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Floor Varnish


Floor Varnish

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Floor Varnish To Protect Your Investment

Wood floors create a sense of prestige and luxury when used in both residential and commercial establishments. It's a flooring option that one simply falls in love with, a factor that has made it one of the most sought after installations in the market today- all around the world. Home and business owners, property managers and real state agencies are all clamouring for wood floors that will match their particular needs. Whether you have the traditional strip flooring, or the wide plank hardwood floors that are bold and upscale- even with their distressed varieties, grey and whitewashed floors that bring a coastal look to the space, dark hardwood species like walnut with their indoor calming effect, light and blonde bamboo flooring, the joint-friendly and resilient cork flooring, hand-scraped wood floors that are an epitome of craftsmanship, reclaimed planks that set a rustic tone, or even wire-brushed wood finishing where wire bristles are used to open and enhance the wood grain, giving it an etched look that provides subtle texture while still maintaining that smooth surface, there are options for everyone. You get to have the installation that brings out your particular taste and style. After all, image is everything. You want to be able to have an elegant home to come back to everyday after work. You want to kick up your feet and rest in a warm and relaxing environment. Even when guests are coming over, they should be impressed. From the neighbours who want to catch up on the regular neighbourhood-watch meetings, those friends who come by to say hi, to the ever-critical in-laws. Your home is your castle, and you have every right to live in elegance- a feat that can be achieved by installing quality wood floors. Moreover, it reflects on your personality, as the flooring choice also forms part of the basis on which your guests perceive you. In commercial establishments, the image has a bearing on your finances. When customers coming to your business premises are impressed by the stylish wood floor, their perception about your brand receives a boost. This further increases their confidence in the products and services that you have to offer, making them more likely to make the purchase. What’s more, your employees see the effort going into ensuring thy have conducive working conditions, which enhances their productivity. You want your wood floor to retain that beauty and charm that it had the day you bought it and had it installed. That can be achieved with the Junckers and Bona floor varnishes.

There's more to wood floors than just being pleasing to the eye. Their functionality attributes are a huge part of the reason why they are in high demand. Take the warmth they provide for instance. The cellular structure of the wood allows it to trap air within it, increasing tits insulation properties. This makes it an energy efficiency choice as it reduces the amount of heat loss from the building. Did you know that 1 inch of wood provides as much insulation as 15 inches of concrete? The same structure comes in handy for acoustics, as the wood absorbs sound, reducing noise levels in the establishment. Cleaning wood floors is also easier compared to other flooring types. All that's needed is a few swivels of the mop, instead of loads of time spent scrubbing and shampooing. The wood is also not electromagnetic by nature. This means that, unlike carpets, it won’t be attracting dust particles, and you also won’t have to be concerned with issues such as grout as happens with tiles. Less chemicals are needed for the cleaning, and the water used is also in minimal quantities. This nature of the wood makes it suitable for establishments where there are persons suffering from allergies, and it helps in maintaining indoor air quality, not harbouring mites, pollen, dander or fumes. The wood itself is carbon neutral. This makes it an eco-friendly choice. When it comes to the production process, concrete, brick and steel produce way more pollutants compared to wood- in fact, 6, 4 and 40 more times respectively. It also contributes less to landfills. In addition, wood itself is a renewable product. At face value, this might not appear to be the case, since trees have to be cut down for you to get that elegant floor. However, the forest cover actually increases, since more trees are planted for those that are brought down, which has a net positive impact on the environment. For instance, exotic woods are sourced from certified sustainable forests. Those young developing trees consume more carbon dioxide, lowering the amount of greenhouse gases. Hence, investing in a wood floor actually enables you to reduce your carbon footprint. Durability also factors in. A properly taken care of wood floor can last for generations. All around the world, there are buildings with floors older than their own countries. Junckers and Bona floor varnishes come in to ensure that your floor receives the proper care it needs to enable it function optimally and last longer.

