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How Business Directory Listings Boost Your SEO Efforts

How Business Directory Listings Boost Your SEO Efforts

How Business Directory Listings Boost Your SEO Efforts

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the web traffic to your site, and lead to more conversions. You want to rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs), hence put plenty of work in it, from optimizing for voice searches, focussing on topic clusters and keywords when dealing with the content, to technical aspects including the setup of the website itself and ensuring it is responsive and has a conducive user-interface. It’s all geared to increasing your visibility online, as getting higher ranks on the SERPs will increase the chances of visitors clicking through to your site. However, it can take months for you to start seeing the results of your SEO processes. The business directory comes in to add impetus to your efforts.


The value of search engines is tied to the relevance of the results they return to the internet user. A lot of resources goes into ensuring the information is accurate and beneficial. They are designed to ensure that the items listed on the SERPs are what the user is looking for with the key phrase typed into the search engine. How does this apply to the directors? The search engines draw on the information contained in the directories in order to assess the accuracy of the data they crawl as they dig through the internet. The more information they can gather about your website- and how consistent this information is across the different sources, the better your rank will be. The online business listings supplement and support the already existing information about your business, giving it extra validation. What’s more, the directories have been used for long, and handle high amount of traffic. As such, they are trusted by search engines. In fact, the first pages of the search results usually contain pages drawn from online directories. Getting your business listed will enable you to benefit from this exposure, increasing the traffic being directed to your site.


Maintain Accurate Listings


Did you know that close to 30% of all searches are related to location? More internet users are looking for businesses that are “near me” or “open right now”. It is thus vital to let the searchers know the availability of your services, plus the precise location and means to get into contact with you. After all, the accuracy of your listings determines the relevance to your target audience. Ensure that the information that is in the directories is up-to-date, from the contact information to the direction to your premises, that way customers will be able to find you whether they are at work, at home, or on the go. Search engines also want this information, and the businesses that avail it have a positive impact on their rank on the SERPs. In fact, when a searcher can locate this information while searching on Google, Bing, or directly on the listing, it will enable them to decide faster on engaging you.


Consistency is key


How will your customers trust you when your business has been listed differently, and in multiple locations? Having different business names, addresses and phone numbers, and even the emails creates confusion. With the search engines, it will take them to be different businesses altogether, negatively affecting your SEO. As such, it is important to always ensure that the information that has been availed is consistent across the different business directories that you have been listed on.


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