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KGS Diamond Pads


A Look At The KGS Diamond Pads

Proper cleaning and maintenance of the floor is vital to prevent its appearance from deteriorating. No one wants to come home to find a dilapidated flooring, covered in scratches and etch marks, with its finish looking dull and forlorn. It affects the decor of the interior space, which has an impact on your living conditions. Everything from your day-to-day life at home, the activities you carry out around the household, to your hosting abilities take a hit. Concentrating becomes difficult when you have nagging thoughts at the back of your mind about getting the floor repaired as soon as possible. You dread those questioning looks from friends and colleagues who come over to visit, and are mortified by the glares from the in-laws. How will your dashing date perceive you when the first thing that is noticed is the poor state of the floor the moment he or she walks into the house? That's not the kind of image you want reflecting on you. Seeing that the floor is a major investment, you also don’t want it to go down the drain. Prolonged damage will necessitate expensive repairs to be carried out, which can strain your budget. Even in commercial establishments, looks are everything. The state of the premises has an impact on how customers perceive you. As they come to purchase your products or services, you want to create an atmosphere of trust. However, they will doubt your promises of professionalism when the floor tells a different story. You don’t want to lose potential market because of an issue that can be easily resolved with the proper maintenance tools. For those in the property market, whether you’re looking to sell or lease out residential, office or retail space, you will have a hard time convincing interested clients about the structural integrity of the premises when the floor is dull and worn out, covered in unsightly marks. This has a direct impact on your sales. Prevent things from going down this route by deep cleaning and polishing your flooring with KGS Diamond Pads.

Conventional floor care methods come with their cocktail of troubles. Take crystallisation for instance. Here, fluorosilicate is used on the floor, and buffed using steel wool pads, in order to give it a shine. However, it easily discolours or darkens light coloured grout. In case there is moisture present especially in stone floors, it can cause slight yellowing. When the floor is overbuffed, it becomes slippery, reducing traction and increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. What’s more, it requires periodic stripping in order to maintain the appearance of the floor. Using steel wool for the application increases the costs, since it sheds and rusts, necessitating frequent replacement. Coatings on the other hand, such waxes and other polymers that are applied onto the floor, tend to scuff and dull very rapidly. This also means that regular stripping will be required, which is a messy process and damages the stone. What's more, it doesn’t provide a natural appearance. For stone floors, the pores get blocked, which leads to spalling. Maintenance costs end up increasing, affecting your budget. When it comes to polishing powders and compounds, such as when fine grains of aluminium or tin oxide are rubbed onto the surface to provide the shine, there are a couple of factors to consider. For starters, it is a messy process that will require intensive cleaning once complete. Secondly, the process is usually augmented by adding oxalate or oxalic acid to create a reaction that resembles crystallisation. This is all fine and dandy up until it is carried out on marble and limestone, where it can cause etching or blistering. You don’t want to put your investment at risk, or deal with the frustrations and workload that come with these processes. Turn to the KGS Diamond Pads to get the task done in minimal time, without endangering your flooring or the persons in the establishment.

What Causes Floor Degradation?

It catches everything that falls onto it, it’s walked on day in and day out, kids play with toys on the floor, from their toy cars to those train tracks that they set up, and your cat or dog is known for the occasional dashes across the room. All these have a bearing on the floor surface. Take pets for instance. They use their sharp claws to dig into the surface as they run, in order to obtain traction. This ends up scratching it. Kids, with their toys and games, also scratch the floor, causing unsightly marks to pop up all over. Then there's the issue of the foot traffic. All those people walking up and about the premises affects the floor. Sure, it’s designed to take a beating and keep on going, but it is not invincible. This is why, over time, the surface polish dulls and the floor begins to lose its appeal. There can even be cases like traffic lanes developing, on those areas that are frequented, from the reception areas in office buildings, the dance floor in clubs, waiting areas and receptions, corridors and hallways, sections outside elevators, all through to the laundry rooms in apartment buildings. The surface gets worn down, which affects its appearance. Furniture movements, whether you're simply shifting it around to bring a new feeling to the interior space, or a tenant was in the process of moving out of the residential, office or retail space and ended up dragging the furniture instead of lifting and carrying it, creates marks on the surface. Due to the massive size of the floor, and the fact that it literary goes everywhere in the building, its state affects the rest of the ambience. You don’t want your residential or commercial establishment looking dull and dilapidated. Proper floor care and maintenance is needed, and this includes deep cleaning to getting rid of those marks that develop on the surface. That’s right up the alley of the KGS Diamond Pads.

