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Sofa Cleaning Dublin


Our company specialise in sofa cleaning, leather sofa cleaning and commercial upholstery cleaning. -fabric sofa cleaning dublin -leather sofa cleaning dublin -regular sofa cleaning dublin -once off sofa cleaning dublin All our sofa cleaning services are fully insured


Sofa Cleaning Dublin

Most people spend a lot of time on their sofas. We spend family time relaxing, watching tv, sometimes even sleeping and eating on our sofas, it is the heart of many peoples’ homes. So, your sofa gets a lot of use and with use comes dirt, dust and stains. At some point, your sofa will require a deep sofa cleaning service to clean and refresh. Spot treatments and light cushion cleaning can be done without complicated equipment, but the arms and the base of the sofa cannot be cleaned without the use of professional sofa cleaning equipment.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Types of sofa cleaning
Any type of sofa can be cleaned but different cleaning techniques need to be used to remove different types of stains. While fabric sofas can be cleaned with a hot water extraction system, leather sofas need to be deep cleaned without moisture. Some sofas can be safely and successfully steam cleaned while others cannot be cleaned with hot water due to the risk of shrinking, it depends upon the fabric of the sofa. There are two main ways of deep cleaning fabric sofas, one is the hot water extraction method and the other is a dry sofa cleaning. Both as efficient but both different. Some people don’t even want to hear of dry sofa cleaning while other people love it. The extraction sofa cleaning system will use hot water in conjunction with a high pressure pump. The machine will spray high pressure mist mixed with a sofa cleaning shampoo and then it will extract all the moisture by using two very powerful extraction motors. The impact of the water, the heat and the fast acting detergent, are usually powerful enough to remove most types of dirt. Pre spot treatment might be required on some sofas. Dry sofa cleaning works a bit different than wet sofa cleaning system. A foam will be used as a detergent and a system of brushes plus some type of extraction system. The benefit of using dry sofa cleaning systems is the fact that the sofa will dry in minutes.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Leather Sofa Cleaning
A leather sofa will require much more delicate cleaning systems and of course, specific leather cleaning products. Our company will pre spray the whole sofa with a special enzyme breaker pre spray and then we will lightly scrub the sofa with special microfiber cloths. After the sofa is dry and clean, we will apply a special conditioner. We will buff the sofa surface with the leather conditioner and a special shining pad. The sofa will look clean and spotless. By regularly maintaining your leather sofa with a conditioner, you will soften the leather and you will prolong the life of your sofa. All our leather sofa cleaning products are eco friendly and very gentle. We buy all leather sofa cleaning products from

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Prices
There are different types of sofas and the price can be increased or decreased if the sofa is very small or very big, if it is clean or very dirty or if it requires special treatments or not. We charge the same price for fabric sofa cleaning or leather sofa cleaning:
1 seat sofa cleaning – 20€
2 seat sofa cleaning – 40€
3 seat sofa cleaning – 60€
4 seat sofa cleaning – 80€
L Shape sofa cleaning – 75€
All our prices include VAT and all the materials required to deep clean the sofas. We will clean your sofa in your own home.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – How to book us
If you go to you can click on the book online button, you can call us over the phone, you can use our email to email us or you can use our online chat to tell us what would you like done and when. On our contact page you will find a free phone line available to all our customers. If you decide to book online, please describe your sofa and the type of treatment it might require. We need to come to your property fully prepared.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Our sofa cleaning products
Our company uses only top of the range sofa cleaning products that will ensure easy removal of any type of dirt without damaging the sofa surface in any way. We will use Evans Extract Sofa Cleaner to deep clean any type of fabric sofa and we will use Craftex Leather Cleaner & Conditioner or Prochem Leather Cleaner for leather sofas. These sofa cleaning products were designed specifically for sofa cleaning and deep clean without leaving any residue on your sofa.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Drying time
The drying time will vary and will be determined by the type of sofa, the material that it is made of and by the ventilation. We guarantee 1 to 4 hours drying time for any type of sofa cleaning, but places with little or no ventilation might require longer time. Leather sofa cleaning is dry sofa cleaning so it will dry instantly. Sofas made from velvet or other types of very absorbent materials will absorb much more moisture and will dry slower.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Our specialists
We understand how important your sofa is to you and we understand that you will expect that only fully trained sofa cleaning specialists will touch your sofa. We can guarantee that all our lads are fully trained and well experienced. Over the years we have cleaned thousands of sofas with a rate of complaint of under 1%.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Our customers
Our company deals with many types of sofa cleaning customers. We deal with a huge number of domestic sofa cleaning customers, many pubs, restaurants, nursing homes, shops, etc. Our sofa cleaning services are highly regarded. We offer fast booking, quality services and superb quality customer service. We have special prices for our regular customers and we can offer great discounts to people with 5+ sofas.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Insurance
Our price includes full protection for your sofa. We are fully insured to undertake any type of commercial or domestic sofa cleaning contracts. In the unlikely event that damage is caused to your sofa, you will be fully compensated for any loss. If you require a copy of our insurance cert please email us and we will provide you with any information you might require.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Covered area
Our sofa cleaning company covers the whole County Dublin. Some areas outside Dublin might have a fuel surcharge added to the costs. We also cover some parts of Co Meath, some parts of Co Kildare and some parts of Co Wicklow. If you need to find out if we do sofa cleaning in your area please visit our website or give us a call.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – How long does it take?
To deep clean a 2 seat sofa it should take about 1 hour. If the sofa is badly stained and requires much more cleaning than normal, it will take a bit longer. We can deep clean a set of furniture 3 + 2 + 1 in about 1.5 hours.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Opening times
We understand that some commercial sofa cleaning jobs cannot be completed at normal office hours so it is for this reason that our company is open 24/7. We clean sofas over night, over weekends and over bank holidays. If you require sofa cleaning at unsuitable times, please give us a call in good time. Our office is open standard office hours.
We hope that you have all the information required to book our sofa cleaning service. You will receive outstanding sofa cleaning services and you will be treated with respect by our sofa cleaning specialists. Our sofa cleaning prices are clear and we believe that we provide a brilliant service for our fee. We are the real specialists in sofa cleaning and we can contract any type of sofa cleaning in any number. Call us for free and tell us more about your sofa cleaning project. Why not become our regular sofa cleaning customer and receive better prices, faster booking times and credit terms?

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Our company specialise in sofa cleaning, leather sofa cleaning and commercial upholstery cleaning.

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All our sofa cleaning services are fully insured