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Clean Fast

 Description is not just another cleaning products supplier. We have years of experience and expertise in the cleaning industry and we love what we do. Our aim is to make shopping for cleaning products easier, we can advise you on the best products for your needs and even teach you how to use them. Our experts will recommend only the best cleaning products and they will advise you on how and what to use even for the most demanding cleaning jobs. is Irish owned 100%. Working with us you will have specialists from all areas of cleaning at your disposal. Many schools, offices, churches, doctors, shops etc. are using the wrong cleaning products for their daily cleaning. Cleaning products that should be used for floor cleaning are used as general cleaners. Kitchen degreasers are used as window cleaners and furniture cleaners are used to clean bathrooms. Our plan is to educate people and put all our years of experience at your service.

Our list of cleaning products and equipments is huge and if you are unsure about what is needed in your home/business please contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Some other companies could be a bit cheaper than us but they don’t have the same knowledge and experience in the cleaning field. We will deliver to your home/office within 24 hours and we will offer you a friendly and professional service.

Ex : 6 months ago one of our companies sealed a floor for a big school in Tallaght. This floor, only 1 year old was very damaged and it looked like it was there for years. After having a chat with the cleaners and the principal we discovered that the cleaners were washing the floors with the same mops that were using to wash the floors in the bathrooms. So they were using bleach to wash marmoleum floors, this is totally against the manufacturers recommendations. We recommended Evans Lemon Gel for daily maintenance and the look of the floors has greatly improved and are now nice and shiny.

Ex: Another school was complaining that they had dirty sticky floors even after washing the floors with lemon gel. We went to inspect the floors to investigate the issue and we discovered that the cleaners were using over 50 times the amount of floor cleaning agent recommended for a 10 litre bucket. It was too concentrated. Instead of 1 to 100 they were using 1 to 2. Pouring a highly concentrated floor cleaning agent onto your floors will not do you any good, you should always follow the instructions for use. We provided a demonstration to the cleaners on how to properly mix and use the floor cleaning agent and this resolved the issue and saved the school a lot of money in cleaning products.

These are the kinds of things that can do for you.

Call us today and let us work with you.


We supply all types of cleaning products:

- kitchen degreasers
- floor cleaners
- floor sealant & polishes
- oven cleaning products
- window cleaning products
- carpet cleaning products
- hard surface cleaners
- bleach
- general cleaners
- drain cleaners
- external brick cleaners
- spray bottles
- mops & buckets
- paper products
- floor pads
- gloves
- bin bags
- washing up detergent
- car washing detergents
- dishwashing tablets
- etc