Surface Care With The KGS Diamond Pads

Floor maintenance has come a long way. After the initial installation and polishing using diamond-grinding equipment, that was the end. One used to watch the floor deteriorate over time, as the shine wore away. Risking re-grinding the floor would be a costly endeavour, and actually put its structural integrity- and life- on the line. Hence, property owners were boxed into a corner, from where they watched their investment dwindle down. Enter diamond floor pads. They enabled easy maintenance of flooring, from natural stone and limestone, to marble, concrete and terrazzo floors. The concept is straightforward: instead of grinding down the floor, simply micro-polish its top surface. That way, you get to achieve the shine you desire, without putting your investment at risk. The pads are designed using small diamond abrasives, that are way harder than the surfaces on which they are working on. This enables them to easily remove the scratches, marks and other blemishes on the floor without damaging it. Since floors such as concrete are not finished with lacquers and similar products, they easily get scratched and dull. The KGS Diamond Pads come in to reverse this. One side of the pad is coated with industrial diamonds, and they have different coarse levels. Their performance has further been enhanced by using FERRZON® technology when designing and producing the pads. This is a stronger compound that provides superior abrasion. While the low grit KGS Diamond Pads (very coarse) are used for the deep cleaning and repairing damaged sections of the floor, the high grit pads are fine and are for achieving high polishing levels. The only liquid that can be used for the process is water. One can mist the surface of the floor with some water in order to help in lubricating the pads. Don't use products such as waxes and sealers. The abrasive action of the pads is enough to polish the floor surface.

KGS Diamond Pads Options

Listed in order, starting out with the most aggressive, there are:

• KGS Diamond Black Pads Designed for deep surface renovation, the KGS Diamond Black Pads pack a punch. They are used when the floor is in a really bad condition, necessitating the big guns to be called in.

• KGS Diamond Red Pads A coarse option, the red pad is utilised for those heavy duty floor renovation projects. From removing etch marks and medium scratches to dealing with deeply soiled surfaces, the red pads will get it done. You can even use them for getting rid of floor coatings that had been applied, that way you get to circumvent the need for dealing with stripping chemicals.

• KGS Diamond Blue Pads These are the medium pads. Used for deep cleaning in areas like commercial establishments and also industrial buildings, you are able to achieve a reflective shine economically. They are also used for the removal of light scratches and for conducting light repair work on the floor surface. The end goal here is for an even honed and scratch-free finish, preparing the surface for the next stage of the polishing.

• KGS Diamond Yellow Pads There are suitable for both polishing and cleaning. Working on the floor, they provide a clear shine that is also reflective. The surface obtains a silky lustre after working on it with the fine yellow pad.

• KGS Diamond Green Pads For the highest possible shine, that's where the green KGS Diamond Pads come in. They’re intended for the final polishing, at the end of the floor restoration project. Used dry or wet, they bring a gleaming appeal to your polished surface. You can also use the green pad for routine maintenance, like getting rid of small scratches that are created on the floor as a result of every-day traffic, or replacing slight dullness with a superior shine.

How To Use The KGS Diamond Pads

The recommended machine requirements for working with the pads is a 200 to 2000 rpm, and weights ranging from 20 to 80kg. Follow these guidelines:

• For wet working: In this case, the minimum weight of the machine used should be 40kg. Set the water flow to medium, then apply maximum pressure on the head. Use a systematic approach, only working on a floor area that you can cover at a time. Vacuum the residue as it is generated. For floor maintenance with the red KGS Diamond Pads, pass them over the surface 4 to 6 times, checking if the damaged areas have been fixed. Follow this up with the 4-6 passes of the blue pad for a scratch-free finish. Next will be the yellow pad to kick-start the polishing, and 5 passes over the floor with the green pad.

• For dry working: Here, speed and efficient vacuuming are key. High-speed burnishing machines are the popular option for removing the scratches and etch marks on the floor surface. Follow a coarse (red pad)- medium (blue pad)- fine (yellow pad)- and very fine (green pad) sequence. When working with the red pad, run the burnishing machine at a medium speed and use a slow walking pace as you move over the surface to repair the floor. Use a side-to-side motion as you make the passes. Increase the speed to high for the blue pad, and work the surface for 2-3 passes. The same applies for the yellow pad, but for the latter increase your walking pace from slow to normal. When you get to using the green pad, run the machine at its maximum speed, use a random approach to the surface, and also a normal walking pace.

