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Mattress Cleaning Dublin


Mattress Cleaning Dublin

To clean or not to clean a badly stained mattress? Well it depends on how expensive that mattress was. Some mattresses can cost up to 2k, or more, and a deep mattress cleaning job should cost somewhere around 50€. No mattress cleaning company in the world can guarantee 100% stain removal. Some stains cannot be removed from the surface of your mattress. Some stains can permanently discolour the mattress or if left too long untreated can burn into the mattress fibres and become un-removable. We can sanitise the mattress to get rid of all dirt, bacteria and dust mites, but we might not be able to remove all the stains.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Why clean a mattress
You spend half of your life on your mattress, it is your haven. Unfortunately it can also be a haven for some other unwanted guests, dirt, bacteria, stains, mites and dust. You should regularly hoover your mattress to remove dirt particles, dust and mites but once in a while it is highly recommended that you hire a professional mattress cleaning company to deep clean and sanitise your mattress to remove bacteria and stains. A mattress is made to last but it can get dirty and stained. Even if some mattresses cannot be made look like new, they can be disinfected and sanitised.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Drying times
Mattress cleaning is not like carpet cleaning. Mattresses are much more absorbent than other materials. The drying time varies from mattress to mattress and from house to house. You should expect up to 24 hours drying time after each mattress cleaning.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin –Prices
We specialise in deep mattress cleaning services. Our prices are designed to combine high quality results and affordable rates. We charge 30€ for single mattress cleaning and 45€ for king size or double mattress cleaning. Bulk mattress cleaning can work out much cheaper if there are more than 10 mattresses to be cleaned. Give us a call with your requirements and we will work out the best price for you.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Our products
We understand that a mattress is the place where you sleep, relax and spend a good part of your life. This is why we have selected the best range of eco friendly mattress cleaning products. We use Evans Extract, a soft fibre cleaner from Evans brand. This superb mattress cleaning product is strong enough to remove most types of stains but soft enough not to be hazardous for your health. If you require more information about our mattress cleaning service please give us a call or email us.

Mattress Cleaning Services – Our machines
To extract all that dirt from your mattress, very powerful extraction machines need to be used. We have invested in some of the most powerful and efficient mattress cleaning equipment. Our machines are capable of injecting high pressure steam inside your mattress and then extract most of it out. The more powerful the extractor the more moisture that will come out and the mattress will dry faster.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Commercial mattress cleaning
We deal with a wide range of commercial mattress cleaning customers. We deal with hostels, old folk homes, nursing homes, hotels, etc. We are renowned for our easy booking system, fast replies and outstanding mattress cleaning services. We can offer you regular mattress cleaning services and discounted bulk prices. Give us a call now and let us offer you a deal that you can`t refuse.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Opening times
We are open most of the time and we can adapt our work schedule as the work comes in. If you need us to deep clean your mattress over night, over the weekend or over bank holidays, please book us in good time and we will be there. We understand that commercial customers might require unsuitable times, but that is not a problem for us. We are ready for business as you need us.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Invoices
We will issue VAT invoices after every job. A VAT invoice can be used to prove that a mattress was cleaned, as a tax expense or for claiming back your VAT. Our VAT invoices can be issued on the spot or can be sent by email for your convenience.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Payments
No other mattress cleaning company offers so many ways of paying an invoice. You can pay us cash on the spot, you can issue a cheque, you can pay with a bank draft, you can pay us by online transfer, you can pay through our website, you can pay over the phone or you can pay us with a card in the office. There is an easy payment option to suit everyone. Many of our mattress cleaning customers do not even reside in Ireland, they book online, receive invoices online and pay online.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Key collection
A good bit of our mattress cleaning business comes from international landlords or from very busy people. Some people are not available to open the doors of their properties due to various reasons. You don’t need to worry, we can come to you to collect the keys and we can drop them back to you. Just give us a call to discuss your location.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – Our specialists
We have trained our mattress cleaning specialists to deal with any issues that might come up in this business. We are pretty confident that you will be delighted with our workers and that you will recommend us to others. Our mattress cleaning specialists can agree extra work, can issue invoices and they can also accept payments.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – How to book us
If you want to book our mattress cleaning services, you can do so online by using our online booking form, you can email us or you can call us on our free line. You don’t have to spend a penny to book our professional mattress cleaning services.
We believe that we have provided you with all the relevant information to help you decide if our services are suitable for your needs. We are a pretty flexible mattress cleaning company so if you require more information about any of our services, please give us a call.

Mattress Cleaning Dublin – why not hire the best if you can afford it?


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