Threats Facing Your Wood Floor
Your floor comes under attack from different agents including:

• Soiling
Over 80% of the dirt in buildings is loose soil. These are particles that range from the dust that is blown into the interior space by wind, insect gunk, all through to the grit that is tracked in under people's feet. Pet fur and dander also factor in- like the pieces flaking off their skin as they roll around on the floor, and those that are deposited when your pet rubs against different surfaces in the home. They all wind up on the floor. People bring in particles from the parks they had visited, the sidewalks and parking lots, and even asphalt from the driveway stuck under their shoes, which are deposited onto the surface. The dry soiling is an enemy of the floor. It scratches and dulls that finish, and the wood floors that haven’t been treated have this effect heightened, with the layers getting worn off. The particles themselves, while very small individually, collectively inflict great damage. Airborne soiling also includes things such as auto fumes and other kinds of pollution, including cigarette smoking. These oily types of carbon based soiling cling to the floor surface with ease. They adhere to the pores of the wood. When sunlight and moisture combine with them, the reactions can lead to harmful chemicals being formed, which attack the surfaces. The soiling not only wears down the wood, reducing is functionality and cutting down its lifespan, but it also makes the place appear dull and forlorn. This drags down the mood of the décor, and makes it an eyesore. That’s not the environment you want to wake up to each day at home or have your employees operating in at the workplace. It drastically reduces your quality of life, and ability to focus on other tasks as you go about your duties. Not only that, the abrasion can increase to a level that requires you to do a complete sanding of the entire floor to even out the ridges, and in cases of extensive damage, the affected floor boards may be required to be pulled out and replaced. Applying floor varnish coats come in the way of this.

• Footfall
As people walk around the premises, they do more than just grind dirt against the surface of the floor. Their own weight adds to the strain on the wood. This is usually negligible, since the structure of the floor can withstand it. However, when you factor in the kinds of shoes that are worn, the pressures are magnified. Take for instance high-heeled stilettoes. A lady wearing them, weighing just 125 pounds, will exert over 8000 pounds on the floor. This is because her entire body weight is transmitted to a tiny section of the floor under the heel. With each step that is taken, the wood is at risk. Shoes with metal attachments can pock the floor. Those that are spiked increase risk of scratches, and then there are the rubber shoes that leave behind unsightly marks. The higher the number of people that your establishment handles, the greater the danger faced by the floor, and the risk of deterioration of the surface. Even shuffling of feet affects it. Take for instance the greeting areas in retail stores. This is the part of the establishment where store greeters stand to welcome customers into the shop. Standing continuously on one area, with limited movement in the same space, accelerates the rate at which the finish gets worn down. Your furry friend also comes into the picture. Cats and dogs enjoy running around as they play. In order to get traction, they draw out their claws, digging into the wood. This usually results in scratches, which ruin the appeal of the floor. Then there's the kids with their toy cars and trains. Those games as they push the toys across the floor are a common cause of scratches too. Plastic wheels on the kid's high chairs, plus the ride-on vehicles on which they enjoy hot-wheel races put different amounts of pressure on the surface. In commercial establishments, your customers can also be using motorised cars, dragging wheeled suitcases, and then there are cases where persons are using wheelchairs- all these aspects have a bearing on the underlying flooring. You want to be sure that it can be able to withstand the heavy use, to avoid issues like traffic lanes that form on those paths that are frequently walked on, to all out damage where sections of the boards are gouged out. Areas like entrances and exits of the building, hallways, corridors and waiting rooms are some of the most heavily used areas within a space, hence feature early signs of wearing out. The floor varnish will enable you to prevent the surface from getting deteriorated by these effects.

• Spills
This can be anything from the tea and coffee spills from the breakfast table, to the oil stains tracked onto the floor at the work site. They react with the surface, causing stains, and even corroding the structure depending on the type of spill in question. Extended exposure only increases the risk. Splatters from cooking activities in the kitchen, drink spills during that party you were hosting in your home, all through to the occasional wine spills at your restaurant, when left to stand, cause unsightly spots that take away the elegance of the wood. When the surface is not treated, the spills seep into the wood structure, setting more permanent stains. Vomit, contact adhesives, rust, the ink from marker pens and ball point pens, even blood stains in those accidents where one gets a cut while dicing meat and chopping up vegetables, or in workplaces where there are plenty of handy tools that can cause injury. You don't want these incidences to damage the wood and ruin the ambience of the interior space. For those with pets, there's the occasional issue of urine stains. When your furry friend decides to go on the floor, a nasty spot with full odour reeks up the place. That’s just the start of your troubles. The stain can form permanent marks in the wood, and your pet interprets that as the go-to location in future, leading to problems with you as its owner. There are also incidences when cleaning off the stains requires tough solutions. Powerful chemical agents can corrode the wood and cause discolouration. Preventing the spills from affecting the underlying wood in the first place will enable you to avert these problems. You can make that happen by turning to a quality floor varnish.