Why You Should Invest In The KGS Diamond Pads

1. Superior results with FERRZON® Technology KGS pads contain FERRZON®, which is powerful enough to scratch diamond. This makes it a breeze when working on your floor. They grind away those scratches, etch marks, and other blemishes on the surface, and take away that dull appearance, leaving behind a reflective shine in their wake. The KGS FLEXIS® pads with FERRZON® technology offer high performance, and work with high energy oscillating floor machines. With superior abrasion properties and heat resistance, they get the task done with fewer changing times and stoppages. With decades of precision polishing on some of the most demanding industries, the KGS Diamond Pads are all about efficiency and quality results. You get to expend less energy for the process, and you don’t even require specialised skills to use them. Used at high or low speeds, using heavy or light equipment, they will get the task done. A 4-step approach is typically used for the floor maintenance. One starts off with the coarse red pad, which removes surface scratches and provides a deep clean, with the end result being a honed silk finish. It is mainly used for heavy duty surface renovation, and is the base starting point for the rest of the process. Next up is the medium blue pads, whose role is to get rid of the remaining slight imperfections on the surface, and leave the floor with an economical silky finish. Used also for deep cleaning, the medium pads are popular in high traffic areas where there’s also plenty of dust in the establishment. Step 3 is the start of the polishing sequence, and involves using the fine pad (yellow). The surface will have a clean shine, and more importantly, it will have enhanced slip resistance. This is why establishments like supermarkets are satisfied with reaching this level. But you can go further to the fourth step, using the very fine green pad.

Here the floor is given a clear, reflective shine.
2. Versatile They have a wide range of applications, in residential establishments, commercial centres all through to industrial facilities. Use the red, blue and yellow KGS Diamond Pads to deep clean your ceramic tiled floors, granite, marble, terrazzo, rubber floors, epoxy and acrylic, all through to polished concrete flooring. The green pads can be used for the daily cleaning of all these floors. When it comes to linoleum, vinyl and plastic surfaces, stick to the yellow pads for the deep cleaning, and the green ones for the daily cleaning. For mat concrete floors care, use both red and blue KGS Diamond Pads for the deep cleaning sessions, and the yellow pads take care of the daily cleaning. Whether you're using them wet or dry, under scrubber driers, single head to 3 head planetary machines, and even UHS burnishers, the KGS Diamond Pads will deliver on their mandate. Whether it’s in homes, commercial establishments such as office buildings, shopping malls and yoga studios, health centres like hospitals and nursing homes, and even schools and government facilities, the KGS Diamond Pads will enable you to ensure that your flooring is properly maintained.

3. Timely convenient With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you want floor care solutions that won’t cripple your activities. From the modern day busy home, raising the kids and balancing work life, which leaves limited time to relax and take the edge off, to commercial establishments handling hundreds of people a day, an intensive floor repair and polishing project can disrupt your plans and wreak havoc, especially when done with faulty tools. These increase your workload, and make the process take longer, which negatively impacts on your productivity. For realtors and property developers, timing is critical when planning your open houses, or preparing a residential, office or retail space for occupation. You don’t want interested parties to be put off by finding things in disarray. With the KGS Diamond Pads, you won’t have to worry about such scenarios. Their high efficiency reduces the amount of time and energy needed for the process. Setup time is cut down, all you have to do being to attach the pads to the machines to be used, and setting out to work on the floor. Chemicals aren’t needed for the process, which means that you won’t have to deal with issues like preparing solutions and sticking to strict dilution ratios. The nature of working with the KGS Diamond Pads also means that you can do spot repairs on the floor, making quick fixes possible.

4. Built to last Getting rid of those blemishes on from the floor is tough work. The machines used have high speed rpm's, lots of heat gets generated as a result of the friction, and not to mention the abrasive action itself, that brings the issue of wear into focus. You want a product that will give you extended service life, and one that you won't have to worry about it breaking apart each time you set out with your floor maintenance project. The KGS Diamond Pads are up to the task. The structure itself, from the 20mm thickness to the high 40-50 kg/m3 density, and the 60 Denier virgin polyester, they will take a beating and keep on going. This allows you to carry out multiple surface restoration projects, all through to the daily cleaning to protect your floor.

5. Easy to maintain Since they are open weave, the self-cleaning nature of the KGS Diamond Pads is enhanced. Washing the pads after the floor renovation project is also a breeze. All you need is water, then after you’re done allow them to dry in readiness for the next round of cleaning and polishing. With KGS, safety is also paramount. The diamond pads are in compliance with European and International standards. In fact, KGS has FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) membership, and the products that they release are ensured to follow the safety requirements in the industry.

6. Renowned brand KGS has been an industry leader in matters-abrasive for over half a decade. From being the first to manufacturer to provide KGS Swiflex® Flexible Diamond Abrasives that are used to grind and polish marble and granite, to the specialised high precision Metallised Fabrics that are used across the scope from screen printing and filtration to electromagnetic shielding industries, they provide quality products that meet the needs of a global clientele. A dedicated and well-funded Research and Development team is always on the grind, pun intended, creating and patenting new products that provide cost -effective solutions all through the diamond abrasive industry. Top-of-the-range technology is used for the development of the products, and by turning to their pads, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who will walk the talk. Stringent quality control measures are put in place to ensure the integrity of the products that are brought to market. There are quality managers at the four plants, in addition to a full-time Group Quality Officer, who puts in place auditing and control checks at all plants to ensure that the Quality Management Systems adhere to ISO 9001:2008.

