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Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler

Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler

Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler


-professional acrylic water based gap filler

-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs

-gaps up to 0.5 cm can be filled with Prefill

-mix up sanding dust with Junckers Prefill

-elastic, durable, fast drying & odor free


Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler Review

Wood floors have their own unique beauty, that’s seen them charm their way into the hearts of numerous property owners around the world. It’s a timeless appeal. Glamour that never goes out of style. In fact, with the proper care, the flooring can last for generations and still retain its grandiose look and feel. It’s not a surprise then that they increase the value of the home or business premises. People are willing to pay higher premiums for rental property or even when making a purchase if the establishment has a wooden floor. This is welcome news for landlords and realtors, or even individual homeowners about to put the property on the market. The benefits don’t end there. This type of flooring is easier to clean, since it doesn’t harbor dirt and grime compared to other surfaces. In fact, with a simple brush or light vacuum, coupled with regular swipes with the mop, the gunk will be effectively removed. They also don’t trap odors, and are even a hygienic option since the wood doesn’t provide breeding ground for fleas or dust mites. In order to maintain that luxurious feel and warmth of the floor, one needs to undertake maintenance every once in a while. Part of this involves getting rid of the gaps that could have formed, and that’s where the Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler comes in.


Wood is a natural product. Its cells and tissues are affected by temperature fluctuations, plus the balance of moisture levels with the surrounding. As such, they will expand and contract accordingly. For instance, high temperatures and high humidity cause the floorboards to absorb the moisture and expand. The reverse happens in the opposite conditions. This needs to have been taken into account during the installation process, otherwise things end up getting messy. Boards expanding or contracting excessively will cause unsightly gaps. There are also those cases when the wood boards absorb moisture from the sub-floor when it lacks sufficient damp proofing. Gaps also form when there is improper acclimation before the installation. For instance, there could have been insufficient expansion gaps left around the interior, impeding the light movement that occurs during normal temperature fluctuations.In cases of improper fitting especially during DIY projects, the boards may not have been laid in such a way to enable them to fit snugly with the neighboring boards, which causes separation and gap formation over time. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be forced to rip out the boards. Take care of the gap problems with the Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler.


Reasons To Invest In The Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler

  1. Absorbs wood attributes

It’s creamy whilst in the container, but once you mix it with the sanding dust and apply it into the gap, it dries forming the same color as the wood. As such, you won’t have to worry about unsightly patches forming all over the surface where the gaps have been fixed. It blends in, allowing you to have a smooth, uniform result. The water based Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler is particularly suitable for wood species that are sensitive to humidity changes. In addition, it works with water based priming and floor finishing products.


  1. Quick drying 

Time is valuable. You want to be able to quickly fix the gap problems and restore normalcy to your establishment. With the Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Fillerr, removing gaps won’t mean inconveniencing your family members at home, or grinding your business operations to a halt The Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler will have dried in 45-90 minutes after application, depending on the thickness of the film used.


  1. Enhance the value of the property

Those gaps on the floor are not only unsightly to the visitors, but they also drag down the real estate value of the establishment. Whether you’re a landlord looking to get people to move into your apartment, retail or office space, or you’re a homeowner about to sell off the property, you will have a hard time convincing property buyers and tenants that the premises have been well taken care of. Losing your bargaining advantage ultimately means you’ll get lower returns from your real estate venture. However, getting rid of the gaps with the Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler will enable you to showcase an interior that is both elegant and without blemish. This translates into successful open houses, and you’ll be raking in more profit. At home, it means that you will be more proud of your residence, for your own peace of mind and when you want to impress friends and relatives coming over to visit. Business owners will get to portray a professional image to customers coming to seek out their products and services, giving a positive boost to their brand.


  1. Economical

The Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler comes in an affordable 5-liter package. Thus, you get to start making savings right from the word go. In addition, it has a 5-20 m²/liter coverage rate, the amount used depending on the conditions of your floor. This enables you to derive maximum value from each unit you purchase, and take care of more affected surfaces in your establishment.


How To Use The Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler


  1. Sand the affected surface and collect the sanding dust. 
  2. Mix the Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler with the sanding dust, to obtain a thick paste. It shouldn’t be too thick however- you want a spreadable paste. The viscosity can be easily adjusted with the Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler. Diluting with water is not recommended.
  3. Spread that paste into the gap. You can use a stainless steel spatula. Do it quickly before it dries and hardens, so that you can have uniform results.
  4. Sand using a 120-150 grit sandpaper to remove the excess Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Fillerr from the surface.
  5. Vacuum the area.
  6. Seal the floor.
  7. Allow to dry.


Extra Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler

  • Before application, you need to ensure that the floor is clean and dry. Wax, polish, grease, dust and other contaminants will ruin the results.
  • When sanding, ensure that you obtain a smooth surface.
  • The tools that you use should be washed with soap and water immediately after you’re done. 


Chimiver Ecofill Tech Gap Filler