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House Cleaning Dublin


House Cleaning Dublin

House cleaning is something that nobody can avoid. Your home will have to be cleaned. You can do it yourself, if you have the time required and the patience required or you can hire a professional house cleaning company like . Our company specialises in once off house cleaning services for houses of any size and any condition. Our services are available to landlords, tenants, estate agents, management companies, etc.

House Cleaning Dublin – How long does a once off cleaning take?
Most once off house cleaning jobs take about 5 hours. The size of the house, the condition, shape & the finish required could increase or decrease the amount of time required. A three bedroom house can be 900 square feet or 3000 square feet. A house can be light dirty, medium dirty or very dirty. Some houses can have many rooms and many windows that would make it harder and therefore longer to clean than others. Some houses have a lot of brass that requires polishing, marble floors that require buffing, very high windows, etc. All these things can increase the time needed to complete a house even by 200%.

House Cleaning Dublin – do we supply all the materials needed?
Of course we do. Dublin House Cleaning will only use professional house cleaning materials that are not available to domestic customers. Our cleaning products work faster, better and are much cheaper than the products you buy from your local super market.

House Cleaning Dublin – Do I have to wait around?
No. We will collect the keys from you and we will contact you approx. 30 minutes before the job is completed so you can inspect. We are a professional house cleaning company and we do not want you to slip on wet floors or to get injured somehow. We clean hundreds of properties each month so your home is in good hands.

House Cleaning Dublin – Are the cleaning products toxic?
Most of our cleaning products are eco friendly and safe but some are a bit more toxic than others. The oven cleaners and toilet cleaners need to be a bit stronger to break carbon or lime build ups. We only use professional cleaning products from Evans brand which we buy from

House Cleaning Dublin – Do we do carpet cleaning as well?
Carpet cleaning is a large part of our business. We can include carpet cleaning with a house cleaning package, or we can price separately. Carpet cleaning is not expensive at all and if you get it done as a part of a full house cleaning package it usually only costs 40€ to 70€ extra per house for all the carpets. We do not just clean carpets, we deep clean carpets. We will have your carpets fully dry within 1 hour and the results are just outstanding.

House Cleaning Dublin – What about window cleaning?
All our house cleaning prices include internal window cleaning services. If there is a conservatory or if there are a lot of windows in the house, we might have to charge a bit extra, but nothing shocking. We use a reach and wash window cleaning system which enables us to clean your windows without the use of ladders. The safest and most eco friendly window cleaning technique ever.

House Cleaning Dublin – Prices is one of the most affordable house cleaning company in Dublin. We are in big demand with estate agents, management companies, tenants and domestic customers. We provide free estimates to all our customers and all our estimates are for standard size properties. The prices for house cleaning can go up and down depending on the size of the house, condition, location, shape, etc. You should expect to pay about 130€ for a 1 bed apartment/house, about 160€ for a 2 bed apartment/house, 200€ for a 3 bed apartment/house, 230€ for a 4 bed apartments/house. There are a few extra services which are not included in these prices.

House Cleaning Dublin – Extra services
We have a list of extra cleaning services that are not included in the price. Some people do not want their oven cleaned because they got a new one, or do not want their exterior window cleaning done, or their carpets or sofa washed, or floor polishing. We charge from 30€ for exterior window cleaning for standard size houses, we charge 30€ extra for the oven, we charge 30€ per room carpet cleaning, etc. Please contact us if you need pricing for additional services.
Extra services are optional house cleaning services. Most people are going for standard services without extras.

House Cleaning Dublin – Our cleaners
We employ some of the most professional house cleaners within the house cleaning industry. Tough training programs and good experience have made our cleaners very good. We can complete jobs faster and cheaper for our customers. Our house cleaners are nice to deal with and they can price extra work, they can issue invoices, they can help you out with whatever questions you might have and they can accept payments.

House Cleaning Dublin- What is included in a standard house cleaning?
The full bathroom
Full kitchen (without the cooker)
All the bedrooms
The living room
The hall
All the internal windows
All the floors (carpets will be hoovered only)
Frames, lights, switches, woodwork, full dusting & hoovering
Presses in/out

House Cleaning Dublin – Payment
If you are not a one of our regular house cleaning customers, you will have to pay the invoice on the day. Vat invoices will be issued on the spot and you can pay by card, cash, cheque, EFT or over the phone. We cannot provide credit terms to people that we do not know.

House Cleaning Dublin – Discounts
If you are a customer needing more than two properties cleaned we can offer you a good discount. We are pretty flexible and our rates are not fixed. For student accommodation centres or bulk apartment cleaning jobs, discounts of up to 30% can be provided. If you have many properties that require house cleaning, please give us a call to discuss better prices.

House cleaning is a very personal thing. A group of people that you have never met before will be cleaning your house. You need to be sure that your property and personal belongings are in reliable, professional hands. When you hire, you are hiring a team of professionals who clean hundreds of houses each month. Professional house cleaning specialists who are highly regarded and highly experienced. You cannot take a chance with your home.

Call Dublin House Cleaning today and let us take care of your property. You will be impressed with our work quality and our attention to detail.

House Cleaning Dublin – Commercial
If you are a landlord with multiple properties or if you are an estate agent etc. you know that good timing is very important. We collect keys from our customers, we drop keys back, we empty properties, we put you in touch with tradesmen if any repair work is required and we do our best to help you get your property back on the market very fast. - a professional, reliable house cleaning company makes all the difference!
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