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Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Low Cost Refreshers

Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Low Cost Refreshers

Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Low Cost Refreshers

Wood floors will greatly benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance with a product specifically designed to clean and care for wood. A wood care product will keep your wood floors clean, protected and help to retain their natural shine for longer. If the shine has dulled and your wood floors are looking a bit lacklustre then there is an excellent product available from Bona which is highly recommended. Bona are a well known brand worldwide, they produce high quality products to clean and treat wood floors. Bona have been developing their products for over 100 years so they really are experts when it comes to wood care. The highly rated product which can make your wood floors look like new again, provided there is no significant damage to the floors, is Bona Wood Floor Refresher. This product is extremely easy to use and will revitalise and breathe new life into your wood floor without the need for re-sanding.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher – what is it and how to use it?

Bona Wood Floor Refresher is a ready to use product for lacquered or varnished wood floors. If your wood floor is looking dull then this is the product for you. Bona Wood Floor Refresher will restore your wood floors making them like new again. It will mask small imperfections and scratches without the need for re-sanding. This is a fantastic product which will save you money by increasing the longevity of the finish on the floor therefore lessening the number of times you will need to have the floors completely resanded and refinished. Bona Wood Floor Refresher contains no wax so you can varnish over if necessary. It can be used on floors which have been finished with water based or solvent based varnishes but cannot be used on oiled floors. It can be used on all traffic areas, low to highand can be used on semi-solid or solid wood.

Application of Bona Wood Floor Refresher is very easy. Hoover or dust mop your wood floors to remove any dirt, debris and dust particles. Remove dirt or stains with a wood floor cleaner, Bona Wood Floor Cleaner or Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Cleaner recommended, make sure the floor is clean and dry before application. Apply one thin coat of Bona Wood Floor Refresher with a microfibre pad or special polish applicator, apply thin even coats to prevent streaking, allow to dry for up to 2 hours. Apply one further coat and leave to dry. Your floor will dry to a clean, shiny finish. Job done.

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If your wood floors are badly scratched or damaged then a simple refresh will not be sufficient to restore them to their original condition. You will need to have your floors sanded and varnished. This is a procedure which is not impossible to do yourself but it is not recommended. If you are incredibly handy you can hire all the required equipment and purchase all the necessary strippers, primers,varnishes and stains online at It is a more difficult process than people realise however so if you have even the tiniest hint of doubt in your abilities then it would be recommended that you hire a professional floor sanding company to assess and complete this work for you. Hired equipment, while somewhat efficient, would not be professional standard and will create a lot of dust, a lot of hassle for you and may cause damage to your wood floors. Floor sanding and finishing is a time consuming, labour intensive process and is a job best done by professional, expert hands to guarantee great results and restore your floor to its former glory. Be safe, be careful and consult a professional.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher – Low Cost Refreshers

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