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Cleaning Surfaces With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

Cleaning Surfaces With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

Cleaning Surfaces With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

When dusting a surface, there is more that comes into play than just getting rid of the dirt and loose debris. The safety of the underlying material is key You don’t want to be in a situation where you have damaged the appliances and surfaces that were being worked on. Then there is the dusting process itself. A vacuum cleaner is not always feasible for the task. For instance, those out-of-reach sections, from the top of your closet to the area underneath the table, the dust that has accumulated behind the bookcase and the gunk that is on the window ledges-wheeling out vacuum out to deal with these sections can be laborious. In other instances, the vacuum itself is at risk, like when you’re dealing with bits of broken glass. When these get into the system, they can cause damages to your unit, which will necessitate expensive repairs. Sometimes all you want to do is carry out a quick dusting on a small area- like when there are food crumbs under the dinner table. Having to bring out your vacuum cleaner and set it up will draw out the process. When dealing with the small areas, it’s far more convenient to use a dust pan and brush. As a welcome bonus, you also avoid the noise that results from the vacuum cleaner- which is particularly handy when you don’t want to disturb the persons on the premises. Whether you’re cleaning up that spilled cereal at night, or you’re carrying out a quick clean when guests have come over to your premises, using a dust pan and brush will reduce the disruption caused. For this, you want quality units that you can rely on to deliver on their mandate. Turn to this Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft) for the task.

Fast dusting actin

The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft) makes the cleaning process a breeze.  Its features optimise on the different aspects of the process- from the soft bristles that are remove those fine dust particles from the surfaces and floors, to the serrated edge of the dust pan that allows you to remove the dirt from the brush- and even its rubber lip, where all the dirt gets picked up in one go, without lines of soiling remaining on the surface being worked on. This is key in speeding up the process. 

Works with colour coded systems

A core part of the cleaning processes is the emphasis on controlling infection and preventing cross contamination between the different surfaces being worked on. The colour coding systems are used in nearly all industries, be it hotels and restaurants, schools and nursing homes, to medical facilities and daycares. Cleaning contractors also benefit from having this system in their operations. It ensures that the task is carried out without contributing to the spread of infection in the premises. A handful of colours- usually 4- are used to different cleaning tasks and departments. There isn’t a “colour standard” that you should follow, but here is an example of one that is widely used:

  • Red – This is assigned to areas where the risks of contamination and spread of infection are highest. Red equipment is commonly used for restroom areas, which includes cleaning the toilets and washroom floors. 
  • Yellow – Some sections of the washroom have lower risks- like the sink and its adjacent surfaces, the doors and pipework. Here, the yellow tools are used. It is also designated to the isolation area in clinical facilities. 
  • Green – This one is used for those sections where food is being handled. Kitchen surfaces, catering departments, and bars fall under this category.
  • Blue – This is designated for the common areas and general-purpose cleaning, where there are reduced risks. This ranges from corridors, the office spaces, work stations, lounges and reception areas, to your living room at home. 

The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft) comes in these colours, and will blend with the cloths, towels, mops, brooms and other equipment that are grouped in such a system. That way, you get to maintain the high standards of your cleaning operations. It is also a system that is easy for your cleaning staff to understand and follow. After all, colours are a universal language, recognized by everyone. 

Cleaning Surfaces With The Dust Pan & Brush Set (Soft)

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