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Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag

Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag


– very good quality biodegradable bin bags from the stronghold range

– this quality bag is made from 20 micron biodegradable plastic material

– suitable for commercial and domestic waste disposal. Holds 7 kilos 

– our refuse bags are made from 100% biodegradable materials

-available for order in rolls of 25 bags or boxes of 200 bags (8 rolls)

– 18″ x 29″ x 39″ size will fit most types of domestic and commercial bins


Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag For Your Garbage Management Needs

Trash in commercial establishments builds up fast- those candy wrappers from children snacking in your gaming room, leftover snack bars from employees in your office building, and even the milk jiggers tossed into the trash by visitors to your art gallery or museum. Commercial establishments like retail stores and malls, all through to lounges in hotels, require efficient waste disposal measures to be put in place. All that packaging and paper waste has to go somewhere. Take office suites for instance. Printing duplicates, unnecessary emails and even forgetting about documents left on the printer leads to high paper waste. Did you know that the average office worker uses over 20 reams of paper, with each ream having 500 sheets every year? Nearly two-thirds of it heads to the trash. Failure to effectively manage the waste leads to all sorts of problems. Top on the list is the health risks created. The organic residue from food leftovers is a germ breeding ground, and persons in the premises can get infected. In addition, the waste draws pests like flies and cockroaches, which bring with them a plethora of pathogens. Then there’s the issue of the resultant odours that would develop. You don’t want your customers perking up their noses the moment they step into your premises. Moreover, no one fancies the sight of waste paper strewn all over the premises. It creates an image of disorder, damaging the reputation of your business. Get rid of all the trash with the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag. 


You want the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag for more than just holding in the garbage. You also want it to protect the bin itself. No one likes having to keep scrubbing the bin because of the gunk that gets stuck in the corners, and slime that forms layers on the walls. It’s a laborious process, not to mention that it also stinks up the place. The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag comes in to prevent direct interaction between the trash and the bin. It makes the process of maintaining the bins in your establishment easier. As a welcome bonus, lifting the waste out of the bin will go faster, and you won’t have to worry about the contents spilling out into the bin, or onto the floor. The garbage collection crew also don’t want the gunk to get poured onto them when they come to pick it up, and you don’t want to risk covering our curb or front lawn with the paper waste that will be blown all over it. The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag is convenience and efficiency all rolled into one. Here are more reasons why it will make the garbage management process of your enterprise go smoother:


What The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag Has In Store For You


  1. Large volume

The 18 x 29 x 39 Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag has sufficient space to handle the garbage constantly being produced by the activities in your business premises. You can count on the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag to hold in all kinds of trash, from food tins, plastic bottles and plates, paper waste like magazine cut-outs, printouts, catalogues, to cartons and wrappers that had carried the package delivered to your work desk. 


  1. Durable

The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag is 20 micron thick, and has the ability to hold up to 7kg of garbage. This, coupled with its high density, makes it a popular option for handling light commercial waste.


  1. Transparent

You can easily control how waste is disposed of using the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag. Since people will be able to see other contents in the trash, they will distinguish between what items are meant to go into which bin- separating reusables, recyclables, organic content and even hazardous material. This also increases the safety of the garbage collection crew. Depending on your municipal authority, you may also get some relief on your garbage management costs. They usually offer lower collection fees for persons and establishments that use clear bin bags. Since they are able to see the contents in the Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag, they will avoid cutting themselves on needles, broken glass and other sharp items in the trash.


  1. Safe for Mother Nature

You want to eliminate the waste from your establishment in a way that is safe for the environment. After all, future generations are depending on you to do it. Landfills and burning waste are a huge problem. The landfills are a major source of methane, a greenhouse gas that traps more heat that carbon (IV) oxide. The piles of waste that build up for years in the dumpsites are toxic to underground water and the biodiversity around them. Backyard burning on the other hand releases toxins like dioxins and furans into the atmosphere. For these, you don’t even have to wait for centuries to see the effects. They cause a wide range of health conditions in persons in this very day and age. This has seen the increased push for persons to adopt eco-friendly practices in the way they manage their waste, from reusing and recycling, all through to selecting products that will not choke up the soil. The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag enables you to be part and parcel of this process. It 100% degradable nature means that within 2 years it will have completely been broken down, thus reducing the amount of material that ends up in the landfills. Hence, you get to effectively manage the garage generated by your establishment, and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously.


  1. Cost effective 

The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag is affordable and further cuts down your waste management costs thanks to its large holding capacity. This is because you are able to get rid of a lot of waste with each refuse bag. Each case of 8 rolls, 25 sacks per roll therefore get to last you for longer. In addition, since you won’t need to double bag the trash, you get to derive the maximum value out of each and every Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag.


Get The Most Out Of The Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag With These Extra Tips

  • Whenever the bin has loads of organic content that can decay fast, and anytime it is full, it should be emptied. Keeping the trash around for long will stink up the premises and attract pests.
  • Broken glass, needles and other items that can puncture the bin bag should first be wrapped in a material like newspaper before tossing them in.


Clear Degradable Compactor Refuse Bag