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Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – New Technologies & Innovations


Most people do not wash their carpets regularly and are not even aware that their carpet is stuffed is full of bad bacteria, oils, fats, skin flakes, hair and moisture. A perfect habitat for harmful infections. If it is not visible, it is not there, right? Wrong.


ANY carpeted floor has to be cleaned and disinfected at least once per year. Even if a particular carpet is not used a lot or it does not look dirty at all, it does not mean that the carpet is clean. Dust particles will be easily absorbed by most carpets and will deposit and build up at the bottom of your carpet. A standard vacuum cleaner will remove all the big dust particles but not the tiny ones. The small dust particles are the most dangerous ones as they can be easily breathed in and could result in you developing asthma and other lung illnesses.


Many of our customers call us in to check if their carpets need cleaning. They sneeze, they cant breath and they seem to get allergies. The first question is, when did you wash your carpets last? 5 years ago, 7 years ago or 10 years ago is the usual answer. You have 10 years of dust stuck in your carpets. No wonder that you are not well.


Another bad habit people seem to have, is the fact that they are looking for cheap carpet cleaning services. If we charge 30 euro per bedroom people are willing to pay 15 euro and there is always someone interested in doing it for even cheaper. But what most people don`t understand is the difference between carpet cleaning shampoos, machines and general carpet cleaning services. A proper carpet cleaning contractor will wash your carpets with eco carpet cleaning shampoos, proper professional carpet cleaning machines and heavy duty disinfectants. You want your carpets disinfected not just refreshed.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Proper Carpet Cleaning Shampoos


If you are going to fly to America and the travel company is charging you 1 euro for the trip, would you be worried? I mean, if the plane is old and broken? If the company that sells the ticket is not a proper company? You are worried because it seems way too cheap. But then you are ok to pay close to nothing to a company that uses unknown chemicals on your carpeted floors? Your kids will be playing on toxic chemical infested carpets. But that does not worry you at all?


A carpet cleaning shampoo can cost 2.99 euro for 5 l or 29.99 for 5 l. The difference is in quality, levels of chemicals and efficiency. Just because a carpet cleaning shampoo has a pleasant perfume, it does not mean that it is good quality or that it kills bacteria. It only means that it smells well. A quality carpet cleaning shampoo like Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning Shampoo PH13 – 12 euro , will have a dilution ratio of 1 to 100. Then, the shampoo is fully certified to kill most types of harmful bacteria, infections, viruses, swine flu, bird flu virus and other types of infections. The shampoo will deep clean, disinfect and sanitise the carpet in one go. We had a look at a similar carpet cleaning shampoo from a different brand, it costs only 2.99 euro. On its data sheet it has nothing. It will not kill you but it will also not kill the bad bacteria on your carpet. Using it is a waste of time. So the company that charges you 15 euro per bedroom will deep clean your carpets with a perfume while the carpet cleaning company that charges from 30 euro up per bedroom will sanitise, disinfect and deep clean your carpets.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment


Here is where the professionals will make a big difference. A professional carpet cleaning machine with two motors and one powerful 100 psi pump will deep clean and dry your carpets in less than 1 hour. The machine will be able to extract about 90% of the moisture in one go. The cleaning solution will be sprayed at high speed into your carpet fibre. The distribution of cleaning agent will be nice and even and the carpet won`t be soaked. The story will be much different when your carpet cleaning specialist is not professional at all and he is using low cost carpet cleaning machines. First, the machine will wet the carpet much more than needed, it will not spray evenly and it will only absorb less than 50% of the water. If your carpets are washed on a nice warm sunny day, you might be able to use it after about 24 hours but if the day is cold, your carpets will stay wet for up to 3 days. In this time bad odours will appear and your windows and walls will get damp.


Do you still think it is worth it to pay 15 euro instead of 30 euro per bedroom?


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Innovative Carpet Cleaning Powders


Making profit is essential for any company. You can make decent profit within the carpet cleaning industry if you use highly efficient carpet cleaning powders with great dilution ratios. Craftex Premium Clean is one of the most highly recommended carpet cleaning powders in Ireland. 5 kg costs only around 30 euro plus VAT. Dilution ratio is 1 to 500. Suitable for carpets & fabrics. Strong lemon perfume. Compatible with all extraction carpet cleaning systems. Eco friendly.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Stain Removing Services


Many of our customers are looking for stain removing estimates for particular areas. We don`t think that cleaning only a small part of your carpet will sort out the issue. The area that will get treated will look much brighter than the rest of the room and now after the stain was removed, your carpet can look worse than before. We recommend that you have your stain removed and then the whole area deep cleaned.


Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses Craftex stain removers and spot treatments. We can remove most types of stains from carpets and fibres. Here is our list of premium stain removers:


Crafex Multisolv & Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner PH12 – Pre-sprays

Craftex Acetone Glue Remover – glue, ink & pen remover

Craftex Chewing Gum Remover – gum & silicone remover

Craftex Enzyme Breaker – enzyme & food stain remover

Craftex Shift – wine & red stain remover

Craftex Coffee Stain Remover – amazing coffee & tea stain remover

Craftex Kill Odour – odour neutraliser

Cratex Spot & Stain Remover – universal stain remover


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Dust Mites & Bed Mites Treatment


Are you scratching a lot? Do you feel small things walking on you but you cant see a thing? Are you sneezing a lot? Can you see a small rash on your skin? Bad news. You have bed mites. This little insects are eating you alive. They love skin flakes and body fluids. These little creatures won`t kill you but can make your life a nightmare. You can easily treat it with a special allergy treatment from Craftex


Dublin Carpet Cleaning treats bed & dust mites with Craftex Insecticide. This amazing antibacterial will kill any type of bed & dust mites in seconds and will also neutralise any eggs or larva. The product even prevents further infestation.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Carpet Protectors


A carpet is likely to get stained quite a lot. Whatever you do, you cannot prevent small accidents and stains from happening. But there is something that you can do to extend the period from the moment the accident happens up to the point when the liquid has damaged the surface for good. You can seal your carpet with one of Craftex amazing carpet protectors.


Dublin Carpet Cleaning treats commercial and domestic carpets with Craftex Carpet Protector. This amazing sealant will reduce the risk of carpet staining and will also stop dust particles from depositing at the bottom of the carpet. Craftex Carpet Protector is much more affordable than treatments from other brands, it dries faster and it lasts longer. A quick treatment will save you a lot of money in the long run. It makes great financial sense to seal commercial high traffic carpets.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Odour Kill


Some carpeted floors with a lot of traffic or carpeted floors where pets are present, are likely to absorb a lot of moisture, oils, urine, food, etc. All these stains will make your carpet smell like a factory carpet. Even if the carpet does not look dirty at all, it could be very smelly. A quick treatment with an odour neutraliser will remove all the bad odours for at least 6 months.


Dublin Carpet Cleaning is using two powerful disinfectants and sanitisers from Cleanfast & Craftex. We will deep clean the carpets with antibacterial shampoos and right at the end we will apply a treatment with our amazing odour neutralisers.


Craftex Kill Odour

Cleanfast Sani Fresh


The odour will be neutralised instantly. The source of the bad odour will be also neutralised in a matter of seconds.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Commercial Carpet Cleaning


There is a big difference between domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services. Many local carpet cleaning contractors only do domestic carpet cleaning contracts.

First of all, you need to pay a premium insurance to be able to undertake commercial carpet cleaning contracts. Then you need more staff, better equipment and more experience. Most commercial and industrial carpet cleaning contracts are done at very unsuitable times and it requires more preparation and better job management.


Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully specialised in commercial carpet cleaning services & domestic carpet cleaning services. We own the right equipment, proper staff and all necessary insurance. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Extraction Carpet Cleaning Services


There are two types of carpet cleaning services. Dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction carpet cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning industry is more popular with the American franchises while the extraction carpet cleaning industry is more local. Over the past 12 years we have used all types of carpet cleaning systems and we have decided that the extraction carpet cleaning industry is much more efficient, much more cost effective and removes more dirt than the dry carpet cleaning systems. This is our own opinion, we are are not saying that the dry carpet cleaning service is not good, but for us the water extraction carpet cleaning systems is better.


So how does the extraction carpet cleaning system work? Pretty simple. A professional hot water carpet cleaning machine is required, some pre-spray and some carpet cleaning shampoo or powder. First, the carpet is pre-sprayed with a mixture of hot water and pre-spray or traffic lane cleaner. This operation will soften up dirt and break up stains. Then the carpet will be washed with a mixture of warm water and a carpet cleaning detergent. The machine will spray hot water at high pressure while the motors will extract all the moisture in one go. Spray, break and extract. The carpet will be left spotless. Some bad stains might require additional treatments with particular stain removers. If a professional machine is used, the carpet will be fully dry in 1 to 2 hours.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Low PH and high PH products


All the carpet cleaning shampoos, powders, tratements, stain removers, protectors, odour removers, etc, are all labeled with their own PH. Higher the PH, more active the shampoo is. When cleaning fabrics or sensitive carpets, a low PH is recommended 5-8 PH. When cleaning commercial carpets or light coloured fabrics, a higher PH shampoo is required 10-13 PH. It is very important to use the right PH to avoid burning sensitive fibres or to avoid wasting time. If you are planning to deep clean a commercial carpet with a low PH carpet cleaner, you will need a lot of time to achieve little results.


Dublin Carpet Cleaning has fully qualified carpet cleaning specialists with years of experience. All our work is fully guaranteed and all our products are eco friendly. We know what to use where to achieve great results.


Book our professional carpet cleaning services right now and let us amaze you.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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