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Carpet Cleaning Powder

Carpet Cleaning Powder

Carpet Cleaning Powder

The invention of carpet cleaning powder has changed the carpet cleaning industry for good. Even if there are some very good carpet cleaning shampoos out there, it stands no chance in the front of the new arrival. A good quality carpet cleaning powder has many advantages over carpet cleaning shampoos.

Carpet Cleaning Powders – Costs

Our company sells few types of carpet cleaning powder and few types of fabric cleaning powder. 5 kg of carpet cleaning powder sells for under 30€. We recommend that 5 kg bucket of craftex premium carpet cleaning powder should be enough to clean all the carpets in 100 three bed standard size houses. Of course, if the carpet is much dirtier than usual, it might do less than 100, but not much less. This price will work out at around 3 to 10 cents per house. No carpet cleaning shampoo ever invented can even come close by.

Carpet Cleaning Powders – Dilution

Your top of the range carpet cleaning shampoo would have a dilution rate of 1 to 100 at its best. Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder has a dilution rate of 1 to 500. This dilution rate is at least 5 times better than classic shampoos. But the good thing about our carpet cleaning powder is the fact that even if you have to use it at maximum dilution rate, it provides outstanding results guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning Powder – Space

A professional carpet cleaning company has to clean few good houses per week to make financial sense. If your company cleans 50 houses per week, you will need at least 50 containers of 5 litre of carpet cleaning shampoo. If you go for our professional carpet cleaning powder, you will need about 2.5 kg of powder to get the same results. Your van won`t be loaded with containers and you won`t have to keep order new supplies.

Carpet Cleaning Powder – Stain remover

Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder is one of the best stain remover ever invented. One quick go over a badly stained area and you will see the dirt fading away. For better results please mix our carpet cleaning powder with warm water. You will save once more again by not having to spend more money in carpet stain removers and other chemicals. Craftex Premium Clean Carpet Cleaning Powder has a nice lemon fragrance as well.

If you are a carpet cleaning contractor you want to be out there working fast and hassle free. Don`t complicate your life and start using our super-efficient and highly concentrated carpet cleaning powder. Your bank account will look much better after one month.

If you would like to try out our carpet cleaning powder, please contact us by mail or by phone. We are here for you and we will do all we can to show you how to save money.

Carpet Cleaning Powders

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