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Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products Dublin

Cleaning products are one of life’s essentials, whether you are a homeowner or a commercial business you WILL need cleaning products. People, simply by existing and living, are constantly creating dirt and dust which needs to be removed to prevent the growth and spread of germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning with high quality cleaning products will keep homes and businesses clean, fresh and as germ free as possible. Dust, germs and bacteria can cause illness, allergies and infections so cleaning products designed to remove these threats are an absolute must in your home and business.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Why do I need cleaning products?

Cleaning products were designed to facilitate easier removal of dirt, dust, grease, smudges, bacteria etc. from surfaces. Water alone cannot remove dirt and soiling as it cannot penetrate or dissolve the dirt, water needs to be mixed with a cleaning agent in order to effectively remove dirt and grime. Cleaning products contain certain active chemical agents which work in different ways to remove dirt and bacteria. The chemicals in cleaning products react on contact with dirt and grime and actively work to dissolve the dirt allowing you to simply wipe it away. Cleaning products do the hard work so that there will be less manual labour involved in cleaning. Cleaning products therefore make cleaning easier, less time consuming and give more successful results. Some grease and grime would be near impossible to remove without the use of cleaning products. Bacteria would be difficult to eradicate without the use of cleaning products. Cleaning products are necessary to remove dirt and bacteria and restore freshness.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Types of cleaning products?

There is a huge variety of different types of cleaning products designed for different uses and cleaning projects. You can buy either multi-purpose cleaning products or specific cleaning products for specific jobs. Cleaning products vary in strength, with some cleaning products being more powerful than others, having been designed for more intense cleaning. Some cleaning products are gentler and have a low pH so are more effective for light cleaning of sensitive surfaces. You should always read the label carefully to ensure that the cleaning product you are using is suitable for your intended use and follow the safety guidelines. Some cleaning products are not suitable for certain surfaces and could cause irreparable damage.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – pH levels of cleaning products and what they mean?

The pH level of a cleaning product does not indicate the strength or performance of the cleaning product, it will simply tell you the concentration of hydrogen. The pH scale is on a range of 0-14, 7 being the neutral pH level, 0-6 acidic and 8-14 alkaline. When chemicals are mixed with water the mixture will become acidic or alkaline. A common misconception is that the higher the pH the better the cleaning power, this is not the case. Alkaline cleaning products (high pH) will neutralise acidics and acidic cleaning products (low pH) will neutralise alkalines. If you buy specific cleaning products they will have the perfect pH level to clean effectively and give you the best possible cleaning results.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Multi purpose cleaning products – a multi purpose cleaning product is just that, a cleaning product suitable for multiple different uses i.e. will clean kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, floors etc. Multi purpose cleaning products, while effective, are more suitable for light cleaning as what you gain in convenience you tend to lose in power. Multi purpose cleaning products would not be suitable for cleaning your oven, removing burnt on grime or in dirty bathrooms, they just do not have the chemical strength. Multi purpose cleaning products are ideal for light daily cleaning. Multi purpose cleaning products can be ready to use or concentrated, some require dilution others do not. Some you can just spray and wipe others need to be mixed with water. Instructions should always be followed for best results.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Specific Cleaning Products – there is a specific cleaning product for every type of cleaning job and any surface type. If you need a wood floor cleaning product then there is a specific cleaning product for you. If you need an oven cleaning product then there is a specific oven cleaning product for you. Specific cleaning products where designed for cleaning of specific surfaces. A specific cleaning product will contain the right ingredients and chemicals in exact amounts to ensure effective cleaning of whichever surface/area you are cleaning. You can buy:-

Carpet cleaning products

Wood floor cleaning products

Oven cleaning products

Kitchen cleaning products

Bathroom cleaning products

Glass cleaning products

Floor Cleaning products

Window cleaning products

Furniture cleaning products

Toilet cleaning products

Shower cleaning products

Washroom cleaning products

Disinfecting cleaning products for drains, bins etc.

So many specific cleaning products to choose. Each product designed for a specific surface or area. A wood floor cleaning product for instance was designed with wood floors in mind, it will contain nourishing ingredients which will not only clean wood floors but will do so safely while offering protection and enhancing the shine. Wood floor cleaning products should contain no harsh chemicals as this would not benefit wood floors and would in fact cause damage.

An oven cleaning product will contain very strong cleaning chemicals to ensure effective removal of grease, carbon deposits and burnt on grime. Oven cleaning products need to be very powerful to successfully remove dirt and grease so this cleaning product would not be suitable for cleaning of any other surfaces, it will cause burns and discolouration and could be very dangerous if safety guidelines are not followed carefully.

