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Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge

Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge

Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge


We all have to clean our carpets once in a while. Finding a good professional carpet cleaning company is not as easy as it looks. They all have great websites, they all have great reviews & they all say that they are the best. How do you know how to select the right carpet cleaning company? Not easy, but if you check our amazing business directory, you will be able to find a number of local carpet cleaning companies that could satisfy all your needs. 


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – What Is Carpet Cleaning?


There are many different types of carpets manufactured by a large number of local and international companies. Some are fancy and suitable for the upscale market while others are cheaper and more suitable for high traffic areas like schools & public places. But they all have something in common. They all accumulate dirt. Dirt from your shoes, skin flakes, hair, kids & pets saliva, dust, etc. it all deposits and accumulates in your carpets. Your carpet will look stained, there will be a lot of dust around and you will most likely notice an “old” odour. Your carpets are not damaged just in need of deep cleaning. 


A professional carpet cleaning company will sort this out for you quickly and easily leaving your carpets clean and fresh. They will use some kind of system (wet or dry) to extract all the dirt, dust and bacteria from your carpets. You won’t believe your eyes how clean your carpet will look and feel after a nice deep clean.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Book Local


A professional carpet cleaning company will usually charge a flat fee based on a number of factors. The more money they have to spend driving to you & while doing the job, the more it will cost you. If your carpet cleaning company has to drive 50 km to do your job, you will be charged for it. It is for this reason that you should always try to book a well established local carpet cleaning company that understands the market, knows the area and also charges less because less traveling from a to b.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Book Eco


We live in an ever changing world. We hear a lot of stories about pollution and how going eco is the best way. Why not book a professional “eco” carpet cleaning company and have your carpets deep cleaned and disinfected with proper green technology & products? The eco carpet cleaning range of carpet cleaning shampoos is really great for you and for the planet. It will generate less pollution while being manufactured. It will not infest your home or business with harsh chemicals. It will break faster and it will have very little impact on the environment. What is not to like about it?


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Wet & Dry Carpet Cleaning


There is not a right way or a wrong way to have your carpets cleaned. It is a personal choice. While some people love wet carpet cleaning (hot water extraction carpet cleaning technology), others prefer dry carpet cleaning. Most Irish carpet cleaning companies use a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system while most international franchises use a dry carpet cleaning system. A wet or hot water carpet cleaning system will be using hot water and some kind of shampoo to wash your carpets while a dry carpet cleaning system will be using some kind of foam and a system of brushes or scrubbing pads.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Fair Prices


There is not a fixed price for carpet cleaning. While some local carpet cleaning contractors charge very high prices, others seem to be very cheap. Well, it all comes down to the technology used and what type of shampoos. A top of the range carpet cleaning machine that uses highly efficient eco carpet cleaning shampoos, is likely to cost a lot of money. Quality eco carpet cleaning shampoos do not come cheap either. So you get the idea. It all depends on what you expect. If you are just looking for a quick wash regardless of what type of shampoo is used, then you will be ok with a cheap price. But if you are looking for a highly skilled eco carpet cleaning company to use top of the range carpet cleaning equipment and products, you should expect to pay the premium price. Remember, always ask for a free no obligation estimate and do not prepay for services.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Insurance


Even if the risks associated with the carpet cleaning industry are pretty low, there are some risks. Reactions between the carpets & the shampoos, falls, property damage, etc. You should always deal with a fully insured and well established eco carpet cleaning company. Any decent carpet cleaning contractor will have no problem emailing you a copy of their insurance.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Commercial & Domestic Carpet Cleaning


Most carpet cleaning companies are likely to do both, commercial carpet cleaning and domestic carpet cleaning services. But do not just assume. Large commercial carpet cleaning contractors may not be interested in small domestic carpet cleaning projects while the small local contractors are not interested or not able to contract large commercial carpet cleaning contracts.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Other Services


Are you aware that most carpet cleaning companies also provide other types of services like sofa cleaning services, mattress cleaning services, rug cleaning services & upholstery cleaning services? You can create a package deal to include some or all of the above and you can save a lot of money. Have a chat with your local carpet cleaning company and find out what type of services they provide.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Mites


Carpets can be warm and cosy or a nightmare! Mites can thrive and develop in carpets if the right conditions are met. A wet and unventilated room, some food residue inside the carpet, irregular cleaning & poor light is all that is required to develop a serious infestation. The mites will start eating the base of the carpet step by step. You should be able to notice patches of carpets with serious discoloration and areas where the carpet fibre is peeling off. Time to call your local carpet cleaning company and have the carpets deep cleaned with strong antibacterial shampoos and insecticide treatments. A proper carpet insecticide will neutralise all insects, eggs & larva. Do not just ignore the problem.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Protectors


A carpet protector will not prevent all staining. If your carpet is sealed with a protector, a spillage will not penetrate as fast and you will have a bit of time to remove it. If you spill a glass of red wine on a bright carpet, the staining will happen instantly. But if the carpet is sealed, it will take a while for the wine to penetrate the fibre. Also, a sealed carpet will absorb less dirt and it will require less cleaning. Most carpet cleaning companies will be able to provide you with a free estimate for sealing the carpet. The protector will be applied after the carpet is shampooed. The protector is 100% invisible and it will not change the look of your carpet in any way. Your carpet will feel as soft as usual and it will have no chemical odours/perfumes. Bear in mind that treating a carpet with a protector will add to the cost and is not cheap so make sure that you know the price before you agree to it.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Odour Neutraliser & Deodorisers


Some carpets can become very smelly without any visible reason. The carpet could appear to be in very good shape but it could release very bad odours. It can happen. A carpeted floor is likely to absorb food odours, pet odours, urine odours, damp odours, etc. Even if the carpet is vacuumed regularly, the vacuum cannot extract the bad odours. You will need to book a deep carpet cleaning service + odour neutralisers. All carpet cleaning companies use some type of odour neutraliser. You can ask for a bactericidal deodoriser or an odour neutraliser. An bactericidal deodoriser will deodorise and disinfect while an odour neutraliser will neutralise the bacteria that generates the odour. If you have a cat or a dog that urinates on the carpet, you will need to use a strong urine neutraliser/odour neutraliser. If there is a constant odour without a clear reason, you should be using a bactericidal deodoriser to make sure that whatever hides inside the carpet will be neutralised and the bacteria killed. 


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge – Conclusion


You want to pay a fair price and you expect amazing results. You want to deal with a proper fully insured carpet cleaning contractor with years of experience. There are many of them out there but it is up to you to find the right one. Book your local carpet cleaning company online.


Carpet Cleaning Ballsbridge