• Radiation
The sun also affects the wood. Just check out the areas that are covered- such as under furniture- and compare them to sections that are out in the open. The difference in colour and appearance is as a result of solar radiation. The change in hue depends on the particular wood species of the boards. It’s just like how people react differently to the sun. While some will tan, others will get sunburns. With the wood floor, the main agents affecting it are the UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) radiation. The UV rays causes species such as Hickory and Red Oak to bleach out, while the same will cause Tigerwood to darken. IR radiation reacts with the finish causing it to form a yellow tint. The changes affecting the appearance of the wood take away that elegant colouration that was sprucing up the ambience, which can frustrate and irk you. You don’t want your interior space becoming all dull and dingy simply because of natural effects that can be easily managed. Protect your pride and joy using quality floor varnish. In this case, you want a product that can be able to prevent the fading of the wood itself, and also have a formulation that is non-yelling.

Why You Should Invest In Junckers And Bona Floor Varnishes

1. Strengthen your floor
You want your floor to be able to withstand the knocks and impacts of everyday like. That's what the Junckers and Bona floor varnishes bring on board. Their formulations of acrylic resins, plus a high solids content, makes the coats tough, forming a barrier that protects that wood structure underneath. This enables it to hold its own under the attacks from foot traffic, pet's claws, and even the grit getting grinded against it. The floor varnish also prevents spills from seeping into the wood. This allows you sufficient time to clean them off, preventing permanent stains from forming. You get to rest assured that your cat or dog running around the house is not leaving behind scratch marks all over. The enhanced protection prolongs the life of the wood floor, meeting the demands of high traffic commercial establishments, plus the modern day busy home. This also means that you get to spend less time cleaning. From the mud tracked into the building, smudges from food spills, all through to the pet fur and dander that is strewn all over the surface, the elbow grease and time needed for the cleaning processes is reduced. Since the Junckers and Bona floor varnishes fill the pores of the wood, dust doesn’t collect, and the gloss enables those particles on the surface to be easily visible, allowing you to spot them quick and get rid of them. The smooth, solid surface can be easily wiped clean as does not allow dust or dirt to hide in it. In addition, the floor varnish provides the surface with enhanced resistance to household chemical products, which increases the range of solutions that you can use when cleaning your floor. This further enables you to improve the indoor air quality of the establishment, warding off allergic reactions. Hence, applying the floor varnish coats enables you to preserve the structural integrity of the wood, and keep it performing optimally all through.

2. Preserve that timeless beauty
The properly cared for wood flooring can retain its charming appeal even up to the next generation. Whether you’re looking to sell the house, pass it down to your kids, or keep your commercial space attractive to tenants regardless of the seasons, quality floor varnish will enable you to set a luxurious and inviting décor. Your own stay on the premises should be enjoyable too. After all, that's why you’ve invested heavily in the flooring. You want to have a grandiose look welcoming you into your own house. A décor that enables you to sit back and relax as you spend quality time with your kids and significant other. A setting that enables you to thrive. The Junckers and Bona floor varnishes achieve this by adding character to the wood. The clear varnishes accentuate aspects such as the wood grain and hue, emphasising on the design styles and patterns that make it pop. This has a ripple effect on the rest of the premises, with the elegance reflecting on the furniture, draperies, all through to the walls. It’s a striking effect that even draws admiration from friends and family coming over to say hi. In commercial establishments, the elegance provided by the Junckers and Bona floor varnishes boosts your image. Customers coming for your products and services get impressed by the conditions of the flooring, which enables them to have increased levels of confidence on what you have to offer. The compliments about the state of things is icing on the cake. For your employees, the effort that you are putting in ensuring that they have stimulating working conditions adds spring to their step, enhancing their morale. This increases their productivity, in addition to the invigorating décor that encourages creativity. The results you get are personalised to your unique taste and requirements for your décor. This is because there are different sheen levels that you can obtain with the floor varnish, from the product variety, to the number of coats that are actually applied onto the floor. Hence, you get to set up the décor that matches your taste, brings out your personality at home, and reflects the professional image you want to portray in your workplace.