Glass cleaning products obviously work great on glass but can leave sticky residues on other surfaces. Washing up liquids are perfect for cleaning your dishes as they contain degreasing agents which effectively remove food etc. without leaving smudges on glasses or crockery but may leave streaks and sticky residues on your floors. Bathroom cleaning products can contain strong chemicals, sometimes even bleach, so while they will remove dirt and bacteria in your bathroom they should not be used in your kitchen as they would not be safe for use in food preparation areas. So, if the area you intend to clean needs a more intense clean then specific cleaning products would be a better option as they are stronger and designed specifically for whatever cleaning job you are doing.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Eco friendly cleaning products

Many people worry about the toxins in their cleaning products and the harm they might cause to the health of their family and to the environment. Eco friendly cleaning products are safe and effective and contain no harmful chemicals. Eco friendly cleaning products are a fantastic option and are a great natural alternative to chemical based cleaning products however they are generally effective for light cleaning only, they often do not have enough power to cut through heavy dirt, grease and grime. Made with plant extracts and natural organic materials eco friendly cleaning products are good for daily cleaning of your home or business, they will clean and freshen without leaving any chemical residues. Constant exposure to chemicals can cause or contribute to a number of health issues from skin problems to lung conditions, by choosing eco friendly non toxic cleaning products for your every day cleaning you are eliminating this risk, eco friendly cleaning products are safer for your home and kinder to the environment.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Industrial and Catering Cleaning Products

Industrial and commercial kitchens would require cleaning products which are strong enough for effective removal of grease, burnt on stains and to kill bacteria but non toxic and safe for use in food preparation areas. Commercial kitchens need strong degreasers with powerful antibacterial agents to safely and quickly remove grease and germs. There are cleaning products designed specifically for the catering industry which are powerful AND safe, which will remove grease and bacteria without leaving any chemical residues in food preparation areas.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Garden Cleaning Products – there are specific cleaning products designed for outdoor use such as drain cleaners, moss removers, patio cleaners etc. These cleaning products are generally acid based and are very powerful and effective. Always follow safety instructions.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Carpet Cleaning Products – most carpet cleaning products are for professional use only as you would need powerful machines to use them effectively to remove dirt and stains. There are some carpet cleaning products such as spot and stain removers which can be used manually by homeowners for fast effective removal of stains and odours.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Bathroom Cleaning Products – bathrooms tend to accumulate the most dirt and bacteria. Regular use of bathroom utensils such as bath, sink, shower and toilet can lead to a build up of grime and limescale. Powerful cleaning agents are required to effectively remove dirt and residue. If you clean your bathroom regularly then you will avoid build ups and you will not need very strong chemical cleaning products. If however, you have neglected your bathroom, then strong bleach based cleaning products may be required in order to clean and freshen. Multi purpose cleaning products can be good for light bathroom cleaning and refreshing or specific bathroom cleaning products with antibacterial agents when heavy duty cleaning is required.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Kitchen Cleaning Products – you will generally only need a couple of items to keep your kitchen clean, a good multi purpose cleaning product for surfaces and appliances, washing up liquid for manual dish washing, microfibre cloths, gloves for hand protection, a scourer or scrub brush for pots and pans. If you clean your kitchen surfaces and appliances regularly and do not allow grease and grime to build up then you will not need strong chemical kitchen cleaning products. The cleaning products needed for kitchen cleaning will depend upon the level of dirt and how often the kitchen has been cleaned. Clean regularly and avoid the need for strong, harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products – Do all cleaning products need to be diluted?

In a word, no. Not all cleaning products need to be diluted. Some cleaning products are highly concentrated and will require dilution. Other cleaning products you can simply spray and wipe. Cleaning products always have instructions which will set out clearly whether the product needs to be diluted for use. If dilution is necessary you will be given a dilution ratio and this should be followed to ensure maximum cleaning power and best results.

Where can I buy high quality professional cleaning products?

Homeowners generally purchase cleaning products from their local supermarket. These cleaning products are usually all-purpose cleaning products which are efficient for daily household cleaning. If specialist cleaning products are required for wood floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor polishing etc. then you will not find these in your local shop. Business owners tend to buy cleaning products in the wholesalers which can take a lot of time and often you will not find a huge range of specialist cleaning products from high end brands. You will find all the high quality, professional cleaning products you need online at is a Dublin based retailer selling high quality professional cleaning products to commercial and domestic customers. Cleanfast is based in Dublin but deliver all over Ireland. We sell all the top brands such as Bona, Craftex, Unger, Tover, Evans, Prochem, Junckers, Amtico and Hermes as well as our own Irish made Cleanfast range. We are experts in cleaning products, we have years of experience and expertise within the cleaning industry. We have selected only the best cleaning products from reputable brands which do what they are supposed to do and do it well. We know all the cleaning products we stock, we know what they do and how to get the best from them. Cleaning need not be an arduous task, if you select the right cleaning product for the right job then it will make your life so much easier, you will get the job done quicker and achieve better results. The right cleaning product for the right job is key. We want to help you spend less on your cleaning products and also to select the best cleaning products so you work less and achieve more. Spend less, work less, achieve more with high quality cleaning products from Buy your cleaning products online today and have them delivered directly to your home or business anywhere in Ireland. Shop for the best cleaning products from the comfort of your home or office, no more queuing at the wholesalers or buying the wrong cleaning products at the local supermarket. Buy with for quality cleaning products.

Cleaning Products Dublin – Eco Cleaning Products

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