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Bring Order To Your Washrooms With The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

Bring Order To Your Washrooms With The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

Bring Order To Your Washrooms With The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

Toilet paper roll holders are a key part of washrooms. Mounting them in the cubicles comes with its assortment of benefits. It creates a comfortable and orderly scene, as opposed to having the toilet paper placed on any random surface. Having the rolls on the cisterns, ledges or even floor will paint the establishment in a negative light. People will also not exactly look forward to using toilet rolls that were on the floor. The dispensers also protect the rolls themselves. Washrooms tend to have lots of moisture, and the toilet cubicles are not spared—be it droplets sprayed into the airspace when the toilet is being flushed, or during the routine cleaning activities being carried out. When the moisture gets to the toilet rolls, the paper will readily absorb it, reducing its usefulness. Dust is also an issue, given that if the toilet paper is left exposed, then there will be particles settling on it round the clock. Housing the rolls in dispensers protects them from the environmental effects, which also prevents wastage of resources, given that people tend to discard the rolls that have been spoiled by the environmental effects. They are also an ideal solution for the washrooms where space is limited. It gives a neat storage space of the toilet paper. In this regard, you also want to get a unit with a construction that fits the aesthetics of the washrooms. The stylish Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser is a popular installation, and we’ll delve into features that have made it a top choice in the janitorial scene. 

There are different kinds of toilet roll dispensing systems out in the market. They each come with their design features to suit the varying kinds of situations. One of the main determinants about the kind of system to go with is the level of footfall that is witnessed in the washrooms. This basically refers to how many people will be using the toilet cubicles on a daily or hourly basis. They can be broken down into 3. First, there are the low traffic washroom, such as for hotel rooms and small offices. Then there are the medium traffic establishments, which range from clubs and restaurants to large office buildings. Thirdly are the high traffic areas, which are the likes of malls and shopping centres, schools and airports, all through to stadiums.  The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser has been developed for medium to high traffic centres, with its assortment of features giving you more value for your money. This review looks at what this unit brings to your janitorial program.

Protecting the toilet rolls

When scouting for dispensers to set up in your establishment, the very design of the units will be a key focus.  Take the security of the toilet rolls for instance. The conventional toilet paper holder, while being low cost and easy to use, is highly prone to theft. While it works for homes, when it is set up in an office building people will simply be removing the toilet roll and leaving with them. These cases of theft are really common. Business owners end up spending lots of money to stock up their washrooms so that their clients and employees can have sufficient resources when relieving themselves. However, some unscrupulous fellows take advantage of this to pick up the rolls and restock their washrooms at home—all to the detriment of the business owner, who will be forced to get more supplies to make up for the theft. This ends up eating into your janitorial budget, and it’s certainly not a route that you want things taking. 

The robust locking mechanism of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser comes in handy in preventing cases of vandalism. With this setup, only authorized personnel will be able to access the toilet rolls housed within it using the key required. Your janitorial staff open the dispenser, place in the roll and lock it, so persons using the facility later on will only be able to pull out the paper that they require, and not pack the entire roll into their bags. 

Providing prolonged usage

You want a unit that can last you for the long haul.  A sturdy installation that you can mount and not have to worry about being forced to repair or replace it after just a few weeks or months. The material of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser is beneficial here as well. The unit comes with a durable ABS construction that further prolongs its lifespan, enabling it to meet the demand of the medium to high traffic installations.  

Holds high lengths of toilet roll

Traditional tissue dispensers are designed for short roll lengths. This means that you would need to frequently check the cubicles to replace the units when the rolls are depleted.  Not only does this add to the workload of your janitorial staff, but it also increases the costs that are incurred when restocking the toilet paper rolls. With the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser, that will not be a concern. It holds high length toilet paper with a capacity of 250m rolls. This brings you more savings in the long run, by reducing the expenses that go into sourcing for janitorial supplies.

Preventing wastage

Old dispensing systems were also problematic in terms of causing wastage of toilet paper. For instance, with the traditional tissue dispenser, one would liberally take way much more sheets than required, leading to a high turnover of the rolls being stocked up. Even the bulk pack folded units were problematic. While they help in reducing usage, they proved to be quite messy due to excess tissue falling into onto the cubicle floor. 

The functionality of the Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser reduces waste of toilet paper.  It is a janitor-friendly design, with the restocking being a breeze. It is also easy to keep track of the amount of toilet roll left without having to open up the entire dispenser. This is because it comes with a clear viewing window. 

Bring Order To Your Washrooms With The Dolphin Excel Plastic Mini Jumbo Dispenser

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