3. Easy application
Using the Junckers and Bona floor varnishes is a breeze. You can work them onto the surface using a wide range of equipment, from brushes to rollers, depending on which tools you have in your arsenal, and which is the most convenient for the size of area that you’re applying the floor varnish on. There are no complicated procedures to follow. Simply apply thin coat following the direction of the wood grain, allowing sufficient drying time in between the subsequent coats. Before using the floor varnish, shake it thoroughly, which will even out the contents. Alternatively, you can stir it. Also note that the floor needs to be clean. Issues like dust, pet hair, and other particles on the floor will ruin the quality of the results. Give the surface a thorough vacuuming, mop, and let it dry before you begin. The floor varnish is designed to be used on the bare wood, or on top of a primer coat. In case there are old finish layers on the surface, they can be removed using floor varnish remover, or you can go right ahead and sand them off. That way you will apply a fresh new finish that enhances the elegance of your floor. Using multiple thin coats is preferable to working with just one thick one. This is because you will be able to achieve the sheen level you desire, ensure you apply even coats, and also get to correct any errors you make. The preceding coat should be lightly sanded before adding the next one, but don’t sand the final coat. Speaking of errors, as the floor varnish dries, you may notice some blemishes popping up. These are as a result of the floor varnish evening itself out. The imperfections won't stick around, but will disappear as the varnish settles. So don’t do anything to it. Actually it’s recommended that you don’t stay around to watch the finish dry, unless you're sure that you can control yourself.

4. Quick drying
With the Junckers and Bona floor varnishes, you also get to make time savings. This is critical in floor maintenance, since the processes involved require the premises to be sealed off. Otherwise people would come barging into the rooms, leaving footprints on the finish before it has dried. In commercial establishments, this means that your services are relocated to a different section, which interrupts the flow of your business operations. At home, keeping your children in line, in order to ensure that they won’t go making a mess on the wet coats, is in itself a tall order. You don’t want to be forced to endure this for longer than is necessary. The Junckers and Bona floor varnishes ensure that you don't. They have fast application and drying times. The former is as a result of the smooth flow rate. Hence you get to spread the floor varnish coats in moments. When it comes to the drying, in between the coats, a wait time of only 2-3 hours is required. After you’re done applying the final coat, you will be able to allow light traffic onto the premises in just 8 hours. Normal traffic can resume after 24 hours. This ensures that your home or business life doesn’t take a massive hit due to the floor maintenance program. The fast drying times also come in handy in allowing you to plan out your activities, whether you're preparing your new residential or commercial space for you to move into, or you're a realtor looking to ensure that things are all elegant before that open house that is coming up. The timely nature of the application and drying processes enables you to ensure that things go as planned.

5. Safe to use
You want to get elegant results without leaving the indoor environment filled with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Toxic fumes put the health of the persons on the premises at risk, and not to mention are irritating to endure. You don't want to invest in the floor finishing process and be forced to cough up more funds to pay medical bills, which could have easily been avoided by turning to products that adhere to health and safety standards. Environmental safety also comes into play. You want a floor varnish that doesn’t pose risks to Mother Nature. After all, the onus is upon us to protect the planet for future generations. This is why we need to ensure that measures we put in place in our daily lives are geared towards sustainability. The Junckers and Bona floor varnishes have been formulated with this in mind. They have been taken through rigours tests to prove their adherence to set standards of quality, and come with certifications such as the GREENGUARD certification and Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) approval. The former makes comprehensive checks on the emission levels of VOCs, while the latter ascertains that the floor varnish in question is certified to be a safe building product. This allows you to go about the finishing process with the peace of mind that you’re not putting your kids or pets at risk, and that you won’t be receiving health complaints from the employees and customers in your business premises. In fact, with the water based floor varnishes, you can plan your time to finish the floor during the morning hours, and still sleep comfortably in the room that very night. Since they are eco-friendly products, you get to have the elegant flooring you desire and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

6. Cost effective
The Junckers and Bona floor varnishes come with good tidings for your building’s maintenance budget. Their single pack and two pack options are affordably priced. Hence, you get to start making savings even before the floor finishing process starts. When it comes to the application, the floor varnishes have a wide coverage rate. This means you get to cover more floor area with each unit you purchase. The specific size that is covered with one litre of product also depends on the wood species of the floor boards that you have installed in your establishment, and factors such as the absorption rate and the number of coats that you need to apply to achieve your desired sheen levels. The durability provided by the floor varnish also means that you’ll avoid damages that would have brought about a huge maintenance bills due to the costly repairs and replacements being made. Hence, you get to recoup on the investment costs with the increased savings that you will be making. For those looking to sell or rent out the property, finishing the surfaces with floor varnish also gives you an edge in the market. It reflects positively on the rest of the property, giving a perception of it being properly taken care of. Then, of course, people want the stylish interior. You get to generate more leads and seal more deals. The elegance that is given to the floor, plus the aspect of it being properly maintained, is a critical factor for persons looking for residential and commercial space. Hence, the property fetches a higher price, which means wider profit margins for you.


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