7. Spruce up the premises The floor's impact on the look and feel of the establishment is huge. You can have the latest in electronics and furnishings that make people's jaws drop, but against the backdrop of a floor that is in a dilapidated condition, it will be all for naught. The KGS Diamond Pads enable you to restore the charm to your residential or commercial establishment. You get to say goodbye to the dull and forlorn look, and welcome a characteristic shine to the surface. This goes a long way in enhancing the decor of the interior space. At home, your comfort and peace of mind are increased. You no longer have to dread hosting guests, or get frustrated each time you get into your house. From surface repair, deep cleaning, all through to polishing to obtain the level of shine you desire, the KGS Diamond Pads have got you covered. After all, you invested heavily in getting the floor installed, and deserve to be able to enjoy it. The enhanced quality of the surface keeps the floor looking brighter for longer. For commercial establishments, the enhanced aesthetics of the floor will boost your image. This is vital in winning consumer trust, especially from the customers who come to purchase your products. You get to make a positive impression on them, which enables you to solidify your claim that you adhere to professional standards in your product and service delivery. This results in increased sales and profit margins, boosting your enterprise. Moreover, the morale of your employees is also increased. They see the level of care you’re putting into their working environment, which is further incentive for them to deliver. Their productivity is increased, and you won’t have to worry about them getting distracted by a floor that is in poor state. As such, proper floor maintenance with the KGS Diamond Pads has a net positive impact on your business goals.

8. Increased slip resistance You don’t want slip and fall accidents on your premises. Nasty injuries can occur depending on the level of impact, which leads to increased medical bills at home, and lost person-hours at the workplace. With toddlers who are learning to walk, or elderly persons in the establishment, the risk is heightened. More traction is needed to prevent accidents from occurring. Floor maintenance is not just about protecting the floor itself, but also the persons who are using it. For instance, you don’t want customers who have come to your business premises getting sprained ankles or broken wrists from falling due to the floor being slippery. Not only does your reputation take a hit, but you can also have workplace lawsuits to deal with. The maintenance with the KGS Diamond Pads prevents that from happening. While the floor is polished to a high shine, it also has enhanced slip resistance, thus protecting the persons on the premises.

9. Eco-friendly systems We all have a role to play in protecting Mother Nature, and passing down a habitable and sustainable planet to future generations. This is entrenched in the corporate values and business strategies of KGS Group, with the employees being committed to environmental responsibility. The production technologies that are used are modernised and sustainable, relying on efficient use of natural resources and incorporating systems that have low impact on the environment. KGS has teamed up with external partners and local governments to work on the reduction of CO2 emissions, effluent waste and similar by-products. Moreover, the diamond pads themselves are clean and efficient tools, with a wide range of applications. They are a natural solution to floor care, without chemicals being incorporated that would lead to issues like toxic fumes being generated and affecting the indoor air quality. This helps in reducing waste and enhances environmental protection. With the continued enhancement of the tools' performances, there a net positive impact on the environment is produced. Hence, by turning to the KGS Diamond Pads you get to carry out your floor maintenance project and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

10. High value return You want to get high performance products without punching a hole through your wallet. The KGS Diamond Pads enable you to do so. You get all this quality results without having to strain your budget. For starters, the pads themselves are competitively priced, allowing you to get optimal deals. The affordability of the products enables you to meet the routine maintenance needs of your residential or commercial establishment. Then they offer high performance and enhanced durability. This further leads to cost savings since each pad gets to work on more floor surface, with reduced change-times. That way you won’t need to keep stockpiling floor maintenance products and stretching your budget. Since chemicals are not involved in the process, you make more savings. All this without compromising on the desired results with the floor cleaning and polishing.

Get The Most Out Of KGS Diamond Pads With These Extra Tips

• It's recommended that you use a Velcro style drive plate that's flat. Going for brush type drive plates that don’t have flat coverage can lead to uneven pad wear. You want a drive plate where the floor contact is optimal.
• When you use the green KGS Diamond Pad every day, and the floor surface is in good condition, but then is losing its appeal, don’t fret. Simply switch to the yellow pad for a day and revitalise the floor, and then continue using the green pad.
• Beware of sharp protrusions like metal strips and lippage on the floor.
• Wash the pads after each usage. Rinse them with hot water and then hang them up to dry.

KGS Diamond Pads


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