing its structural integrity. Professional sofa cleaning services enable you to avoid all these, by getting rid of the problem from the source. The personnel eliminate the gritty soiling, and get rid of the food left overs that are attracting the destructive creatures. They even deodorise your furnishings such as leather sofas, to moisturise them and enable them to retain their soft and supple feel.

10. All round cleaning
The sofa cleaning services cover all types of furniture, from the fabric and synthetic material sofas, to the leather sofas. The cleaning solutions used are certified and specially formulated for the different types of material. The sofa cleaning team can also handle other upholstery, and even beddings in your home. They'll remove the soiling, bugs and bed mites in the mattresses, box springs, pillows and even the curtains.

11. Increase the resale value of your sofa
You may be looking to sell your sofa as you move out of your home. Perhaps you're a realtor looking to make a sale of a fully furnished apartment. Sofa cleaning will make it more appealing and bring out a touch of sophistication and grandiose, enabling you to fetch a higher price on the sofa itself, or the entire property.

12. Comfort
You want to be able to enjoy your sofa. The dirt, dust and odours prevent you from doing so. You’ll be pensive about resting your head on the cushion because of the dark soiled spots on the material. The unsightly stains exasperate you each time you walk into your home. The dirt makes it look aged, and reduces the elegance of your establishment. Customers resting on the sofas at the waiting areas end up coughing and scratching themselves. They'd rather stand than sit on the sofa with blemishes and spots, as they don't know what will cling onto their clothing, or if they'll catch an illness. Sofa cleaning professionals prevent this from happening. They transform a dirty and dingy sofa to a marvel that's great to the eyes, and soft to the touch. You'll see, feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned sofa.

13. Mental health benefits
Sofa cleaning also has positive effect on your mind, which will have tremendous impact on your day-to-day life. These include:

· Bosting productivity
Dirty and grimy sofas inhibit a person's ability to focus on the task at hand, whether it's preparing a proposal at home to present the following day, or engaging with your clients at the office. It overloads the visual cortex and interferes with the brain’s ability to process information. It basically puts your off, and you spend more time than is required performing your tasks. Sofa cleaning will remove the distraction and enable you to be more efficient at home, and allow your employees in your business to focus, which will have a positive impact on the balance sheet at the end of the financial year.

· You get to eat better.
Cluttered and stained sofas are stressful. When you get stressed, your body produces cortisol. You end up picking chocolate bars over your daily balanced diet. You munch away at the snacks more often when you're in a messy environment. Many people snack while under duress. The comfort foods result in overeating, leading to unhealthy lifestyles. The sofa cleaning takes away the source of the distress. You'll be calmer, and won't result to stress-eating.

· Improve your relationships
First, you don't want to invite your date over for the first night together, only for the individual to be greeted by a dirty and soiled sofa. Where will you relax and have a good time? Dirty environments create tension and conflict. You may have been a couple for years, but ended up creating physical and emotional boundaries due to the shame and embarrassment of living a life with disorganisation and messes. A similar situation is witnessed in professional relationships. You don’t want to reschedule appointments with your clients or investors simply because they'll walk in to see your sofa in a sorry state. Sofa cleaning will keep your space neat and tidy, and you’ll be bolder and more receptive. You won't keep postponing dates at home or appointments at your workplace.

· Reduce depression
People living and working in conditions that are restful and restorative are less likely to develop fatigue and depression. Dirty and grimy sofas can take a toll on your mood and health, which also affects your decision making processes. Live a more relaxed life by letting the sofa cleaning professions take away the source of your stress and anxiety. Less stress also means that you sleep better. You get through your job at the office easily, and won't bring your workload of paying bills and writing emails to your bedroom. You get a good night's sleep, which improves your overall quality of life.

14. Friendly staff
Our goal is to ensure you're satisfied. Our sofa cleaning personnel have been trained and will handle the task with professionalism and decorum. We’ll show up on time, and communicate avidly with you throughout the service experience. You'll be updated on the progress, meaning that when your sofa is ready, you'll know it immediately. Our processes are timely and convenient, and you won't be forced to postpone your other plans because of delays in the sofa cleaning. We also lighten the atmosphere with a friendly approach and care while on your property. We will serve you in the most courteous manner possible. Our reputation, recommendations and customer reviews are testament of our quality of service delivery. Our sofa cleaning team ensures that you understand and are well versed with the cleaning processes that will be used, and address any concerns that you may have. We'll spot problems that may be facing your furniture, and recommended solutions, to prevent you from incurring high repair and replacement costs down the road. In addition to the cleaning, we'll give you advice on how to better take care of your furniture, to keep it cleaner and retain its structural integrity for longer.

15. Affordable prices
You get clean sofas without denting your wallet. We enable you to make savings without compromising on the sofa cleaning results. Our prices are competitive, and the final cost is determined by your particular needs such as the seat-number of your sofa set, and the type of materials. In addition, regular sofa cleaning keeps it in excellent condition, enabling you to get the most out of every piece in the set.

Tips To Maintain Your Sofa In Between Cleaning Sessions

· Allow proper ventilation through the premises, whether it’s at home or the reception area in your office building. Keep the air flowing to prevent dampness that can lead to the growth of mould, and thriving of organisms like dust mites. You can also use a dehumidifier or air conditioner.

· Vacuum or dust the sofa regularly.

· Avoid exposing your sofa to direct sunlight for extended periods, as it can cause the fabric to fade.

· Avoid placing your sofa close to sources heat such as radiators or fireplaces. This can cause the material, especially for leather sofas, to crack.

· Book regular sofa cleaning sessions. This depends on the frequency of usage. For typical homes, it should be done monthly. Commercial premises and houses with pets will require more frequent cleaning sessions.

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