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Clear Vinyl Gloves

Clear Vinyl Gloves

Clear Vinyl Gloves

-very strong professional powder free vinyl gloves

-suitable for domestic and light commercial use

-available in small size, medium and large size

-available in boxes of 100 gloves or 1000 gloves

-suitable for the food industry, trades, beauty saloons

-order over 100€ worth of gloves and get free delivery

-quality clear vinyl gloves available in bulk quantities


Clear Vinyl Gloves – Where to use

One of the most popular and versatile types of gloves. Suitable for the food industry, shops, beauty salons, trades, vets, medical, etc. Our latex gloves are much better quality than whatever is available online. We sell powder free vinyl gloves. If you are working in a trade where you have to use your hands to touch infected items or items that can damage your skin, you need to protect yourself. Buy a box of powder free vinyl gloves and work risk free.


Clear Vinyl Gloves – How to use

Most shops, examination centres, beauty salons, etc, have to use a lot of gloves daily. You cannot use the same vinyl glove for two different customers. If you are a big user of vinyl gloves, please call us and ask us for bulk prices. Replace your vinyl glove after each use to avoid contamination. Dispose your vinyl gloves in an environmentally friendly way.


Clear Vinyl Gloves – Your hands are well worth it a pair of vinyl gloves!